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Diadem (Old Version) by halimalfoy
Diadem (Old Version)by ☪︎ h.a.m.
❝Assallam alay-❞ Holy chicken. Hottie alert. Does my veil look sexy? The holy month of Ramadan; a month where Muslims are required to fast, abstain from sins, and conn...
Ask Tom Riddle by ThatObviousFangirl
Ask Tom Riddleby - ari -
This account has been hacked by Voldemort. My name is Tom Marvolo Riddle, the heir of Salazar Slytherin. I am considering on making this book a Horcrux. I am willing to...
In Time by carlysangels_
In Timeby Trish
Rachel Williams, a kindergarten teacher, who is content with her simple life. She always envision a happily ever after life with her fiancé. Will it ever happen? Zachary...
The Gang Leaders choice by badboylover1121
The Gang Leaders choiceby Hannah Hazel
He looked at me deeply, almost as if contemplating his next move. His lip twitched upwards slightly causing my heart to skip a beat. He picked me up and forced my legs a...
SANCTUM  by incessantmusings
SANCTUM by Asmaa
I don't know when it all changed; When silk turned into coarse gravel, When sweet became revolting, When flowers gave way to thorns. When my turmoil over...
Radiance. by margee212
Radiance.by margee212
Jude Kelley gets paid to listen to records and sort CDs for a living. In other words, she's living the dream; that is, at least until the day comes when her own music ca...
It was You  by JXNNIFXR18
It was You by XJENNIFERX
Sophie and Alex have been best friends for as long as anyone can remember. Although when Alex comes back from his camping trip he realises it's something more. Will Soph...
Dancing With Keenan by Jessica_J
Dancing With Keenanby Jess McTaggart
After losing her daughter, depression stole Delilah's life. Sadness and anger replaced the carefree days of music and laughter that had once filled her life until a favo...
WRITTEN IN BLOOD | The Unnatural Brethren | Preview {Unedited} by silvana_md
WRITTEN IN BLOOD | The Unnatural B...by Silvana G. Sánchez
~ROSE AWARDS WINNER~ ~LE BOOK AWARDS WINNER ~ A treat for historical paranormal romance lovers! Ivan Lockhart cheated death for the last time. In seventeenth-century...
The Forgotten (Saviors #1) (#Wattys2016) by shaylak16_
The Forgotten (Saviors #1) (#Watty...by Shayla Kirk
You are our saviors. Your destiny awaits. You hold the world in your hands. Your time is now. You must be ready, for its time for the world to remember you. On an earth...
Come Away by loganmiehl
Come Awayby Logan Miehl
17 year old Roisín couldn't care less about Halloween. That is, until she's captured by the very beings who created it. Monsters, witches, ghosts. They are nothing compa...
Don't Forget to Breathe ✓  by angelicdevil09
Don't Forget to Breathe ✓ by Nikki
~How terrible it is to love something that death can touch~ A story of friendship, love and loss told by Sirius Black. One sided Sirius/ James. Highest Rank: #222 in Sho...
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Treeline by SageChara
Treelineby Sage Chara
"Come away, O human child! To the waters and the wild With a faery, hand in hand. For the world's more full of weeping Than you can understand." - William Butl...
Jefferson Drive by cleverwren
Jefferson Driveby wren is on hiatus
"Jefferson Drive: where the dead end meets the highway." Poems composed of the broken and breaking and scarring and healing pieces of one girl rest here. // *...
Living Secrets (On hold until July 2017) by chasingfun
Living Secrets (On hold until July...by Anjie xo
Edited by @_XxZenaxX_ ~~**~~ The art of lies and betrayal is not new to LeAnna. LeAnna's life is a complex mess of tangled secrets and she's barely getting keeping hers...
One Night by jemlow
One Nightby Jem Low
[ONGOING] Only one night left. Veteran FBI Special Agent Auditore is known as the best in what he does. But when the mysterious Ripper goes on a killing spree, leaving...
Random Spurts Of Poetry (#Wattys2016) by A_Poetic_Kill
Random Spurts Of Poetry (#Wattys20...by Anna
When you can't paint with colours, Paint with words; When you can paint with words, Do you really need the colours? Achievements: #11 in Poetry (23/9/26) #13 in Poetry (...
Perfect Mistakes / PAUSED  by belowsealevel
Perfect Mistakes / PAUSED by mary°
Lulu Fox and her lucky locket are the key to fame, success, and all that is golden in the streets of New York City; at least, that'd be true if the trinket weren't stole...