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THE WAY YOU DO [l.zvhal]by alex
laurance x reader
We Have Each Other (Laurence X Reader) by AsweetCrybaby
We Have Each Other (Laurence X AsweetCrybaby
When Y/n is attending Phoenix Drop High, a certain boy catches her eye. And that boy just so happens to be the boy where she has multiple occasions with. Laurence Zhavl...
The Pink On Her Cheeks ~ Laurance X Reader {COMPLETED} by Georgella_
The Pink On Her Cheeks ~ Georgi Kay
My name is Y/N L/N and I've been going to Phoenix Drop high for a month, no one has noticed me. I'm a shy, quiet, un-sociable girl. I didn't think any one would ever not...
My Brother is a Pervert {Laurance X Reader} =^Done^= by Phoenix___Rose
My Brother is a Pervert { Phi
This is a Laurance x Reader, and you are Travis's lil' sis. Travis is very overprotective, and if a guy were to touch your hand he would freak. What happens when... you'...
-It Do Be Like that Sometimes-     |Laurance x reader| by Devil_Mirajane
-It Do Be Like that Mira
You're one of Cadenzas guards, until some toe eyed cabbages show up claiming to be her friends. . "Laurance?!" I screamed, "What. The. Hell. What's thi...
Her Heart or Mine ( MCD Garroth x Reader ) by FreeFlyer68
Her Heart or Mine ( MCD Garroth FreeFlyer68
Y/n arrives at Phoenix Drop and decides to live there with a peaceful happy atmosphere. She becomes best friends with Aphmau and Garroth. As Garroth finds himself fallin...
MyStreet x Female Reader - Season 1 by MokiDog14
MyStreet x Female Reader - Season 1by MokiDog14
This book is based on the episodes of Mystreet Season 1. Reminder: (Y/N) is a female character. (Y/N) moves to a house on Mystreet with her sister Aphmau and their frien...
My Brothers Best Friend | Laurance Zvhal x Reader ️  by SuperPowerPig
My Brothers Best Friend | NuggetQueen
SOME CHAPTERS ARE EDITED AND SOME MAY BE MISSING PARTS OF THE CHAPTERS IM SO SORRY I see him. I like him I write a fanfic about him. And somehow #1 in Laurancexreader...
Light in the Darkness: Laurance X Reader by MentallyMindBlown
Light in the Darkness: Laurance A̶B̶I̶G̶A̶I̶L̶
You are a spy for O'Khasis. Today you take your first steps into Phoenix Drop, and the moment you pass the gate, your life changes forever. Permanently.
The Dance Partner (Laurence X Reader) by onhold26
The Dance Partner (Laurence X onhold26
You are 16 years old. You've been attending Phoenix Drop High for a year and no one has talked to you. That's a bit of an exaggeration; people talked to you, to borrow...
Her Big Brother's Best Friend (LaurencexReader)[Mystreet] by PansexualBitxh
Her Big Brother's Best Friend ( Savana/SC
You Are Zane, Garroth, And Vylad's Sister. You're Zane's Twin And Everyone Assumes You Don't Have Feelings For Anyone But Zane Knows Otherwise.
-+-Shooting Stars-+- Laurence X Reader (MCD FF) ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ by majestickittycat
-+-Shooting Stars-+- Laurence X Inactive
Hi readers! This is the remake of my (other) Laurence X Reader. I got rid of it though because I gave up on it. This one will be better! Hope you enjoy! ~Senpai-Kitty Yo...
Ro'meave's sister [Laurence X Reader] by Mellfaye
Ro'meave's sister [Laurence X Mel
[BEING REWORKED/EDITED!] Did you know that there's a little sister in the Ro'meave family? This is the story of 15 year-old Y/n, who started high school one year earlie...
Forever (Laurence x Reader) by onhold26
Forever (Laurence x Reader)by onhold26
THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO "Always": Y/n Rose, had changed her last name to escape the secrecy that is her past. The guard that was once on top of the world, havin...
Laurance X Reader by V_is_Trash
Laurance X Readerby V_is_Trash
Hi!, So this is my first story that i'm writing so if it sucks i'm sorry I do not own any of the characters in this book all characters are created by youtuber Aphmau
Loyalty | Laurance x Reader | MCD Version | Aphmau fanfiction by Itz_AdriChan
Loyalty | Laurance x Reader | LunaStarz
Avery was a former guard at Falcon Claw until something happens, when she comes too some of her memories are gone and she's not the same person anymore. Once reunited wi...
What the hell!! (PDH various x reader) by Rebekkawowe
What the hell!! (PDH various x Rebekkawowe
What would you do, if one day you woke up and everything changed? In this story you are (y/n), a normal girl with a normal life. Well, thats until you wake up and sudd...
New girl {Laurence x reader} (COMPLETED) by bvmakk
New girl {Laurence x reader} ( bryn
Your y/n Dante is yo brother Thats all im telling Not my art #1 in laurencexreader #2 in dantessister
MCD Laurance x Reader (Phoenix War) by Inkinii
MCD Laurance x Reader (Phoenix War)by Misty
Y/n L/n, is the most wanted thief in Ru'uan (and especially in O'khasis). But the thing is, nobody knows anything about you, they all just know you as 'the shadow' due...
Best Friends? Laurence X Reader [COMPLETED] by VCReading1098
Best Friends? Laurence X Reader [ V
1st Book Of The Laurance x Reader Series <<<<<<<<<Main Books>>>>>>>>> -1st Book: Best Friends? -2nd Book: We Meet A...