Lawbreaking Stories

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A Case of Black and Blue by braycriss
A Case of Black and Blueby Criss
Twenty-year-old Cala Bonilla is an avid advocate for justice. If the law gives police officers the right to kill innocent men on their skin color alone, then Cala will j...
The Criminal And His Rose by flamyblue
The Criminal And His Roseby 🌹Lovely Sanity🌹
Sonic was born to be a villain, he who was trained to fight , but to also break the laws. Since, his childhood he's had a dark past including some secrets that are not a...
Animal Kingdom by CocoCinema
Animal Kingdomby xxcourtney_co
Phoenix 'Phi' Cody is a regular girl with a irregular family, to say the least. Her mother, a junkie drug addict turned prostitute overdosed right before her very eyes...
The Serpent's Menagerie by sproutmonarch
The Serpent's Menagerieby Monarch
~First Person POV~ ~Short Story~ Summary: In a world where magic infused drinks and foods are illegal, your friend decides to take you to a speakeasy selling just that a...
Getting Involved With Me by DelenaForever01
Getting Involved With Meby DelenaForever01
Who doesn't want a bad girl? With just a look she can make every girl in the room envy her and the guys in the room want to be with her. She's a badass who likes to live...
I am the Bad Boy's Girl by iceyduck
I am the Bad Boy's Girlby iceyduck
The figures start burning up like chili tacos at McBurger Bell, sweat stains the air and the air cleans the sweat. Their poetry shakes and belly dances in the gentle feb...
Everything for you - jeongchan by Sushipackage
Everything for you - jeongchanby Sushi package
Jeongin is no life and bullied by his class. But he has an online boyfriend, to whom he decides to run away. Will this work out?
Hidden by Ameliareads96
Hiddenby Ameliareads96
Julia Shanson. Sounds like an ordinary name right? Well why if I told you that she is not so normal. In fact, she broke the law so badly, she was enrolled for the crypti...
Bad for Each Other by chrissydolangogo23
Bad for Each Otherby chrissiana
You're a bad girl and find yourself loving the bad guy you guys get together and fall head over heals for each other. You're step sissy gets jealous and tries to ruin yo...
love and affair by ttofhearts
love and affairby ttofhearts
lets say this will be a wild journey hang on!!!!!!
Mad Eye by jcrobgirl
Mad Eyeby jcrobgirl
The Company is run by the Boss. He rarely shows his face, and hides behind his sunglasses. A group of criminals work for the Company, but when they grow suspicious of so...
rogue agent by QuartneyMead
rogue agentby Quartney Mead
Jasper is the leader of a huge crime organization and the key to finding Jayda's best friend. Jayda and her best friend are undercover agents who were on an assignment t...
A Wolf In Human's Clothes by jayphotowriter
A Wolf In Human's Clothesby Jay Talpa :p
Topaz is a young Magic, a being with inept magical abilities. A new school for Magics opened. It's inclusive, any one with powers can enroll. Except Topaz has a secret...
The Survivors of the 21st Century by RavenELenel
The Survivors of the 21st Centuryby RavenELenel
This is a story about a girl that went through a rough childhood and the present isn't good either. She has an okay life. This is how she found true love, but they have...
𝐈𝐒𝐀𝐈𝐀𝐇 by exceptionallyapoet
[ S P I N - O F F to Devour You ] [ S T A N D A L O N E ] Attempting to move forward from his trouble infused lifestyle, evolving Isaiah St. Knight stumbles across the...
Beyond Broken Minds by major_bookaholic
Beyond Broken Mindsby Book_Nerd_Princess
Imagine a world where there was a cure for every disease known to man. Imagine everything every scientist has ever dreamed of coming true to the world. Solar panels, fo...
My father's secret brother by Inoridragoneel
My father's secret brotherby NerdReader
I thought I was just a normal, average kid. With a normal family..well..turns out I'm a idiot..because my life isn't just about going to school, getting good grades, imp...
Emma by simp8307
Emmaby Simp8307
You meet the love of ur life on holiday with ur bsf.