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It's Gotta Be You ~One Direction Fanfic by Just_Charlotte
It's Gotta Be You ~One Direction Just_Charlotte
Sophia Dowell: Just your normal teenager. Maybe a little more insane, crazy and any other adjective you want to use but her life is relatively normal. Well, that is unti...
Simon Cowells Niece *Book 1* by Writergirl273
Simon Cowells Niece *Book 1*by Hayley<3
I ran into the hospital doors not daring to let the tears spill out. I probably looked like a wreck! I hadn’t slept or ate anything since I got the call, swiftly after I...
I Spy One Direction by CathManuel
I Spy One Directionby Cath Manuel
Looking for an adventure or romance? You're in the right place! ************** Katy Morgan is no ordinary person, she's a part time international spy, that craves for ad...
You are PER-FECT! ( One Direction Preferences and Imagines!!) by mjs1995
You are PER-FECT! ( One mjs1995
One direction imagines and preferences!!!!
Moments; One Direction Fan Fiction (completed) by may_tomlinson
Moments; One Direction Fan may_tomlinson
this is my first book and I love one direction so hope you enjoy! make sure you comment and vote :) xoxo
Louis Tomlinson X Reader (Edited!) by 1D55555645
Louis Tomlinson X Reader (Edited!)by 1D55555645
The title says it all.
No More Goodbyes (louis tomlinson fanfiction) by MrsBeauBrooks12345
No More Goodbyes (louis BéâüšBæ69
Destiny is a nineteen year old best friends with Liam Payne since she was five. her family all died in a car crash and her brother Is married now so she decides to move...
:Jealousy Kills pilot by CamrenThoo
:Jealousy Kills pilotby CamrenThoo
What is Jealousy? Is it the amount that you love someone even though you know you know you cant have them? Well this story takes you on a journey with two members of a...
two different worlds || niall horan [completed] by fabulous_hemmo
two different worlds || niall ♡
Ashley Carter isn’t what you would call a ‘normal girl’. Normal girls put time and effort into their appearance. Normal girl go shopping, and normal girls listen to pop...
dream come true (forever in your mind book 1) by Mc_Mac_12
dream come true (forever in your Marci strait
Erica is a 16 year old girl in L.A. she losses her boyfriend and everything falls apart. she has no place to live and no money. she lives on the streets for a few days...
Loving You (A One Direction Fanfic) by Forever_In_Love14
Loving You (A One Direction Fanfic)by Forever_In_Love14
So this isn't your typical I found you, happily ever after story, It might end that way but you'll have to read it to find that out. Anyways,this story goes throught th...
Frozen in Time With One Direction [To be totally redone] by lulupop101
Frozen in Time With One lulupop101
The clock stopped ticking everyone stopped breathing everyone but me, my crush, my best friend, my enemy, and 5 idiots. Who would have ever though that i had to save the...
Falling Back With Love (Zayn Malik) by _Cookie_Dough_
Falling Back With Love (Zayn Malik)by ❄Marissa❄
Bella's just a normal 19 year old girl... except her best friend is Zayn Malik, she's an orphan and homeless. Will Zayn take care of her? or things just crumble.
They Don't Know About Us (Niall Horan Fan Fic) by Danij9513
They Don't Know About Us (Niall Danielle
Danielle has gone through horrible stuff in her life, but is this her year to shine? Will she finally find that one guy, she's been dreaming about for two years, ever si...
Love Doesn't Exist... Or Does It? (One Direction FanFic) by onlygoing1d
Love Doesn't Exist... Or Does onlygoing1d
"I thought that the dreams would stop after I moved and Josh went to jail; but they haven’t. Josh was my first boyfriend. At first he was the usual loving boyfriend...
He takes your virginity preference|imagine by jessienspyro
He takes your virginity jessienspyro
This is sorta a preference and an imagine because its the same story, like it continues but it changes the person your with, so ya hope you read it and enjoy it :) R-ra...