Just a servant to you. {Crossmare // Slow updates} by Dehrubyrose
Just a servant to you. {Crossmare...by ♕✯❦яυву❦✯♕
Cross. One of Nightmare's most loyal servants. Who would have guessed he would fall in love with the Lord of darkness. But all Nightmare sees Cross as is a tool for his...
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What Is Love? {Iceiplier x reader} [COMPLETE] by ThatShipperSky
What Is Love? {Iceiplier x reader}...by ThatShipperSky
(Y/n) was just doing her everyday jogging when she saw a man walking down the street. His hair was blue, and his eyes were a mystery. Little did this man know that his h...
  • markiplier
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The Uchiha Clan| THE CRAZY VERSION by -levii
The Uchiha Clan| THE CRAZY VERSIONby Just Levi
HIGHEST RANKING: #3 IN SLUGS #3 IN LEL and im not even kidding XD Behind their Sharingan, black hair, and fire techniques, are all laughs and gags! WELCOME TO THE UCHIHA...
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Why u here??? by Dat_Boi_Hamilton
Why u here???by Mrs. Bonnefoy
#sad #weird #funny
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Kapturzeł Hejci - Dzieciaczki na MSP i Momio by Zakapturzonaautorka
Kapturzeł Hejci - Dzieciaczki na M...by Waflon
No cóż... Wszyscy wiedzą, że aktywnie działam na MovieStarPlanet i Momio... Aktywnie działam hejcąc małe dzieci xD Kto chce sobie poczytać, to zapraszam :d
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My Art Book by PokegirlZaira
My Art Bookby Alexis' Cartoon Life
Undertale! Pokemon! Clash Royale! OC's! Animation memes! And more cartoon and game fandoms fanart! Want better artz? Go to the recent ones~ Trashy artz ahem trashyyyyyyy...
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My Glitchy Lover (COMPLETE)  (Error!Sans x Reader)  by 0_plus_ultra_0
My Glitchy Lover (COMPLETE) (Erro...by Doofenshmirtz
Y/n was a normal human. They lived with Toriel down in the ruins. Their best friend was Frisk. See, doesn't that sound normal? It wasn't until in the middle of the nigh...
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My Deformes Drawings ♥♠ by -Sunshine_Lollypops-
My Deformes Drawings ♥♠by ☭C H A O S☭
Los dibujitos y sketches de su gran servidor, Yop uwu
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opowιeścι z мojej ĸlaѕy by _Sugar-
opowιeścι z мojej ĸlaѕyby ⓩⓘⓔⓛⓞⓝⓐ ⓣⓡⓐⓦⓐ
czylι co odpιerdalaмy jaĸ naυczycιel nιe paтrzy. w ѕυмιe jaĸ paтrzy тo тeż.
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Spóźniony by XxCzlowiekNutellaxX
Spóźnionyby XxCzlowiekNutellaxX
Niektóre rzeczy nie przychodzą nam łatwo... Trzeba się do nich przyzwyczaić.. Ale czy ja dam radę??.. Czy przyzwyczaję się do innego życia... -Blanka musisz dać radę.. ...
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Libro delle cose a caso. by NiNi-Pokegirl-chan
Libro delle cose a caso.by NiNi-Pokegirl-chan
Benvenuta Majestica creatura che si trova a leggere questa descrizione del libro, altrimenti wattpad non è contento. Se sei una persona seria e che odia le cose a caso n...
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sHItPosT bOoK by Sarah-Dreemurr
sHItPosT bOoKby this is so sad Alexa play des...
Idk anymore xD [Cover by thebbros.tumblr.com ]
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paarrrrrrtttttt 666 by todobro
paarrrrrrtttttt 666by Acension
here we go again... yaayyyyyy..
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Fifty Shades of Bug 2 : BUG by miss-red-in-hell
Fifty Shades of Bug 2 : BUGby HARPER SWAN
*** Parodie de Cinquante Nuances de Grey *** Copier-coller le résumé du tome 1 de cette parodie en disant que c'est sous le point de vue de Jean-Claude comme ça a été...
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#drogue (les histoires qui n'ont aucun sens) by Snow-the-dragon
#drogue (les histoires qui n'ont a...by ❤️Trajan X Impact❤️
Faites n'importe quoi avec votre correcteur automatique et sa donne cette histoire.
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memes that i like by phantomberryz
memes that i likeby phantomberryz
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random book by Ravensfire_Evilcat
random bookby Confused
just randomness.
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Abigail's book of ocs by abigailthedemon05
Abigail's book of ocsby Abigail, the Space demon!
okay. i made this for 2 reasons: 1. i'm getting bored of writing up Forms on rps 2. to let people know any knew changes of my ocs Enjoy!~ -Abigail
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Memes by OiKawaiinekiO
Memesby Neki the Ninja ❀
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100 motivi per amare Alice - scritto da @hollandmendes_ by -babymills
100 motivi per amare Alice - scrit...by ✧αlly✧
hey ya, I'm @hollandmendes_ non so perché scrivo questo. sul profilo di alice. ma hey le voglio bene. si quella nella copertina sono sempre io @hollandmendes_ no non spu...
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