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The Other Side  by angrmz
The Other Side by Madam Potato
Naruto Uzumaki, the fun and loveable prankster. His bright smile that could light a whole city and eyes that shine like stars. Always smiling and making everyone laugh...
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Guardians - a Naruto Fanfic by gloriouskpop
Guardians - a Naruto Fanficby GLORIOUSKPOP
Abandoned at main gate by her own mother, due by to a abusive father who wants the powers of Mila's special yet different jutsu she holds. Bullied and teased while growi...
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Scared To Be Lonely [Shino x Blind!Reader] by GarlicBreadBoi
Scared To Be Lonely [Shino x GarlicBreadBoi
You have always been an outcast, being blind comes with it's disadvantages. You have yourself convinced that you will be forever alone, and you'll have to get used to ta...
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Sasuke's Little Cravings ||Complete|| by Hotaru-fumiko6
Sasuke's Little Cravings || °Wannabewriter°
Story of Narusasu. Sasuke being pregnant with Naruto's baby First time writing a m-preg. Hope ya enjoy. [Sorry for spelling errors] Book two is here : Twins little crav...
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"I finally found you"Gaara's Twin Sister | Rock Lee X Reader by LizziePlays324FTW
"I finally found you"Gaara's Hinata Hyuga
So you know The Sand Siblings right? And you think Gaara's mom is dead right? Well what if shes not dead.What if Gaara's Mom ran away having Gaara's twin.Thats right Y/n...
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Tsunade's instagram  by YeahTsunade
Tsunade's instagram by Lady Tsunade
Hello there I made a Instagram because everyone is doing it My cover was made by @kindheart2005
In Naruto by PierceTheLivie
In Narutoby xx Livie<3
What if you got sucked into Naruto. Well that's just what twelve year old Drella Ophelia did. She got sucked in and now she has to make hard decisions. Should she stop S...
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Another world!! (Saksuke x Fem!reader) by YourMumisGAE
Another world!! (Saksuke x Fem! Odori-Chan~
Y/n l/n and Sasuke Uchiha were on a mission together, when the enemy sent them to the normal world!
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Mama Naruko by Anime_Crazed_
Mama Narukoby Mimi
This story if about Mama Naruko(you) being a mother of the boys of naruto (also you are a single mother for certain characters). So this is a scenario book, so far I am...
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🌸The Color of Cherry Blossoms🌸 by midnightblue_25
🌸The Color of Cherry Blossoms🌸by midnight_blue
He enjoyed the view of Cherry Blossoms and how each petal gracefully fell...floating as if it was dancing in the wind to a silent song...ever since the day he met her...
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The Wolf (A Naruto Fanfiction) by BlackKangaroo
The Wolf (A Naruto Fanfiction)by Alex Grimm
There had always been something wrong with the way her life was. Although, she'd never felt the need to figure out what. Actually, she'd couldn't remember feeling anythi...
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Naze? (Sakura story) (On Hold) by Dabesthough
Naze? (Sakura story) (On Hold)by Martial Law
When Sasuke got back to Konohagakure with his team taka or whatever they called it.. My life became mess when that red head Bitch spread bad rumors about me! Well... Wh...
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team 7 and the secret by ginjaanimelover1
team 7 and the secretby ginjaanimelover1
if you are on a team with a loud blond or a guy who is really quite you wouldn't think he's there even a sensai who is a perv would you be able to tell your secert wit...
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Start Again(a Naruto fan fiction) by MusicRocks7575
Start Again(a Naruto fan fiction)by MusicRocks7575
Will Sasuke fall In love with Sakura? or Sakura will fall for Sasuke Harder? Or will Sakura's Parents will stop them from loving each other because Sasuke hurt her befo...
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Summoned by StaryNightLovers
Summonedby StaryNightLovers
The Akatsuki have become a huge threat to the ninja world. They have started to kill and abduct jinchuurikis. Lady Tsunade takes on desperate measures to insure that th...
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Branches by EiloTrekySwiftie
Branchesby YAmaTo's TreE
When Noa gets ripped away from her crumbling life in Amsterdam and thrown into the Naruto universe , her life takes an unexpected turn . Discovering new powers blooming...
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Dormido, profundamente dormido (Kimimaro Kaguya x Sakura Haruno). by JazSil
Dormido, profundamente dormido ( Jazz✝✝
Soy fan del anime Naruto, todos sus personajes me encantan pero hay uno que me llamó mucho la atención, y ese fue nada más y nada menos que Kimimaro Kaguya, la primera v...
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The Silver Dragon and The Two Ninjas by Lieutenant-Titan
The Silver Dragon and The Two A.L Swinson
In a village called Konoha, two small boys ran around chasing each other, pretending they were ninjas. "I'm going to get you!" said one of the boys as he chase...
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The Prince of Otogakure/hiatus/ by Goketsu_Naruto
The Prince of Otogakure/hiatus/by ILoveKaiSoo
what if Orochimaru is not that Bad? what If he along with his two teammates adopted three Child and loved them with all their heart? what If Oto is a real rich country...
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