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Sally X Larry One Shots  by Metalhead_Mayhem666
Sally X Larry One Shots by Metalhead Mayhem
One shot book open to suggestions. Sally x Larry. TW smut
~blueberry muffin~ by Boring_Chickin
~blueberry muffin~by Your drunk uncle
This is just a short story I made that only has about 6-7 parts Of course it's gay And there's a lot of smut COVER ART NOT MINE #3 on larisher - 9-18-19
Larry Face (REWRITE) by oh_dear_sally
Larry Face (REWRITE)by no hetero™
Highest Ranking(s): #2 on Video Game, #3 on Rewrite ~ "The people in the room; Mrs. Wilkins, Mr. Sanchez, Wendy, Danni, even Ash and Todd, were staring at him, or t...
Blue Flowers (LarryXSal) by CallMeSock
Blue Flowers (LarryXSal)by ☁️Empathetic Cloud☁️
Hiya I want to let you know, this book is based off of a different story that was unfortunately discontinued with only one chapter. So don't come at me :^) Disclaimer...
SallyFace YouTuber au~SallyXLarry [Discontinued] by SallyIsABoy
SallyFace YouTuber Emo trash
|PLEASE READ|this is based off a role play I had with this one person. I played the Larry side and the other person played the Sally side. It's not over yet, though. Bas...
Locked In (Sally x Larry) [Complete] by Calico_16
Locked In (Sally x Larry) [ ChibiLyfe
This is an AU, where Lisa and Henry don't get married. Larry isn't dead. None of that sadness. (I own none of the art till I upload my own) Only the story is mine. Warn...
Silence (Sally x Larry) by _tomochi_
Silence (Sally x Larry)by 🍈Megan🍈
Sally Fisher hasn't spoken since his mom died, and he didn't plan to speak for the rest of his life. Until a tall brunette metal head came into his life and changed ever...
Broken Tears  by sallys-gearboi-
Broken Tears by ☀️
Sal Fisher has constant nightmares and flashbacks from 'the incident' but ever since he moved to nockfell, he's had his best friend, Larry Johnson, to help him through t...
👏Sallary oneshots👏 by sallys-gearboi-
👏Sallary oneshots👏by ☀️
One shots and scenarios or Larry and Sal. No smut in this book just cute and dumb moments. This is a book shipping them but not all moments will be them in a relationshi...
🧡 put your mess on me 🧡 {sal x Larry} by StRaWbErRyErRoR
🧡 put your mess on me 🧡 {sal x Lordofthegays
IGNORE THE RANDOM NAME. I FOUND IT ON A WEBSITE I'm so obsessed with this game and most inportantly this ship so here's a lovely fanfiction that I thought about today a...
The Boy In The Basement ( sal x Larry ) by nefariousmaddi
The Boy In The Basement ( sal x nefariousmaddi
A 15 year old boy named Sal Fisher just moved into Addison Appartments, he meets a boy, maybe he could make friends with them, or something more? This is my first public...
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Larry  x sally face Little Miracles by fanofaot2
Larry x sally face Little Miraclesby Neasa Brigh
Sal and Larry are so close so they decide to make the ultimate deal that will change their lives forever.
Sally Face ☆ Larry × Sal [DISCONTINUED] by currently_dead
Sally Face ☆ Larry × Sal [ C.H
•I don't own any of the characters mentioned in this story, all credit of characters + game goes to their creator,Steve Gabry. [I am no longer working on this story] •...
Sallyface Oneshots by musicalsins
Sallyface Oneshotsby Teddy
Sallyface oneshots -Larry x Sal -Sal x Travis
sally face one-shots by lovely_lemon_girl
sally face one-shotsby lemon girl
just a bunch of random one shot's from my notebooks. Larisher and stuff. I will gladly do requests. so yeah. probably going to be a bunch of face reveals and other thing...
El Tango De Sal by sbspaceman
El Tango De Salby Charles
Sal likes Larry Larry likes Sal Travis likes Sal Sal likes Travis He didn't mean to get caught up in all of this, but now it feels as if he's started a war. AU where: th...
Larisher One-Shots (Sally Face) by Meizu-Chan
Larisher One-Shots (Sally Face)by Mītobōru
Short, yaoi stories about game Sally Face. I accept the orders^^ Warning: Boy x boy Maybe smut !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[DISCONTINUED] Blackout (Sally x Larry)  by _tomochi_
[DISCONTINUED] Blackout (Sally x 🍈Megan🍈
In a world where demonic spirits roam the streets at night a new kid has arrived in Nockfell, a place known for its large amount of spirits. His name is Sally and he is...
Separation ( Sal X Larry ) by aestheticallygrayy
Separation ( Sal X Larry )by aestheticallygrayy
Just another salarry story but more angst, I hate moving things to fast. I'll keep writing on warm but I wanna create this. Thanks! ~ AG ☺️☕️
Sally Face Oneshots (Requests please) by JJtheIntrovert
Sally Face Oneshots (Requests Imgay69
Okay I'm back! Mostly Salarry/Larisher/Larryface/wtfisthisshipname. (I own literally nothing in the book,only the stories and situations) (Also no xreader's please)