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PBS #2:The Billionaire's Wife(Completed) by StilettoGodmother01
PBS #2:The Billionaire's Wife( StilettoGodmother01
I took a deep breath."Antonio I....I'm pregnant."His smile suddenly faded and his brown eyes turned darker by the second. He removed my hands from his."Sh...
My First Crush by Time2Shine4
My First Crushby Time2 Shine
Excerpt from the story: "I look at him shocked. What? Why? Wait, isn't this what I wanted? My head shoots up to look at his face, when our manager calls his name. I...
Tremaine Finds Love by jenyaelovesalsina
Tremaine Finds Loveby jenyaelovesalsina
Trey wants to finally settle down and find a great woman to be with. He wants to turn in his playboy ways for the right woman who he'll eventually wants to marry. But wi...
PBS #4:The Billionaire's BestFriend(on hold) by StilettoGodmother01
PBS #4:The Billionaire's StilettoGodmother01
"Marry me?" "You've got to be joking?"She chuckled, causing her sea green eyes to glimmer. I smirked,"No I'm dead serious."I claimed and h...
The Relationship Contract  by ibukun613
The Relationship Contract by ibukunoluwa
Kimberly thinks she has her life figured out,with her about to graduate from college. A small job on the side to take care of her expenses but what happens when she spil...
Mr Rich Boy - [EDITED VERSION] by QueenHoneeBee
Mr Rich Boy - [EDITED VERSION]by Kalem
*Wow so I'm coming back to edit this story about four years after I wrote it lmao idc I'm doing it anyways* Blurb: As a businessman, Levi Beaufort holds himself at a cer...
A Night with a Seductive Masked Man by reading_fille2267
A Night with a Seductive Masked Manby [The] MontrealPrincess
A seductive girl meet a handsome (and seductive) man at a masquerade party. Her intentions were to seduce him and leave him broken. Little did she knew that wouldn't be...
Hooked Up by ibukun613
Hooked Upby ibukunoluwa
N.B: Longer chapters ahead He cornered me against the wall, with his hands at both my sides as he smirks evilly at me. "Can you repeat what you just said". His...
Loving You Is Difficult ✔ by joanokey
Loving You Is Difficult ✔by Joan
Please give my story a TRY. I assure you that it's going to be worth it. Amy is a 21year old lady who graduated from college with a very good degree. She wants to be an...
EXPECTATIONS D by _theexceptionalone
EXPECTATIONS Dby _theexceptionalone
a nice story I believe you will love because I know I am not the only one in shoes like this
Cinta Yang Tak Pernah Terpadam by nisahmairah1911
Cinta Yang Tak Pernah Terpadamby nisahmairah1911
Kisah cinta yang x pernah terpadam.. walaupun telah lama dipisahkn..
Ladies Man  by Ellieisaussie
Ladies Man by Eleanor
This is a choose your own adventure story in which you are a young man who might flirt with girls, or might not, and might be a total player or a total loser.
The Deal Between The Kingdoms Meira And Angra  by emmalee_27
The Deal Between The Kingdoms emmalee_27
Ayla Rosaelia Hart. That's me . Born and raised in the Kingdom of Meira. You may be wondering from where do you know that name . Let me give you a hint . We were the Ki...
Sweetheart. by cdelag
#15 GC
I met her during freshman year. She stood out to me the most due to the fact that we had the exact same headphones and mostly because her teacher may have stopped his e...
do's and don't's by demi_mysavior
do's and don't'sby demi_mysavior
hello der. this is indeed a new story and it'll help you get a special lady wink wink just kidding but it will help you keep a relationship express your ideas and opinio...
L A Z A R by LazarosAnastasiad
L A Z A Rby LazarosAnastasiad
He is famous, rich, handsome , partyanimal, all ladies desire him and he has hundred of children is that good or bad? ...the only sure thing we know about him is just a...
School of the Elements by AutumnGodess
School of the Elementsby AutumnGodess
1,000 years ago there had been a war between 8 elements- Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Sky, Life, Light, and Dark. The leaders of these 8 elements had all come together to pe...
ME by sexy_heem
This book is just funny things about me ok