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Always (Laurence x Reader) by onhold26
Always (Laurence x Reader)by onhold26
(Y/n) Ro'meave has had an interesting life. She's never met her brothers because one of them died before she was born and the other two went missing when she was just f...
The Dance Partner (Laurence X Reader) by onhold26
The Dance Partner (Laurence X onhold26
You are 16 years old. You've been attending Phoenix Drop High for a year and no one has talked to you. That's a bit of an exaggeration; people talked to you, to borrow...
Forever (Laurence x Reader) by onhold26
Forever (Laurence x Reader)by onhold26
THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO "Always": Y/n Rose, had changed her last name to escape the secrecy that is her past. The guard that was once on top of the world, havin...
The New Girl (MyStreet Boys X Reader) by Nadeshiko_Chan
The New Girl (MyStreet Boys X Mieko❤︎
(Y/n) is Katelyn's sister! She's moving in MyStreet~ What happens if she attracts all the MyStreet boys~ Find out in the story! Published - July 15, 2016 and Ended on...
Cursed: Mystreet x Reader by squidterd
Cursed: Mystreet x Readerby 𝕷.𝕮. 𝕬𝖓𝖉𝖗𝖊𝖜𝖘
Y/N L/N's life is normal at first. Aside from her past that she is desperate to forget and a voice living in her head, everything is fairly normal. That is until five m...
Missing You- Book 1 by onhold26
Missing You- Book 1by onhold26
<UNDER EDITING> Aphmau was an ordinary girl in an ordinary world until she was 8. Or so she thought. On her mom's birthday she gave her a rose. But what Aphmau did...
You're all Scotch,No Soda  (Laurence x Garroth) Short Story by afkwritting
You're all Scotch,No Soda ( AFK writting
Garroth can't help but stare at Laurence's beauty, but it quickly becomes a distraction. He Hates it. Laurence returns these feelings of hatred and adoration. Brief a...
Laurence x Y/N 😘😘 by boredfoxbitch
Laurence x Y/N 😘😘by fox
This is meant to be cringy, please laugh 🙏 #5 in "waf" 🎖 #4 in "mystreetfanfic" 🎖
Mystreet girlfriend/boyfriend scenarios by -Its_Mari-
Mystreet girlfriend/boyfriend -Its_Mari-
Currently on hold. Have you ever wondered what it's like to date the guys and gals of mystreet? Well now you can experience it yourself. Sorry but I will be doing a fema...
♥︎L͜͡a͜͡u͜͡r͜͡e͜͡n͜͡c͜͡e͜͡ X͜͡ R͜͡e͜͡a͜͡d͜͡e͜͡r͜͡  ♥︎ (𝑚𝑐𝑑) by Em_Reads_Fanfics
♥︎L͜͡a͜͡u͜͡r͜͡e͜͡n͜͡c͜͡e͜͡ X͜͡ R͜͡ Em💗
Hopefully you enjoy this fan fiction, I have no idea what to write for this description ahaha
The Arlenim Guild of Assassins (Aphmau Fic) by LooB0o
The Arlenim Guild of Assassins ( ~ºLooB0oº~
Lord Aphmau finds herself in a predicament when she gets distracted and lost in the dangerous forest of Arlenim, mixed up with an Assassin Guild and a monster filled for...
I Loved You... (An Aphmau Fanfic) by shannadeRandall
I Loved You... (An Aphmau Fanfic)by shannade Randall
"a worrior will not put his own desires over what is right..." he said, worry lacing his voice "I love you laurance..." I said, the tears kept coming...
The Guardian Of My Heart (Laurance X Reader) by SvgarTea
The Guardian Of My Heart ( SvgarTea
You've lived in Phoenix Drop for many years meeting many amazing people, except Zane....the day you must go to the Irene dimension....the day you must risk it all... (Co...
Finding You- Book 2 by onhold26
Finding You- Book 2by onhold26
After what happened with Aphmau's father 1 year ago she is now in an orphanage. In fact, it's the same orphanage that Laurence was at when he was younger. Anyway, Dante...
Garmau by Kawaii_Kit_Kat_Fan
Garmauby Kawaii_Kit_Kat_Fan
This is a fanfic of garmau from kids to adult hood
2am | Laurence x Reader  by _kujos_
2am | Laurence x Reader by Toby
{DISCONTINUED} {Reader has no set gender, I will be using They instead of He/She} Transferring in your senior year to another school can be... scary to say the least. Yo...
LAURCINDA!!!!! {in progress} by FunkyLemon
LAURCINDA!!!!! {in progress}by Funky Lemon
Laurence heads to Lucinda's house after a... door incident. Then a question gets asked
My Favourite Colour Is You  by Dedonkukous
My Favourite Colour Is You by Dante Western
This Garrence, Vlyante and Zanvis book is based in my street. I don't know what else to say. art is mine.
Minecraft diaries rewritten (season one) by angieughhh
Minecraft diaries rewritten ( angieughhh
Due to a lot of the criticism mcd and aphmau have been recieving lately I decided it was time to rewrite this beloved series and make it be more of a story and less of a...