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Little Mix - Group Chat  by greedy_girl
Little Mix - Group Chat by Littlemix_mood
Don't read it if you're a cupcake mixer and don't take it too serious 14 april, 2018 20:50 Jade Thirlwall created the group Jade added Perrie Edwa...
Special - TVD by leighadex
Special - TVDby leighadex
It's the start of sophomore year for Alana Bennett and the Salvatore's are new in town. Life spirals out of control once she discovers her older sister Bonnie is Witch. ...
Perrie's little sister by Leighanne_ismycure
Perrie's little sisterby GayforPerrieEdwards
Anna Edwards is Perrie Edwards half-sister, But they don't like to refer as half-Sisters. Its probably every mixers dream to be like Anna but its not such a dream for An...
Alerrie - Im yours by alerriee
Alerrie - Im yoursby Alerrie
I thought it was just going to be a stupid set up. But it got so much more then that. I fell in love again. He wasn't like the other guys, he was special. He knew me, he...
Mini Mix (Little Mix Future Generation)  by jerriesbitch
Mini Mix (Little Mix Future Genera...by jerriesbitch
The story of Thea Elliott, Anastasia Gray, Mila Oxlade-Chamberlain and Lilith Byart, also known as the Daughters of Little Mix. Love, heartbreak, friendship and all the...
Dear Camila (Camila/you) by fiestyfirefly
Dear Camila (Camila/you)by Feisty Firefly
Camila/You G!P you You are currently serving in the Army you have been there since you were 18, and you contract is 4 years, it is soon coming to an end. You have been d...
Love Again [ Book One ] by Raven_beast2024
Love Again [ Book One ]by Raven_beast2024
This is a one direction and little mix fanfiction it is about a one direction reunion because all of us miss them and the boys get to meet the girls of little mix again...
Together Forever by TeamViper
Together Foreverby That_Mixer
In a Alpha, Beta, Omega verse, you have free will to choose whoever you mate with. The most usual paring is a Alpha and an omega, betas are usually paired with other bet...
Pesy (Little Mix) Smut by pesysgirl
Pesy (Little Mix) Smutby Syd
Smut, plain and simple✨ Pesy mostly, but with some OT4 / Pesieghade (Perrie x Jesy x Leigh x Jade) and some Alerresy (Alex x Perrie x Jesy) as well. Basically, Pesy are...
Little Mix Imagines by leighh_annee
Little Mix Imaginesby Macey
DISCLAIMER - I will not be writing the ships. This is the girls and Y/N. Some g!p and some y/n with multiple girls... I dunno just leave requests if you'd like.
Loyalty  by Vanessa602111
Loyalty by Leigh_hope
Park Jimin the typical player out of the school and Leigh Anne the typical popular girl out of the whole school,They both start off as enemies but later make a bet at a...
Lerrie's Love Story by dojasdaughter
Lerrie's Love Storyby dojasdaughter
This is a fan story made by me. It's how Lerrie confesses their love for each other and go from there.
Take What You Want // Jerrie by Reynurrr
Take What You Want // Jerrieby Rey
*COMPLETED* What happens when Perrie Edwards leaves her home town to go to college and meets Jade thirlwall? Will they become friends or more? What happens when they act...
𝗗𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗲𝗿𝗼𝘂𝘀 by _memeqweenjeed_
𝗗𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗲𝗿𝗼𝘂𝘀by cariño 😎
dan·ger·ous /ˈdānj(ə)rəs/ adjective able or likely to cause harm or injury. 4 girls were all deemed dangerous at some point in there lives. all have also, mistakenly- pu...
Little Mix Imagines by MSB660
Little Mix Imaginesby MSB660
Just some little mix imagines because the world can always use more! Start: 1/30/21 Requests Open
Female Celebrity Imagines by Mickey5125
Female Celebrity Imaginesby Mickey
Imagines with Y/N with other female celebrities. I will take requests but the reader is a bottom and the celebrities are tops. I will do smut if requested or if I feel l...
Daddy's Girls (OT4/You G!P) by fuckboy_cagayo
Daddy's Girls (OT4/You G!P)by WAP Coochie Man😎
"To the public eye, they're a famous, international girl group... But in private, they're my little sluts and I'm their Daddy." *A redemption of The Assistant...
A Christmas Wish by jadesupremacy
A Christmas Wishby jadesupremacy
Jade and Perrie have grown into close friends. When a sudden illness prevents Perrie from travelling with her father, she calls on Jade to keep her company. Will the m...
Nothing Else Matters - Perrie Edwards by anonymouslmfan
Nothing Else Matters - Perrie Edwa...by anonymouslmfan
A fanfiction between Perrie Edwards and a male fan.