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Neriah 3 (SLOW UPDATES) by AbbyTheAmazing
Neriah 3 (SLOW UPDATES)by Abby
Read the first two books first...
  • black
  • cavalier
  • lebron
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How to speak Korean by 88_wolves_tonight
How to speak Koreanby 88_wolves_tonight
This book is all about learning Korean language!^____^
  • launguage
  • korean
  • learnkoreanlanguage
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Brady's Boner 🙊 by bradyeilish
Brady's Boner 🙊by MrEilish
The cover is so trash I'm SCREEEEEEAAMING. (I'm very horny so please don't judge me or I'll cry) ENJOY 🤠 (This is also my first time doing this)
  • mẹ
  • số
  • cringe
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Writing Tips by RetellingsUnite
Writing Tipsby RetellingsUnite
Writing tips for writing in English, writing retellings, and writing on Wattpad.
  • helpful
  • grammar
  • wattpad
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The Dimension Hero's by kawailonewolf
The Dimension Hero'sby kawai-caitlyn
I thought life couldn't get any worse , but then the unbelievable happened it got better me and my friends , developed something but mine was more powerful , than there'...
  • fandomlife
  • everything
  • love
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Eddsworld x child reader by RoseTheGreyLeader
Eddsworld x child readerby RoseLavenderDemon
Y/n is a kid and they are a trouble maker so this takes place at the orphanage first
  • childreader
  • launguage
  • help
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Killing Disease by Human_Persons
Killing Diseaseby LonelyGirl
What if you woke up in a cabin with 7 others. Why if four of you were injected with a disease that makes you want to kill others. I guess you'll find out.
  • disease
  • launguage
  • original
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You Will always Love Me by QueenZ13
You Will always Love Meby QueenZ13
Young April is 15 when she is kidnapped when she's locked up in a cellar she is forced to love the man who took her from her perfect life. She is forced to sleep in the...
  • horror
  • launguage
  • murder
Five words each / short stories by azotar101
Five words each / short storiesby .A.
This is something my friends and I created, not sure if it's an actual thing but anyway, we write five or less words then the next person gets to write what they want...
  • disturbinghummor
  • wtf
  • launguage
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Blood in Texas by shamrocksquared
Blood in Texasby Kaleb Schrock
Philip Arbor has just returned home after a long ride on the trail after a successful sale of cattle. When he came home he was meant with a horrible surprise his wife wa...
  • bloodshed
  • western
  • revenge
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16&PREGNANT by summmerbooo
16&PREGNANTby Hazel_xoxo_20
Hi I'm kristy i was pregnant with Blake the bad boys baby I have a girl her name is angel knowess she has brown hair like her dad but blue eyes like me she is only 4 she...
  • blake
  • cheat
  • nikki
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this is something we did in school. I think its pretty good. Thanks. Also if there is any mess ups that I dont catch. Its because im sad and only had 3 hours of sleep.
  • washere
  • english
  • arts
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Those blue eyes by FoxBooksWolf
Those blue eyesby FoxBooksWolf
In a Kingdoms that are separated. A wolf and dragon fought but not two people fought each other. They instead loved each other. How long can they keep it? How long will...
  • fantasy
  • wolves
  • launguage
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Rouge Life by chlostar
Rouge Lifeby chlostar
You could hear the flames roaring in the background, my feet pounding to go faster. My heart is beat so fast, you'd think it would burst out my chest. My arms all scratc...
  • launguage
  • rouge
  • monster
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Irish Mute by CJ_Mills31
Irish Muteby CJ
Aibhlinn O'Hear is Mute. After an accident that turned her world upside down, Aibhlinn has been trying to keep it together. Acting the same as before the accident isn't...
  • macy
  • dad
  • sign
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Walk off by football1940
Walk offby football1940
  • launguage
  • firstbook
  • humor
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The fault in my love by TaylorBritten
The fault in my loveby Taylor Britten
What happens when a person with antisocial personality disorder falls in love with a will they learn to survive each other and their disorders. Or will i...
  • trigger
  • romance
  • launguage
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Half-Blooded by MsFanaticHorror
Half-Bloodedby MsFanaticHorror
(Warning: bad summary) In a world that is cold and unforgiving, you have to do what you can to survive. Tiezee learns this at a young age, when her parents die with an...
  • love
  • violence
  • alcohol
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Jasmine by aniyak05
Jasmineby aniyak05
18 turning 19 year old Jasmine has had a hard life. She has been beaten and neglected by her own parents. She has a baby brother named Jordan and ho she has to raise on...
  • nahmir
  • launguage
  • abuse
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Stalker by LivingLike_1D21
Stalkerby Miah
It started off as small glances and pictures, but it quickly escalated into something more. It became an obsession, enough to where he'll kidnap to have him.
  • creep
  • stalker
  • larry
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