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Female CreepyPasta x Powerful Male Reader by Jack_RWBY_Hunter
Female CreepyPasta x Powerful Jack Dark
A chopped little boy soon became stronger than any god, but who bestoys apon him? these CreepyPasta's don't know what they're about to he part of... lets give em a show
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chibi creepypastas x reader [ kiddypasta's] by SidV73
chibi creepypastas x reader [ Sid V
a girl named (y/n) (m/n) (l/n) found a kid on the sidewalk next to her house, she took him in and tried to find his house, or at least his identity. after searching for...
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Creepypasta x Reader by JeffxReader
Creepypasta x Readerby Creepypasta Senpi☠💀
What would it be like if YOU were going to be a Creepypasta? And what would it be like to MEET them? Most importantly... would they accept you if you were to become on...
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ƒɑϲԵՏ⚠️❦ by pinkchopppa
ƒɑϲԵՏ⚠️❦by ᗰIᗩ♛
Real Classified Information.
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chibi creepypastas x reader #2! [Not this again!] by SidV73
chibi creepypastas x reader #2! [ Sid V
this is a sequel, if you haven't read the first one, please read it before this. (Y/n) missed her friends, it's been three months since they defeated alex and saved her...
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Creepypasta Reacts To Ships ft. Madness's Revenge (my Oc)  by S1aRs_0f_D3a1H
Creepypasta Reacts To Ships ft. My name was XxI_LikeStars. sh...
The spooks react to ships with my Oc. Oh dear god, here we go.
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Do You Really Love Me? (A Laughing Jack X Eyeless Jack Story) by crepypastashiper123
Do You Really Love Me? (A kat
E.J AND L.J both have feelings for eachother but E.J dosnt know how to acted on them will he tell L.J will L.J say yes read and find out for yourself :3
Fighter (Hoodie & Masky x Reader) by QuiteCold
Fighter (Hoodie & Masky x Reader)by αүℓα.
Y/N was taken in by Slender at a young age for undisclosed reasons, growing up in a desolate cabin her whole life away from other pastas, what will happen when she moves...
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Toby's Instagram by Ticcing_WaffleLord
Toby's Instagramby Ticci Toby
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creepypasta questions  by LilMissOCD
creepypasta questions by Ellah Styles
uh read to find out what it's about! answer in comments :p
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Creepypasta Zodiacs by maskedhoodie
Creepypasta Zodiacsby Ight Imma Head Out
Ok!!! first book!! I chose something simple so I don't have to overthink stuff so..yeah plus all the characters and belong to their rightful owners but my oc The Silenc...
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Ask creepypasta and Zelda  by ticcimasky02
Ask creepypasta and Zelda by Tobias Erin Rogers
just a little fun with both creepypasta and Zelda. I love both alot.
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the winged boy(creepypasta x male child reader) by simonpierre5
the winged boy(creepypasta x simonpierre5
(Y/N) is a norma-i mean uh... he is a child that was born with wings his parents hated the fact that their first child is soo ugly (Y/N)=your name (Y/A)=your age (H/C)=h...
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Creepypasta Vines/ My Hero Academia/  Anime Vines/ memes by Anime_Girl_Fan200
Creepypasta Vines/ My Hero Anime Fan Girl
This is the vines i thought are funny and memes too
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Creepypasta Behind the Scenes by chinadog37
Creepypasta Behind the Scenesby Nyx4263
Hello! This is my first story and I will be doing others like this, now the info I put in this is government confirmed info, so I'm sorry for any objections to the info...
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Laughing Jack x Female Reader by AnimalLife1424
Laughing Jack x Female Readerby AnimalLife1424
You were an 18 year old girl who went exploring at an old abandoned carnival. It was around 12:00. You were walking until you heard avoice laugh from one of the game boo...
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Jeff's Pet (Jeff The Killer x Female! Reader) by Creepypasta_Fan1209
Jeff's Pet (Jeff The Killer x Creepypasta_Fan1209
Oh no! Jeff has killed your family and burnt down your so you and your siblings had no other choice then to live with your aunt and alcoholic uncle but Jeff finds you so...
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Kidnapped By Creepypasta [Creepypasta × Reader OneShots] by _NaziQueen_
Kidnapped By Creepypasta [ _NaziQueen_
All In The Title :)
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Head cannons  by Creepy_Pasta_Fans
Head cannons by A New Start
For Creepypasta head cannons we come up with
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A Cosplayer?! by Eyeless_Jack_who
A Cosplayer?!by Hi I’m eyeless
*cough* yes I am in this story also in this story I cosplay creepypasta and do tik tok videos about it (might not even write it-) and nO I don't cosplay sadly but I do h...
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