Acting Ladylike by panickedsociety
Acting Ladylikeby ᴄ ᴀ ʀ ᴍ ᴇ ɴ
❝I can assure you that I had everything completely under control. ❞ ❝Oh, is that what you intended on having engraved into your tombstone?❞ ❅──────✧❅✦❅✧──────❅ Take a h...
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Wattpad Story Style, by H&M by hm
Wattpad Story Style, by H&Mby hm
H&M is thrilled to team up with some of the top writers on Wattpad to help create the perfect fall outfits for some of their most popular Wattpad characters. Read our st...
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  • fearless
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18th: Lady-like by khtrn_bianca
18th: Lady-likeby khatbse
-- a decade and eight
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The Guest House by 19campfm
The Guest Houseby Faith <3
Marie goes to stay at her cousins guest house during the summer so that she can get away from her angry drunk of a father and her insane ex boy friend. Her cousin Braden...
  • love
  • ladylike
  • romance
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Welcome To Storybrooke • Safty by OUATFan02
Welcome To Storybrooke • Saftyby OUATFan02
Safiya and Regina met through Twitter and bonded over their love for black. Soon they are friends and then Tyler and Saf decide to visit Regina and her family in Storybr...
  • safty
  • outlawqueen
  • crossover
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Tania Safi & Jen Ruggirello Imagines by shorthairedbeauty
Tania Safi & Jen Ruggirello 🌻
Just some scenarios about the two hottest lesbians in Buzzfeed. SEND IN REQUESTS!!!!!!
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