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The Frosted Flower Prince. (A Pack AU) by WoofMiss
The Frosted Flower Prince. (A Cosmonaut WoofMiss
Ten years ago after the attack of the Ice Kingdom by the Fire and Lava Kingdom, six boys were found in the dungeon of the destroyed kingdom. Ten years ago they were take...
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Prom Gowns for the Pack by WaterPrincess97
Prom Gowns for the Packby The Water Princess
So once again I am bad at titles. THIS book is about how the Pack boys all end up in a gown for their senior prom. I am a bad messed up human. OH WELL. I have the dresse...
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The Blur  ~*+Vikklan AU+*~ by Mickey-Kenzie
The Blur ~*+Vikklan AU+*~by M'ayris
Lachlan Craft is a well known and feared assassin all around Minecraftia. Though, he is known as "The Blur" because, no one ever sees his face before and after...
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Vikklan Stories by KaleidoscopeRM
Vikklan Storiesby Kalehh
All the Vikklan stories I have written or will write.
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Innocent (Vikklan Fanfiction) by xAcelyn
Innocent (Vikklan Fanfiction)by Acelyn
The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Vikk... I'm not too sure. I think of a lot of things when I think about him. His smile, his laugh, his innocence. I...
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The City (Merome AU) by Mickey-Kenzie
The City (Merome AU)by M'ayris
Mitch, more commonly known as Benja, has been wandering the wastelands all of his life. He prefers to work alone, away from all the people who could hold him back. Peopl...
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The Fallen Heroes [The Pack] by Dolphins_Writes
The Fallen Heroes [The Pack]by Dolphin
Long ago, in the land of Minecraftia, there were six Heros, blessed with untamable power. But at their defeat, they were granted new lives to start over, away from their...
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Leap of Faith (Vikklan Fanfiction) by xAcelyn
Leap of Faith (Vikklan Fanfiction)by Acelyn
I needed to get away from him. He cheated on me one too many times. But after my parents forbid to let me live with them after I came out, he was the only person I could...
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Torn (Vikklan Fanfiction) by xAcelyn
Torn (Vikklan Fanfiction)by Acelyn
I always knew I was different. It started off as being able to hear the thoughts of other people as quiet whispers in the back of my head. This slowly evolved into being...
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My Crappy, Bundled Up One-Shots by Woofulz
My Crappy, Bundled Up One-Shotsby preston hating heterophobe
here is where all my one-shots are going, i guess ships you will find in this mess: - poofless - wooflan - noochzahhutt - woofzahhutt that's it, i'm so sorry. i swear to...
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Paper Planes (Vikklan FanFiction) by xAcelyn
Paper Planes (Vikklan FanFiction)by Acelyn
Let's travel the world! At first the idea didn't seem so bad. Vikk always wanted to see the different parts of the world, and being able to see it with some of his close...
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Lachlan And The Treasure Journey | The Pack #2 by ShineDiamond1617
Lachlan And The Treasure Journey | Star / Kayla
Lachlan is a Happy-go-lucky Australian, he's confident, interested, and strong-willing, he's been a little dorkish during his content (obviously), be careful! He's getti...
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 Smile For Me? A Vikklan Story by DisheartenedFairyBoy
Smile For Me? A Vikklan Storyby Ashur Murphy
Highschool AU Vik is bullied every day due to his size and Anxiety. He gets panic attacks so often and they're bad. But a tall Australian boy named Lachlan; Who happens...
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The "Have Passed Away" Challenge (Vikklan Oneshot) by xAcelyn
The "Have Passed Away" Challenge ( Acelyn
I was challenged by Ellinxr to do this challenge she has created. Imagine the people you spend countless hours obsessing over. What would you do if you found out that t...
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a good mistake | lachlan power by littleIachy
a good mistake | lachlan powerby nat
Alison Renae. That name that carries along a spotless record. She's 17 and entering her final year of high school before she is off on her own pursuing a career in journ...
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No Homo (vikklan fan fic) by theattackofthepack
No Homo (vikklan fan fic)by lara
Super gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pack fanfic written for shippingthepack aka. MY SENPAI ^~^
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Letters ; Lachlan by FoundMinter
Letters ; Lachlanby ☇ Fletcher
'xx/xx/xx ; Dear Lachlan, I'm s o r r y, I ' m . . . ...
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