Just a servant to you. {Crossmare // Slow updates} by Dehrubyrose
Just a servant to you. {Crossmare...by ❤яυву яσѕє❤
Cross. One of Nightmare's most loyal servants. Who would have guessed he would fall in love with the Lord of darkness. But all Nightmare sees Cross as is a tool for his...
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Kapturzeł Hejci - Dzieciaczki na MSP i Momio by Zakapturzonaautorka
Kapturzeł Hejci - Dzieciaczki na M...by Waflon
No cóż... Wszyscy wiedzą, że aktywnie działam na MovieStarPlanet i Momio... Aktywnie działam hejcąc małe dzieci xD Kto chce sobie poczytać, to zapraszam :d
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Room mates (human AU -lapidot-) by Siobhan2604
Room mates (human AU -lapidot-)by SiaotheBunny-kun
Peridot is set off foot to college and having a new life. But what she doesnt know is that fate had other plans for her. Fast forward a bit. Peridot's new room mate, Lap...
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A Man Like You - Parodia by Diankeyla_Official
A Man Like You - Parodiaby ®↗Jin↖®
Sny Go Siwona są nawiedzane przez przystojnego, sprytnego i mądrego Kanga Jinha... Eeee co kurwa.? Pomyłka.... TO JUŻ SIĘ STANĘŁO... Znaczy.... nadal ma sny ale jebać xd...
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The #1 Joke Book by MadisonNorth
The #1 Joke Bookby Mason
As they always say, laughter is the best medicine! (Ok I have never heard anyone say that- except for my grandma) Anyway, this book will cheer you up when you need it, o...
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My Glitchy Lover (COMPLETE)  (Error!Sans x Reader)  by Fox_Dragon
My Glitchy Lover (COMPLETE) (Erro...by ⛸Dragon⛸(づ⇀ᴥ↼)づ
Y/n was a normal human. They lived with Toriel down in the ruins. Their best friend was Frisk. See, doesn't that sound normal? It wasn't until in the middle of the nigh...
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Stupid art book and some randomness by LillyLacksOfTalent
Stupid art book and some randomnessby *Insert Mick being angsty*
My first ever artbook/book in general on wattpad! Come read it if you wanna hear some stupid stories and see some mediocre art I guess, like the title says, Art AND Rand...
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NO sé dibujar y me quiero MORIR by Bxndicoot
NO sé dibujar y me quiero MORIRby JUMPSUIT
titulo x2 tercer libro de dibujos :^)
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random book by Ravensfire_Evilcat
random bookby S̴̪̈́̍͝͝o̸̧͔͔̝̩͚͌͝ủ̷͕̎̈́͂̕͠͠l̸...
just randomness.
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(OLD) Shades warrior cat maker! by ShadeTheSavage
(OLD) Shades warrior cat maker!by Shade
What kind of cat will you make? What will its name be? Will it be in Riverclan? Thunderclan? Shadowclan? Windclan? Skyclan?! Read this book to find out! (IMPORTANT NOTE:...
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Lel by Koipaw_the_great
Lelby Useless
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Random Puns and Jokes (Ft. Pickup Lines) by LittleSailingDream
Random Puns and Jokes (Ft. Pickup...by ~丅ᎥᑎƳ•ᗪᖇᗴᗩᗰ~
hOi! Rainee here and I thought of making a book about puns, jokes and pickup lines! (!WARNING! MAYBE SOME OF THE JOKES OR PUNS MAY NOT MAKE SENSE) So.. I really just wa...
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My Deformes Drawings ♥♠ by -Sunshine_Lollypops-
My Deformes Drawings ♥♠by ☭H O P E_B O Y☭
Los dibujitos y sketches de su gran servidor, Yop uwu
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Reincarnation (Sans X Chara) by P_Chara_Dreemurr
Reincarnation (Sans X Chara)by P_Chara_Dreemurr
Hi people, I thank my friends and my imagination for this XD anyway my youtube channel Is Chara Dreemurr and my friends are loolybooly 101 and Cute kitty 100 I hope u en...
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Stuff Like You'd Even Care by Asaka306
Stuff Like You'd Even Careby Cacti Goddess
*MATURE AND SWEARING* I wrote the first few parts when I was real small. It's cringe. I suffer everytime I read them. But they're my memories, so I'm not going to delete...
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(๑→ܫ←) Ä̤R̤̈T̤̈ Ϲɾɑթ! (2nd Art Book) by Mozereii
(๑→ܫ←) Ä̤R̤̈T̤̈ Ϲɾɑթ! (2nd Art Bo...by ˗ˏˋ m ø z e r e ¡ ¡ ™ˎˊ˗
Meh 2nd Art Book! If you guys haven't checked my first one, please do check it first. ^u^ Anyway, enjoy my new art crap! :3 //I DON'T do requests. I repeat, I DON'T DO R...
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Can You Relate... TO ME? {Book 2} by cocoachanie
Can You Relate... TO ME? {Book 2}by cocoa
*Second installment if the 'Can You Relate... TO ME?' series* I go through A LOT of embarrassment (and sometimes pain lol) just so that I can supply content for this boo...
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Oof ❤️ {for All Your Shitposting Needs)  by Venuscantspell
Oof ❤️ {for All Your Shitposting N...by ~Lucy the Peanut~
Oi get out of the fridge
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Cringy Art bOok by _QueenDice_
Cringy Art bOokby _QueenDice_
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≈Funny≈ by entity202
≈Funny≈by CarrotMan
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