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Smosh One Shots by Lilyfromdownunder
Smosh One Shotsby Lily 🦕
I have a main Smosh book series, but I still have a lot of mini ideas! So, I decided to write them down and put them in this book! Hope you enjoy :)
Just friends, we swear by Jaelynntodd
Just friends, we swearby Jae
Highest rankings: #1 in DamienHaas #2 in Smoshgames A Damien X reader fanfic. [Book one.] You moved out to LA and applied for a job at Smosh! You were and fit perfect...
Tides Change by Jaelynntodd
Tides Changeby Jae
The book that comes after Just friends we swear. Damien X Reader They say people don't change, but very much like the tide they shift from one belief to another at the b...
My Nerd (Wesley Johnson x reader)  by Jaelybird
My Nerd (Wesley Johnson x reader) by J.Bird
BOOK 2!! After Wes asked her to move in her life has been crazy. The good kind. She loves the memories she has and the ones she continues to make. Wes is her safe place...
Smosh One-Shots {REQUEST OPEN} by Hay_Its_Emma_
Smosh One-Shots {REQUEST OPEN}by Emma (Crystal) K.
SUGGEST SHIPS FOR ME TO WRITE ABOUT THX EVERY STORY IS AT LEAST 300+ WORDS and a few Imagines and Prefrances Here and There... You can request when the title says REQUE...
Smosh's secret Angel (Damien x Sky) by betsielo
Smosh's secret Angel (Damien x Sky)by XxSeptixX
Sky, a fallen angel, finds herself running from the government which lands her in someone's house. That someone being Courtney Miller, one of the members from 'smosh' a...
Save me by phans_babycakes
Save meby phans_babycakes
Ian, Anthony, Wes, Joven, and Mari get kidnapped. how will they escape and who will help them out?
Smosh highschool  by girlbean112
Smosh highschool by girlbean112
Just a short story about Smosh in highschool. Doesn't really have an ending but I hope you enjoy!!
Captured on Film (Damien Haas || Smosh) by -minhyeok
Captured on Film (Damien Haas || kenna
When Tabitha was eighteen, she decided to spend some time at a film school in Los Angeles and stay with her cousin, Anthony. She was always a massive supporter of his Yo...
Ghost by TheSoggyWaffles
Ghostby TheSoggyWaffles
After the events of a traumatic car crash leaving one of the smosh games members in a coma, they will have to learn to cope with out him. And what happens when they see...
A game store (Jovenshire x reader) by Jovenshirefan
A game store (Jovenshire x reader)by Jovenshirefan
You work at a new game/comic/magicard store your dream was to meet the smosh guys more important Jovenshire your job sucks because theirs hardly any customers but it all...
Life as a villager.            (minecraft) by anselguoz
Life as a villager. ( Secretly a Narwhal:3
Hello im a villager and this is a story of my people so its pretty hard because you get called names all the time like potato farm and you do not want to know what that...
Wes's Sister by amazingkaya
Wes's Sisterby Kaya
My name is Emilia Johnson. I am the younger sister of Wesley Johnson. My parents are assholes because they don't want me any more. They almost put me up for adoption. In...
All You Have to do is Remember by letmereadandwrite
All You Have to do is Rememberby letmereadandwrite
I have to know, it's killing me not to. All I have is this goddamn chip that is my only hope learning in the slightest of who I am, who I was, and who I am going to be...
A Wish Upon A Star by _all_things_smoshy
A Wish Upon A Starby _all_things_smoshy
When one girl makes a wish, she finds Anthony, who then are taken. Soon after, the girl dies but her soul lives on. Mari and lazercorn have a thing, but it wont last lon...
Guess This is Love(YouTuber fanfic) by heythereimkaitlyn
Guess This is Love(YouTuber fanfic)by [Kaitlyn]
This is a story from the POV of a few YouTubers(mainly smosh) such as Anthony Padilla, Mari Takahishi, Sohinki, Ian Hecox, Melanie Moat, PewDiePie, CutiePieMariza, Kalel...
SmoshGames Fanficion by ACoolnes
SmoshGames Fanficionby ACool Moron
I'm going to redo this whole thing with a couple chapters, so just wait a while and it shall come to you all soon.