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Take care of me! (Pokemon fan fiction) by Quaking_AspenTree625
Take care of me! (Pokemon fan fict...by Aspen
Arceus was bored and commanded the legendaries to take care of chosen children. Arceus placed images of what these trainers looked like and sent them off. When the child...
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Pokemon Knights: A Wish  by Pikachu904726
Pokemon Knights: A Wish by Sorachu/ Emerald
On a world where pokemon exist without human companionship. World that fallen into chaos and destruction but, pokemon of light raised up to fight darkness, they were cal...
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My Pokemon journey....Kanto by x_hatchet_x
My Pokemon journey....Kantoby bluhh69
Join (Y/n) Ketchem and friends on their exciting Pokemon journey. Finished (still editing) It's NOT perfect, I did the best I could do, if you don't like it DONT READ IT...
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The Aura Guardian Strikes Back by nethertube
The Aura Guardian Strikes Backby Jesus Himself
Ash had just come Runner-Up in the Lumiose Conference, and decides to head on back to Pallet Town with Pikachu, not realizing for what is in store for him ahead. He fi...
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Life as a Trainer [OC Submission is Closed] by PokemonIsLife319
Life as a Trainer [OC Submission i...by Jherico De Torres
A story where there is a boy named Ash Ketchum that one day he will acquire a power, a power that can rival even a god. His power will outmatched every Pokèmon trainer i...
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Our Journey Begins by starmario552
Our Journey Beginsby The Pupputeer
It's time for Mary and her twin sister Evie to start their journey through the Sinnoh region. Having many surprises spring up along their path. What happens though when...
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Mystery of a betrayed Aura by HopeIngram
Mystery of a betrayed Auraby Hope Ingram
Also on my Quotev account. So you all have heard of Ash getting betrayed and becoming a pokemon master but what if he became a pokemon. No I'm not talking about a legen...
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[ cookie run journal ] by httpYorkie
[ cookie run journal ]by ew yorkie
hi im dumb small brain! this is a shitpost and headcanon journal for coogie run yeah that one game pr cool man anyways i swear its cool please
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The Miraculous Adventure of Tessa and Lunala by 23StellaOrgana
The Miraculous Adventure of Tessa...by 23StellaOrgana
When 12 year old Tessa Sycamore is attacked by bandits, she is saved by the Legendary Pokémon Lunala. But Lunala has come not only to join Tessa, but ask for her help in...
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My Journey In My Own Way by PokemonIsLife319
My Journey In My Own Wayby Jherico De Torres
The story is all about Ash's journey from Kanto to Alola. But in the Author's way. From there, he will meet friends that he will encounter through to his journey. It wil...
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A Witch in Pokemon(Harry Potter x Pokemon) by MillieBelle101
A Witch in Pokemon(Harry Potter x...by Anonymous101
Bloom Potter, after the defeat of Voldemort and her recent graduation from Hogwarts, was at a loss of what to do with her life now. It's too bad Fate could never stay ou...
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Champion (An Aureliashipping Story) by Jayvaughn123
Champion (An Aureliashipping Story)by 😍😘AureliaForever😍😘
A young boy named Ash Ketchum just finished up his journey through the Alola region, and stayed up a little bit there, until, an invitation letter has arrived, what coul...
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Living in the Shadows by Grown30
Living in the Shadowsby J. B. Naylor-Wilson
Jenna is a young lady. She lives with her overbearing (and overprotective) grandfather in his mansion. Eleven years ago her parents disappeared without a trace. Her only...
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Ash Kanto Journey by spaz2132
Ash Kanto Journeyby DarkRiptide22
Ash Ketchum was just a spitting image of Red Ketchum. Ash wanted to be the best but most if the time he was pitied and babied due to being in his father shadow. They had...
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Search for the Fallen Champions by Aincardsg
Search for the Fallen Championsby Aincard_Sangma
It has been 10 years after the dissaperance of Red, ash and yellow ketchum. What will Titus Ketchum the youngest of all the ketchum family do to find his brothers and si...
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The Mysterious Boy [An Ash / Pokemon Story] by Jayvaughn123
The Mysterious Boy [An Ash / Pokem...by 😍😘AureliaForever😍😘
Thanks again to @MinunAmour for the awesome cover! I really appreciate this! You're really the best! A certain boy in a certain school was known as the 'mysterious train...
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the greatest there ever was by snoopy2113
the greatest there ever wasby pokemon fan
Ash is a special boy that can understand pokemon, but everyone hates because of this special gift, he gets abused by everyone. one day he decides to run away and become...
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PAL accademy by snoopy2113
PAL accademyby pokemon fan
ash is a new student at PAL academy after his loss at the alola league, but he doesn't know that is is being closely watched by people who will love to see him suffer. C...
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The Friendly Battle & Other Pokemon One-Shots by Farla_Blackdragon
The Friendly Battle & Other Pokemo...by Farla
Glass never expected much from her owners but she thought they would know danger when they saw it. She thought she could trust them not to get her killed. One-shot colle...
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here, I will be featuring my UM awesome catches!
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