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Bad Religion  by beingaloneisgreat
Bad Religion by cyan g.
Soren Christensen is a quiet, shy and depressed teen boy who happens to have an extremely religious family. He wasn't always sad like this though. He wasn't always dista...
  • lds
  • selfharm
  • love
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Falling For The Church Girl by GingerFandomNerd13
Falling For The Church Girlby Ginger Fandom Nerd 13
"Oh, Ada!" A voice calls I turn to see one of my best friends. "Oh hey Naomi" I say with a grin "How was your weekend?" She asks me "S...
  • romance
  • humor
  • mormans
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Random Mormon things by nerdy_fluff7
Random Mormon thingsby Idk mate. Idk
Just as the title says.
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  • mormon
Finding Eleanora by KatieTeller
Finding Eleanoraby Katie Hamstead
Her Romance. Her Bravery. Her Conversion. Her Courage. For Eleanora Winter's, these things, left as her legacy from her dying grandmother, will show her the way to her o...
  • saints
  • ysa
  • latter-day
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Brothers In Arms (#6) by MistyMoncur
Brothers In Arms (#6)by Misty Moncur
There's no question that two Nephite warriors will go into enemy lands to free their brother from a Lamanite prison. But bringing their brother's wife on the arduous jou...
  • sweet
  • ldsstandard
  • romance
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The Mormon Thief by GingerlyAir
The Mormon Thiefby Danielle McStephens
♡BOOK THREE OF THE LDS FAIRYTALES | |♡ ❝Do you know what you are?❞ ❝A fake?❞ ❝A Prince of a King.❞ Levi Griffin has flaws, big flaws. He knows it, his grandparents know...
  • aladdin
  • thief
  • ldsstandards
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A Mormon Life by MilaRaph
A Mormon Lifeby Emma Grace
All the mysterious questions about Mormons answered
  • lgbt
  • lds
  • stereotypes
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Inspiration by DrumMajorBassoon
Inspirationby Diana Dewgood
Spiritual quotes, scriptures, and uplifting songs to help anyone make it through their dark days. If you have any spiritual quotes that would make a good addition to th...
  • mormon
  • depression
  • inspiration
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Mormon Cinderella (COMPLETED) by GingerlyAir
Mormon Cinderella (COMPLETED)by Danielle McStephens
♡BOOK ONE OF THE LDS FAIRYTALES | COMPLETED | ♡ ❝What if instead of Modern Cinderella, it was Mormon Cinderella?❞ ❝There's no such thing.❞ ❝I'm staring at it.❞ ~~~~~~ Me...
  • latter-days
  • ldsstandards
  • romance
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Mormon Girl by meggitymegmeg0491
Mormon Girlby meggitymegmeg0491
She's your cliché good girl. He's your cliché bad boy. Do they have a cliché story? Nope. (Not edited so feel free to point out mistakes and what not:) share...
  • lds
  • shortstory
  • relatable
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A Test of Faith [Aqualad Social Media Fanfiction] by Lizardgurl
A Test of Faith [Aqualad Social Lizard aka "Stealther Gurl"
"Guys, how long was I gone?" In which their faith in everything that they know is put to the test. [Sequel to A Text of Fate. Young Justice]
  • invasion
  • aqualad
  • kidflash
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Mormon-Young Women- Girls Camp Songs by amormongirl
Mormon-Young Women- Girls Camp Tara
The title says it all.
  • youngwomenlds
  • ldsyouth
  • mormon
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Normal? Your Looking at the Wrong Guy by huffl3puff1ng
Normal? Your Looking at the huffl3puff1ng
LDS and military brat Jacob not only needs to juggle with the stress of moving that follows military families everywhere, but he needs to hold on to his religious standa...
  • worldorbelief
  • yourlookingatthewrongguy
  • wattys2019
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Called to Serve by canolamedia
Called to Serveby teenaged dreamer
He got called to serve. She knew that he would be going all along. That did not stop her heart from hurting any less when he left. An account of a girl and a boy's r...
  • relationship
  • school
  • teenager
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Beyond the West Sea (#8) by MistyMoncur
Beyond the West Sea (#8)by Misty Moncur
Miriam's set on marrying Lib--only they've never actually met. Lib lives a hundred miles away on the shore of the beautiful West Sea. He's busy building the largest ship...
  • scriptures
  • sweet-romance
  • clean
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Middle School, Mormon Girl (Book 1)✔(Editing) by Modern_Mormon_Girl
Middle School, Mormon Girl (Book Mormon Girl
This is a story of a Mormon Girl named Raine Jonson who is just starting 8th grade in her new middle school called Marsh Middle School. Because of some reasons, Raine is...
  • mormon
  • mormongirl
  • lds
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Silly Stories With A Mormon Girl by Octopilover
Silly Stories With A Mormon Girlby Octopilover
I do nothing with my life, so why not make a collection of Mormon things?
  • girlscamp
  • mormon
  • youngwomen
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Myths About Mormons Busted by CamreeNicole
Myths About Mormons Bustedby Camree Smith
Some stuff you may have heard about Mormons that is not true.
  • ldschurch
  • latterdaysaints
  • mormonism
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Arrow to His Heart (#4) by MistyMoncur
Arrow to His Heart (#4)by Misty Moncur
Kenai was the best spy in Helaman's army, but he came home broken. Isabel wants to know why. It doesn't take a spy to see his battle wounds are on the inside. He's silen...
  • ldsstandard
  • teen
  • religious
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Laughter is the Best Medicine by Mormon_and_I_know_it
Laughter is the Best Medicineby Mormon_and_I_know_it
All clean funny. Some are jokes only Mormons would understand. Many are political or lawyer jokes. I like to use these to text people at random times. They tend to be gr...
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  • hilarious
  • lol
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