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What Are You Sean Xiao ✅✔ by FatumaHabuya
What Are You Sean Xiao ✅✔by Fatuma Habuya
Xiao zhan -??? wang yibo -dragon
ဧကရာဇ်ရဲ့အချစ်တော်{U+Z}ဧကရာဇ္ရဲ့အခ်စ္ေတာ္ by thidar1485
ဧကရာဇ်ရဲ့အချစ်တော်{U+Z}ဧကရာဇ္ရဲ့အခ thidar1485
Started date=Jan 17, 2021 Ended date=April 2, 2021 ဟန်ဧကရာဇ်ကဘသူ့ကိုမှမငဲ့ညှာတတ်ဖူးတဲ့.!! ဘယ်သူမှလဲသူ့ကိုမချုပ်ကိုင်နိုင်ဘူး.!! သူ့ရဲ့အချစ်တော်လေးကလွဲလို့ပေါ့.. ဟန္ကရာဇ္...
WangXian Forever by NebulusCharlie
WangXian Foreverby NebulusCharlie
This story starts from where the Untamed series left, and the events that brought Lan Zhan and Wei Ying together.
Solstice Souls by edzooc8r
Solstice Soulsby Edzooc8r
Two famous clans of the Cultivational world, forever at odds because of a curse, are trapped in a war they cannot escape. Until one day, the fateful meeting between th...
past mdzs watches the future by -nootmere-
past mdzs watches the futureby 🌜
the junior's teleported some of the mdzs characters to a witha a black screen
The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (manga) PART 2 by dim2512
The Grandmaster of Demonic Dim_2512
The Mo Dao Zu Shi novel in manga ! The picture isn't mine ... credit to the owner ...
Wei Ying's destroyed heart (Complete) Edited by Belladonna01234
Wei Ying's destroyed heart ( Belladonna01234
I changed what happened at the temple .... so yes ... bad guy wins and Wei Ying looses .... everything. Wei Ying is thrown away not just by everyone he has ever known...
His Secret (ZhanYi FF) - COMPLETED by antan_hannya
His Secret (ZhanYi FF) - COMPLETEDby antan_hannya
Love grows. It flows. Yibo's love is unique and perfect on its own way. His first love is all but beautiful, except for one thing... Can you guess it's flaw? Can you kee...
Alluring Fates (mdzs)  by that_fictionlover
Alluring Fates (mdzs) by that_fictionlover
[ SLOW UPDATES ] "Every time I meet him, a part of my soul is left behind, with him. Leaving me empty inside. One day only my hollow body will remain." He con...
Living Without Cultivation by JennyDenning909
Living Without Cultivationby Jenny Dennings
This story starts after Wei Wuxian was thrown in Burial Mounds by Wen Chao and other Wens. But this time, when he came back from Burial Mounds, he did want the revenge...
Flowers And Love // Wangxian by JUST_A_FaM
Flowers And Love // Wangxianby Shipper
Lan WangJi the second heir to Gusu Lan Company meets Wei WuXian a loud and ongoing florist. /VERY SLOW UPDATES/ MODERN AU <TRIGGER WARNINGS> THIS IS A WORK OF FIC...
Baby Wei Ying?! by ppanda_is_here
Baby Wei Ying?!by ppanda_is_here
The story took place 6 years after wei ying died. After wei ying's death lan zhan went to everywhere wherever is chaos just to search for wei ying. One day on his way ba...
YOU BELONG TO ME(book2) by Mercy_199
YOU BELONG TO ME(book2)by Mercy
I could cry all night because I miss him. Funny, but I do miss him. Everything about him, even those cruel night. -Zhan I sighed as my mood changed, my dail...
Gold Blood Eyes ||Mo Dao Zu Shi|| by Fan_Girl_101_
Gold Blood Eyes ||Mo Dao Zu Shi||by LovablePsychopath
"You mentioned Lan Zhan," Lan Xichen nodded, expression falling into one of despair, "I've been trying to help for a while, but he wouldn't listen to me...
 Red Veil  by Self-lovingmeDJ
Red Veil by J.Dyaus
this is arrange marriage wangxian ff (this will have slow update ) "Uncle, he is 13 ..a child . how can Wangji marry him?" Xichen asks "Sometimes it's...
Nine Tailed Demonic Cultivator  (Modern arc) by castle-cats
Nine Tailed Demonic Cultivator ( WereWolf_Goku
quote "I was born this way, and I can't change that no matter how many people hate me I know there are people who care about me in this world." -- Wei Ying...
Captured by him by zxwxxxxxx
Captured by himby zxwxxxxxx
xiaozhan is a normal college student who lives a normal life until he met wangyibo who is a high class murderer which means that he is rich and is really experienced at...
Mending What Was Once Broken (A Broken Soulmate Book 2) by HarukiUsagi46
Mending What Was Once Broken (A Rika
This is a sequel to "A Broken Soulmate" <<<<read this first before reading this one. After 16 year of waiting for Wei Wuxian to return....Lan Wangj...
Memories by ppanda_is_here
Memoriesby ppanda_is_here
It's been a long time since Lan Zhan having a strange dream where a man in black and red robes dies in front of his eyes. Because of some unknown reasons he feels sharp...