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The Axe Murderer by JohnFredrickCarver
The Axe Murdererby John Fredrick Carver
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Crazed-Harry Styles Fan Fiction by hotandbritish_
Crazed-Harry Styles Fan Fictionby hotandbritish_
"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us...
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The Beginning by 1D02lLOVER
The Beginningby ashton
This story is mainly about Louis and Anna who have feelings for each other but rarely show it. Harry is jealous and is confused. Anna-Ashley Tisdale Marilyn- Kourtney Ka...
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Laced Silence by Opheliac216
Laced Silenceby Shannon
Her name is Lilly. She almost seems like your normal teenage girl... Almost. There's only one major problem; the voices in her head torture her...
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Ivy by rainydayspurplehaze
Ivyby rainydayspurplehaze
Ivy was trafficked. Sold. Now she is in the nada of Zayn, a ruthless criminal.
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Chapter 1 by awesome4some
Chapter 1by awesome4some
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Silver Laced Love by AngelaLillyTressel
Silver Laced Loveby Angela Lilly Tressel
Blaming him for her father's death, 16-year-old Sam is shocked to find out that she is mates with Josh Flemmings, the alpha's son. To make matters worst, Josh also has a...
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Laced With Sin by AshesUponDust
Laced With Sinby AshesUponDust
All I knew was pain. It was the only thing I could feel.
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Cataclysm by shotgunwithaspider
Cataclysmby 121212
Failure never tasted so sweet.
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Take Another Hit  by XzavierLamberson
Take Another Hit by Xzavier Lamberson
17 year old Isaac drinks, pops pills ,and smokes weed. A lot of it. So when he takes a hit of a blunt you'd think he'd just be normal, high but okay. Not the case for Iz...
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Wistfully yours (zm || au) by Directionween
Wistfully yours (zm || au)by Simran :)
Lizzie Butler, an 18 year old university student finds her way to her brand new apartment with a rude neighbour whom she is forced to keep up with. The two are complete...
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HOPE by MeliaOBrien
HOPEby Mêlîå Ø'Brìën
Over one hundred years into the future, corruption has wreaked havoc on the overwhelming majority of rulers and governments. What once used to be a free world, now is do...
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Kidnapped by Sergeantsparklz
Kidnappedby Michaela (Kayla)
Kayla, a 22 year old gets kidnapped by Zayn Malik and he forces her to be her slave. I don't k ow what else to put here so um yeah plz follow me on wattpad I luv u
Artist Alert by GhoztDecay
Artist Alertby Jay du Toit
Kathryn is a struggeling (and very strange) artist in need of money. After the last important buyer tells her off, she decides to hit the streets with her paintings... W...
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Barbie // h.s by tomlinvogues
Barbie // h.sby tomlinvogues
book one in the 'perfect' series. we buy things we don't want with the money we don't have to impress people we don't like.
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