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Legolasxreader Stories! by Swoopinghawk
Legolasxreader Stories!by Swoopinghawk
My first book and Legolasxreader imagines/stories. Requests NOT open.
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Involuntary Princess (Legolas X reader) by hashtagfanfiction
Involuntary Princess (Legolas X ~Lily~
She had been a princess all of her life. However, she was born after her brother, who would take the throne from her mother and father. That made her free game to any ki...
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Beorn's Daughter (Legolas x Reader) by OftheWoodlandRealm
Beorn's Daughter (Legolas x Reader)by OftheWoodlandRealm
This will be a multipart Legolas x Reader story about y/n who is the daughter of Beorn the skin changer, and a beautiful female elf who was banished form Mirkwood.
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MAGIK | Legolas X Reader by hashtagfanfiction
MAGIK | Legolas X Readerby ~Lily~
I wasn't fully elf. I wasn't fully wizard. I was a cross of the two, which made me dangerous. Dangerous. They told me I was dangerous. They told me not to befriend anyon...
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My Warrior Love ~ Legolas Greenleaf Imagine by FandomNerd6841
My Warrior Love ~ Legolas FandomNerd6841
Mae G'ovannen Mellon :) welcome to Middle Earth! In this story, the reader ( Y/N ) is the elder daughter of Lord Elrond and the sister of Arwen. What will happen when Le...
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Legolas x Reader by marvel3221
Legolas x Readerby Nova Serenity
I apologise if the story isn't accurate with the books or the movies. I'm just having fun this.
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I'll Find a Way: A Legolas Imagine by igfangirl
I'll Find a Way: A Legolas Imagineby I write imagines :)
<< ON HOLD >> You're an average teen celebrity and genius... who is a major lotr fan! So when Middle-Earth is discovered, you have to go. Find out what happe...
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A Legolas Greenleaf Imagine (Completed) by SkyeStarlightElf
A Legolas Greenleaf Imagine ( SkyeStarlightElf
Here is a Legolas GreenLeaf imagine I wrote up a while ago. "As you step into the world of Middle Earth, You and Legolas are on a patrol in Mirkwood Forest and you...
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"My Everything" (Legolas x Reader) by OftheWoodlandRealm
"My Everything" (Legolas x Reader)by OftheWoodlandRealm
Saruman's army marches on Helm's Deep, and as what's left of the fellowship prepares for battle. Legolas and his love y/n get into a quarrel.
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From Within - a Thranduil and Legolas story by LegolasMyloveImagine
From Within - a Thranduil and Lord of the Rings and The Hob...
You are a rivendell elf who has come to Mirkwood on a trip to visit your friend. You meet a little boy who says his name is Legolas and play with him and invite him to s...
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Left Behind - a Middle Earth imagine (from Instagram) by LegolasMyloveImagine
Left Behind - a Middle Earth Lord of the Rings and The Hob...
You find out from your best friend Tauriel that she wants to run away with her new love, but she knows that she can't sneak away without your help. You must help your fr...
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Legolas imagine by DeathCure253
Legolas imagineby DeathCure253
You and Legolas are in the fellowship together, but you two have a background that makes it harder for you to be around each other. Will this feud get in the way, or wil...
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Tale of Tesriul by Tesriul
Tale of Tesriulby Tesriul
This story continues on after the war of the ring. The hardships continue for the fellowship, yet the main focus is on the only elven child of King Aragorn and Queen Arw...
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Legolas imagine ☆ by lotrandthimagines
Legolas imagine ☆by lotrandthimagines
so I decided to delete my previous imagine because I dont know how to finish it
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