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Short Stories 2020 (Prompts/Contest Entries) by AbiBee
Short Stories 2020 (Prompts/ Abigail
Stories for several comps/collabs, amalgamated into one collection. Two of them actually placed in their respective sections (yay!): -Mysterious Ways - 1st place, @Psyc...
Aurora || contests & one-shots by PJO_forever_and_ever
Aurora || contests & one-shotsby nayanisha
A book for one-shots and my contest entries.
Oublié Intimacy by ballsy_tj
Oublié Intimacyby Dr.TSJ
What would you do when you espy an old woman stalking you? What happens when a random stranger,actually a handsome stranger, comes and hugs you in the middle of the stre...
neither sword nor pen [contest entry anthology] by Kunfabulate
neither sword nor pen [contest Madison Yuresko
-in which Madison collects her every contest entry into an anthology. "The pen is mightier than the sword." neither sword nor pen is mightier, but rather, th...
Last Summer's Warmth ✔ by Mnemoyne
Last Summer's Warmth ✔by Mnemoyne
Summer had lost its warmth for her last year but everything else had been perfect. Until the letters had started arriving. All scrawled with the same line. "I know...
It Was You by jsmeche
It Was Youby Jordan
HONORABLE MENTION WINNER, 9.15.20 Two strangers cross paths unexpectedly at a karaoke bar in New York City. Everly soon discovers that they aren't strangers all along. ...
The Storm Inside Your Mind by ELKoslo
The Storm Inside Your Mindby EL Koslo
Cora Stephensen was in an accident that she can't remember, parts of her mind seemingly locked forever. A lost love remains a mystery as her family tries to protect he...
I Know What You Did Last Summer ✓ by AJeffry
I Know What You Did Last Summer ✓by 87UE
| WINNER OF THE LAST SUMMER CONTEST (BROADWAY) 2020 | In the midst of fulfilling her bucket list, Coral had had the opportunity to cross out watching her favorite Broadw...
I Know What You Did Last Summer by Crimson_Graves
I Know What You Did Last Summerby 𝓥𝓲𝓻𝓰𝓲𝓷𝓲𝓪 𝓡𝓲𝓿𝓮𝓻𝓼
How long can two friends keep a secret? A year has gone by since the accident happened and Logan and Jude have been avoiding each other. They promised each other they wo...
Amidst Sunsets and Sunrise Hues by iamerexuscarlo
Amidst Sunsets and Sunrise Huesby iamerexuscarlo
It was a journey of nostalgia that made me remember everything. I felt this deja vu within me as I passed through this beach house, and then one of my friends told me, w...
A Gift from the Sun by avalira
A Gift from the Sunby Ava Lira
The voice echoed from the lake. Alexia kneeled by the edge and touched her finger to the water. Small waves rippled from her touch, and the voice silenced. A senten...
I Know What You Did Last Summer [MalexMale] by scorpio1215
I Know What You Did Last Summer [ XiaoXiaoMinMin
Nathan was in a dilemma when his dorm-mate Ivan suddenly confessed to him, last summer. A year later, when he was visiting his grandparents, five unlikely passer-bys dr...
Heartstruck by DirectionerRia17
Heartstruckby Ria✍
In the throes of melancholy, Cupid had shot the wrong person with the golden broad-head arrow of desire: the illustrious playboy was now love-struck. The winged cherub's...
Making Things Happen by HazelGreen12
Making Things Happenby Amail
Amanda staggered, her breath caught in her throat. It felt as if a jagged chain tightened around her, and as she struggled to breathe; the grasp became stronger. Amanda...
I Know What You Did Last Summer(Ongoing) by Lovelyshia_Blossom
I Know What You Did Last Summer( Cherry Blossom
Have you ever done something that you've never told anyone about?? Something so terrible that if someone were to find out, your life would become a living hell?? I have...
The Last Summer by lostandfounde
The Last Summerby maeve
Julia thought the end of the world would come without anyone finding out about what she did. She was wrong. (Last Summer Contest 2020 Apocalyptic Dystopian winner)
I Shrunk the Detective (Detective Conan Fanfic) by yemihikari
I Shrunk the Detective ( Yemi Hikari
Shinchi finds himself in an odd position when bumping into a little old lady last summer comes back to haunt him. Disclaimer - I don't own Stardew Valley or My Time...
a group of kids who had been friends since first grade, left the senior prom and decided to go on a summer road trip before going their separate ways of college. what th...
The Picture by Xdreamerlife
The Pictureby DatrandomgirL
What is it? You want a "well-constructed-non-cringe not-filled-with-randomness" humorous love story? Well we don't do that here! Be ready for a box of tissue...
Last Summer by Cahill20
Last Summerby Ella Cahill
I know what you did last summer. Darcei is getting about to get married to the love of her life but an old friend returned and is bent on making sure she doesn't get mar...