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Captorvating  Mituna x Reader by AceArlo
Captorvating Mituna x Readerby ~Arlo~
Mituna was out skating one day when he met (Y/N). It wasn't long before the two picked up skating together. But little did (Y/N) know the bee boy they had befriended wou...
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Demonstuck by ToastsandGhosts
Demonstuckby Jean
This is old and I refuse to rewrite it.
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Breaking News! by lolhomestuck
Breaking News!by Lily Ampora Harley
Roxy and Latula are co-hosts on their school's announcement show! But will things geta little spicy between the two? Find out !!!
My dear (Homestuck x reader oneshots) by Raguko
My dear (Homestuck x reader what a catashrophy
"My heart's been aching for your touch"
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Collegestuck (Dancestors x reader) by taintedTheriac
Collegestuck (Dancestors x reader)by taintedTheriac
In this Homestuck college au, the trolls are new in town and have started going to- you guessed it, your college. Have fun while trying to figure out not only your class...
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Unforeseen Circumstances (Humanstuck AU, Sadstuck) by Katpride
Unforeseen Circumstances ( Kanaya Maryam-Lalonde
Preparing to move to a new town and away from where she has lived her entire life, Tula doesn't think there's much more that can go wrong in her life. But hey, positivit...
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Homestuck Prompts and Giftfic by Farla_Blackdragon
Homestuck Prompts and Giftficby Farla
A variety of one-shots.
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「kill me romantically」⇔「homestuck oneshots」 by eriberrii
「kill me romantically」⇔「 pp head sollux
↓ requests are open but like I probably wont get to all of them, so if I answer back to you then you can expect one but if you don't then I'm truly sorry :( ↑
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A Date To Remember by KNlGHT_OF_LlGHT
A Date To Rememberby Kan
Why does every day have to be so repetitive in the afterlife? Why not...go on a date with your matesprit? Surprise her! Tell her she's pretty, give her flowers...or try...
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Stranded ||Human!stuck Karezi AU|| by Galaxybread413
Stranded ||Human!stuck Karezi AU||by Galactica💫
A bright summer day, why not go to the beach? It seemed to be quite practical to do so. And that's exactly what the Pyrope family did that evening. But soon a fun day in...
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♎︎┆𝘽𝘼𝘿 𝙃𝘼𝘽𝙄𝙏𝙎 ┆♑︎ by LazySpiderBoy
♎︎┆𝘽𝘼𝘿 𝙃𝘼𝘽𝙄𝙏𝙎 ┆♑︎by 🕷
❝ I know he wondering, what the fuck you hiding. That we dated like raps about Bin Laden. Ayo, fuck this, ❞ ⋯ ⋯ ⋯ She doesn't need him. She hates him. She never wants to...
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「homestuck vines&crack」 by eriberrii
「homestuck vines&crack」by pp head sollux
Eridan: F E F THE CEILINGS ARE COLLAPSING! Feferi: -Erifis)( you'r-e on t)(-e TV stand 380 Eridan: *is crouching ontop of a TV stand* WWAHHHHH
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OUTRAGEOUS BUT CONTAGIOUS (homestuck rp) by PiggyTheRockinPotato
"you can't fight the homestuck, though it's weird and random, it's the greatest fandom!"
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Homestuck Poems by sisroks
Homestuck Poemsby sisroks
the title says it all
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HomeStuck Oneshots by GodTierezi
HomeStuck Oneshotsby SuperBadStories
A Bunch of Random Homestuck Ship Oneshots. Feel free to leave suggestions. Crack, Cannon, Personal OTP, Etc.
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Male!Latula by bubblyRoyalties
Male!Latulaby It Feels Good.
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Ask Latula Pyrope ! by l4tul4_pyrop3_
Ask Latula Pyrope !by l4tul4 pyrop3
4sk Qu3st1onz ! >8D
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my r4d msp4rp 4dv3ntur3z!! by -_l4tul4_pyrop3_-
my r4d msp4rp 4dv3ntur3z!!by ~♎Knight of Mind♎~
l1k3 th3 t1tl3 s4ys! r4d 4dv3ntur3z 4w41t, guyz!! >8D
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