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Skin by cutelovatics
Skinby ~Showersinger~
Like any other relationship, theirs started with a 'Hello'... Or something along those lines :)
Daddy Lauren (Laurinah/ Lauren G/P) by GiftofOneLiners
Daddy Lauren (Laurinah/ Lauren G/P)by GiftofOneLiners
Lauren's a fuckboy, Dinah's a maneater. But Normani has a plan to teach them both how to feel.
It's Love, xoxo by OhSnapLaurinah
It's Love, xoxoby OhSnapLaurinah
It's not always bad to keep a secret. In fact it can be quite fun.
5H Messages by ATAJauregui
5H Messagesby ATA
Just messages between the girls. I'll probably post these when I have little time for my main ones. :)
Rivals • Laurinah/Normally by OhSnapLaurinah
Rivals • Laurinah/Normallyby OhSnapLaurinah
The basketball players and volleyball players at La'Brooke Academy have never gotten along. The basketball players think that the volleyball players are a bunch of stuck...
Our Babygirls. (Fifth harmony age play)  by VioletandTate01
Our Babygirls. (Fifth harmony VioletandTate01
Fifth harmony and Demi all live in one large home; They go about their regular lives, but something started going on with Lauren and Camila. They start acting babyish...
Possession ➸ Camren by cabell0jauregui
Possession ➸ Camrenby Freya
"Don't you get it, you're mine, the sooner you realise it the better." The first chapters are so bad but it was my first time writing and I don't know what I w...
Trials & Tribulations by camilasbaAnana
Trials & Tribulationsby laurens_hoe
"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor." All credits go to Beth. Thank you Beth for creating such a masterpiece.
Finally Found by RealBJ
Finally Foundby RealBJ
A 19 year old boy has had a really rough past to get over. He is lost in his life and he is alone. He tries to act tough on the outside to try to protect himself from o...
Fifth Harmony One Shots (Smuts) by deejmd
Fifth Harmony One Shots (Smuts)by Dennise
Might be g!p or not. These are just Fifth Harmony imagines. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. DON'T MIND THE TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS AND MY BAD GRAMMAR! 😂😊
water // camila cabello by hoechlin72
water // camila cabelloby Kirsty
in which a model's missing bracelet changes their lives (camila cabello x oc) {social media} [part of a celeb s.m series]
Don't Fall (Ageplay) by SOGGYPOPTARTS
Don't Fall (Ageplay)by ______________
Something awful happens to Lauren causing her to have the mind set of a child. Like anyone else this 'child' is EXTREMELY clumsy. With the help of Dinah, Normani, Camila...
Text Messages Love • Laurminah by OhSnapLaurinah
Text Messages Love • Laurminahby OhSnapLaurinah
Being put into a group chat was probably the best thing that has ever happened to Dinah, Normani and Lauren. Book One.
 Beacon Of Hope by DarkkMindds
Beacon Of Hopeby DarkkMindds
"Dispatch come in, we just found two girls, they appear to look very beaten they are just covered in bruises" Dinah and Lauren have been dealt a pretty shitty...
Your Kids by jnovak1
Your Kidsby jnovak1
Teen mom. Best friend. Ex friends. Sisters. Mothers. Enemies. Drama. Love. LIFE.
This Is Fuckery: Edition 3 by CabelloPrizes
This Is Fuckery: Edition 3by g || OT5
Did you read the title? It's the third edition! Shitty cover by me. But my beautiful wife is the cover. [a rant/thought book] [this is filled with fuckery] All Righ...