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Lapidot One-Shots by PeridoodleTheDoodle
Lapidot One-Shotsby 🐟 fishu
I was gettin' bored of doin' just one One-Shot book, so why not another? (Part of the inspiration for this was from @FionnaTheBunny. Go check her out!)
Vampire Sweetheart by Goatwalker
Vampire Sweetheartby Nyan Cat
The title and cover describes the book ;) Also the cover art is by treker402
Silent Pain by ReefStarStoryz
Silent Painby Trash Storyz
Peridot has always preffered to be alone. she doesn't want to talk to people. She can't. she's almost 16... And mute. She has spent the majority of her life in a hospita...
Lapis x Peridot by JavaKatt
Lapis x Peridotby J
Lapis and Peridot FLUFF... (Peri x Lapis is my OTP and I had to write this... this is the best book I've written so far, even if it's not that good XD) The cover art is...
lapidot pics & comics by teamlapidot
lapidot pics & comicsby teamlapidot
I don't own any of these.
Secrets (Peridot x Lapis) [Complete] by pengeo
Secrets (Peridot x Lapis) [ 🌕pengeo🌑
This is were Peridot is hiding a very rare illness it is and extreme illness even Steven can't help her. The only way to save the person who has the illness is to pick s...
I like you better (Lapidot human-Au) by VIRALSUITABLE
I like you better (Lapidot Adaliwin Zero
(Peridot is male) Peridot Acercando jr. who happens to be the star runner meets the new girl Lapis Lazuli. Peridot has alot of admirers but he picks Lazuli.
Nightmares - Lapidot {Steven Universe Future} by phoenix1450
Nightmares - Lapidot {Steven Phoenix💛
Peridot and Lapis have officially been members of the Crystal Gems for quite some time now (Congrats Peri you found out where to put the star lol). But despite their new...
Keep my Secret (pearlmethyst fanfic) by scaldera3
Keep my Secret (pearlmethyst Scaldera
Everyone knows Steven can't keep secrets. The kid sucks at lying. But... who else is there to go to? Garnet? Peridot? Bismuth? What sucks about having a crush that'll ne...
The Lost Gem [Complete] by Umbreonthefantastic
The Lost Gem [Complete]by Umbreon_Archer
After Lapis leaves Earth, Peridot falls into a deep depression. The other Crystal Gems spend their time trying to cheer her up. After Steven finds out Peridot's dark se...
Lapidot Oneshots by TheMangledSans0508
Lapidot Oneshotsby Chara
A book of Lapidot oneshots. You can request but no smut.
Steven And Nora Universe: Sister's Noise AU Part 1 by kaito_the_moron
Steven And Nora Universe: Sister' dead account
What if Rose gave birth to twins? What if Nora and Steven were siblings. Let's follow the adventures of these two children along with the crystal gems in their hometown...
Away-A Lapidot Story  by CluelessChild
Away-A Lapidot Story by CluelessChild
Lapis has never really been fond of the small green gem, ever since she moved in with Peridot she's been on top of the water tower ignoring her. What if Peridot went mis...
Dry Drowning (Lapidot) by writermisspinky
Dry Drowning (Lapidot)by Strawberry Milk
A gem learning to use her heart. A gem who is haunted by the ghosts of her pasts. What could possibly go wrong?
Her Smile- A Lapidot Human Au Fanfic by SmolPotatBaBee
Her Smile- A Lapidot Human Au Potat
Peridot had one thing that made so many fond of her , her genuine, bright smile and her dorky laugh. She could make anyone's day even on accident. Many loved this in her...
Opposites Attract by SuperSaiyan3506
Opposites Attractby Zion Lawson
Lapis and Peridot are polar opposites. Lapis is one of the popular kids in high school while peridot is a nerdy nobody, only being noticed by her best friend Steven. Rea...
Lapidot: My Tutor (Human Highschool AU) by AmeDarling
Lapidot: My Tutor (Human ame 🤍
Lapis is the kind of person who is fun to be around but when she is mad or upset she would be better to avoid. Peridot is a nerd obsessed with TV shows and such. Peridot...
Fusion Au {Hiatus} by SmolPotatBaBee
Fusion Au {Hiatus}by Potat
This is an AU where Peridot did not escape in the escape pod and was also in the ship crash and saw Lapis when she tried to protect the others and dove in to keep her fr...
Crossing Lines // Lapidot Fanfiction by Small_Raging_Turtles
Crossing Lines // Lapidot Tadd the Turtle
If Peridot and Lapis are going to enjoy their stay on Earth, they're going to have to learn how to get along. But how can they when Lapis refuses to even look at Peridot...
Drowning In You (Lapidot Human AU) by writermisspinky
Drowning In You (Lapidot Human AU)by Strawberry Milk
One lives without truly being alive. The other has a blossoming passion for life. What could possibly go wrong?