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His Light and Her Darkness by Trintrinas
His Light and Her Darknessby t_money_in_the_house
There were two people who were opposites. One was light and the other dark. Read to find out Zerlu story
The Many Yaoi Ships with Natsu (Book 3) by 0Muramasa0
The Many Yaoi Ships with Natsu ( Muichiro Tokito
In this story there is going to be a lot of yaoi ships with Natsu! If you don't like yaoi, don't read. To all my dear readers and followers that read Book 1 and 2, welco...
The Fire, the Dark, and the Light (Book 2) by 0Muramasa0
The Fire, the Dark, and the Muichiro Tokito
Welcome back! This is Book 2 from the first Book! In this story, Natsu, and Zeref gonna go CANON!!! There is also gonna be other ships with Natsu 😇 This is Book 2, if y...
Mafia's Doctor by FanServiceVersion
Mafia's Doctorby FanServiceVersion
Lucy Heartfilia is a doctor, and friend of Levy McGarden. However she doesn't work in a hospital and sometimes has very high demands if you want her to treat you. Natsu...
Sting Eucliffe x Reader Book 3 by CharizardDragon
Sting Eucliffe x Reader Book 3by Charizard Dragon
It seems that not matter what you do or what situation you get yourself in, you always come out as the bad guy. To keep your relationship from breaking apart and rumors...
Expending a Month With The Dark Wizard [Discontinued] by BookwormSid1015
Expending a Month With The Dark Bookworm
*Adopted from @KuuralMal *Warning: To Fully Understand The Story Please DO NOT Read Here First; Read The Original Book Created By KurraMal For The First Section of The S...
Spriggan 14 by Transformers3838
Spriggan 14by Acnologiasister
Has anyone ever wondered what the spriggan 12 were like before fairy tail knew about them. The other 2 people are Acnologia and my Oc, Aurora, she is acnologia's 408 yea...
The Darkest light by: Erica1276 by Erica1276
The Darkest light by: Erica1276by Erica1276
I was just wondering why it seems like NO ONE are writing storeys about these characters that are not ship specific or X reader and just write stories and head cannons o...
ZerVis Oneshot by echoingthepast
ZerVis Oneshotby Echo Reborn
Stopping time is easy with love.
Offenders Mini: Last Dance With Mary Jane (1) by heimdall23
Offenders Mini: Last Dance With heimdall23
An Alternate Universe spinoff of my Offenders series. It's a real-world AU with no supernatural elements whatsoever. The story is about Larcade Dragneel and his adventur...
Larcade (Offenders book 4) by heimdall23
Larcade (Offenders book 4)by heimdall23
Mordred wants to escape her godmother. she escapes to new york, only to be on the run. that's where she meets Larcade and their travels begin... Note: Thunderbolts and...
Forgotten Memories by NiccaAlcantara3
Forgotten Memoriesby Nicca Alcantara
Luna was the heir of the vampire empire. To be the empress she had to do something. She had to catch Larcade Strauss. Read what will happen to her and what could change...
A Dark Past by NyanMew
A Dark Pastby NyanMew
It starts from a innocent Fairy Tail sleepover but when everyone finds out about how Gajeel and Juvia formed a sibling bond how will everyone react and what will happen...
Offenders (Offenders book 7) by heimdall23
Offenders (Offenders book 7)by heimdall23
The Gang's all here! The end of the first phase is here! King, Riptide, Moka, Larcade, Thunderbolts, Nightstalkers, and Stormy Weather all lead to this! The mysterious C...
Icarus by phantomessangel
Icarusby phantomessangel
"Why are you helping me?" The question left her lips before she could think to hard on the implication of her comment. Lucy hazarded a glance towards Natsu, w...
None is Ever Born Evil by Fairy4269
None is Ever Born Evilby Fairy4269
The final battle is coming, and the Spriggan Twelve are determined to win. and yet one question goes unanswered.. Why do they do what they do? What made them follow Empe...
A Broken Family ( fairy tail ) by Jasonfairytail
A Broken Family ( fairy tail )by Jasonfairytail
zeref and mavis come across each other there kids (august and kinda larcade) searching for them .will they meet? will they mend this broken family
The New Me (Fairytail Fanction)(Book 2) by monicadragneel
The New Me (Fairytail Fanction)( Monica-san
What happened after Monica on a coma? Does her personality change? Will she remember everything from the beginning? So many questions that cannot be answered. This is a...
The Love Between The Princess and Ice Maker  by Majenna9
The Love Between The Princess Majenna Nichols
In this Gray and Lucy love each other and Gray wants to confess he thinks he will be rejected but Lucy feels the same way about him so he just wants to stay by Lucy side...