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PBS #2:The Billionaire's Wife(Completed) by StilettoGodmother01
PBS #2:The Billionaire's Wife( StilettoGodmother01
Highest Rank In Romance {136} 12/10/17 "I love you."He beamed taking my hands into his. I could see a glimmer in his beautiful brown eyes which indicated he wa...
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His Bartender (Completed) by Annie_Sparks
His Bartender (Completed)by ~Heroes don't exist~
Christopher De Rege is a gang leader that has women jumping at him from left and right. He would use them like tissue every night, but the next day he would always have...
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The Ladies' Man Meets Toni Villanueva by AndieHizon
The Ladies' Man Meets Toni Andie Hizon
Just for a day, she wanted to be the woman he loved. Oo, nababaliw na siya at wala siyang magawa para pigilin iyon. Toni automatically liked Luis the first time she saw...
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PBS #4:The Billionaire's BestFriend(Updated Weekly) by StilettoGodmother01
PBS #4:The Billionaire's StilettoGodmother01
Germany Willows is your typical loving goody too shoes.She plays by the rules and always gets the job done well that was until she applied for a scriptwriters job but wa...
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Dat Damn King  by datdamnking
Dat Damn King by Christian Jr ♿
Make a women cum, not cry.
Mr Rich Boy - [EDITED VERSION] by QueenHoneeBee
Mr Rich Boy - [EDITED VERSION]by Queenie Kalem
*Wow so I'm coming back to edit this story about four years after I wrote it lmao idc I'm doing it anyways* Blurb: As a businessman, Levi Beaufort holds himself at a cer...
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Arresting Temptation 4 (All's Fair In Love and War) (EXCERPT) by RoseMarieBWWM
Arresting Temptation 4 (All's Rose Marie
Have you ever been used and loved it? Freely gave yourself someone who wasn't yours but didn't care because the time with them though limited is the highlight of your da...
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A Night with a Seductive Masked Man by reading_fille2267
A Night with a Seductive Masked Manby [The] MontrealPrincess
A seductive girl meet a handsome (and seductive) man at a masquerade party. Her intentions were to seduce him and leave him broken. Little did she knew that wouldn't be...
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Sweetheart. by cdelag
#9 GC
I met her during freshman year. She stood out to me the most due to the fact that we had the exact same headphones and mostly because her teacher may have stopped his e...
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hey in Zack
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Light by missingnotess
Lightby MITAM
"This is a story of a boy who found the Light in a girl" © 2014 missingnotess All Rights Reserved ®. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified o...
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do's and don't's by demi_mysavior
do's and don't'sby demi_mysavior
hello der. this is indeed a new story and it'll help you get a special lady wink wink just kidding but it will help you keep a relationship express your ideas and opinio...
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The Billionaire Counterpart by winterliana
The Billionaire Counterpartby winterliana
Belle Kristofferson is not rich. She lives a normal average life in Malibu by the sea as a café owner and baker. She isn't one for dates but she is the go to girl for ad...
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Love by missingnotess
Loveby MITAM
"This is a story of a Cherry Lipstick girl and a flirty boy" © 2014 missingnotess All Rights Reserved ®. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modifi...
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His Forever by chocolatecity_xoxo
His Foreverby Tina Barnabas
"am incomplete without you princess,you have to wake up soon please;am missing you even though you are right beside me"i said caressing the side of her cheek h...
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School of the Elements by AutumnGodess
School of the Elementsby AutumnGodess
1,000 years ago there had been a war between 8 elements- Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Sky, Life, Light, and Dark. The leaders of these 8 elements had all come together to pe...
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ladies man// harry styles  by harrystylesassss
ladies man// harry styles by ✨welcome✨
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L A Z A R by LazarosAnastasiad
L A Z A Rby LazarosAnastasiad
He is famous, rich, handsome , partyanimal, all ladies desire him and he has hundred of children is that good or bad? ...the only sure thing we know about him is just a...
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Mr. Ladiesman  by reigningpunqueen
Mr. Ladiesman by reigningpunqueen
We all know the Doctor seems to be a bit of a heartthrob but how much exactly? How many women fall in love with him? But, how many of them does he actually love back?
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Soul Eater various x OC  by misalpha123
Soul Eater various x OC by Alexa luna
Hey what's up well this is my first fanfic I ever wrote and I know it might be the worst one that you guys ever read so yeah. If you guys have any questions or concerns...
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