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Salt to Her Sea by lastingsummit
Salt to Her Seaby wolf queen
He was the Sea in a body of flesh. - - Thadal rules an empire of the sea. Akesis is a gifted wolf. - - I knew there would come a time when they would come back. I had l...
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Forever Intertwined (Mewtwo x reader) by NightBreeze2
Forever Intertwined (Mewtwo x Chimera
Y/n is an independent girl living in a small town. She's about as average as it gets she goes to school, does her work, and is a bit of a tomboy. All you would expect, b...
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BTSTraitor by AgentCALM
BTSTraitorby Chiimmychim
A horor mystery BTS twitter Au's by: Filmfics and Flirtaus bts!horror au in which betrayal overrules morality-but in a world where your option to freedom is to eliminat...
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Evolution - The Oasis Project Book 3 by EllaNigh
Evolution - The Oasis Project Ella Nigh
Ira and Linkin have escaped the grasp of the Oasis Project, but at a price. They live in constant fear of having their freedom and lives taken away. Now, with the Deviat...
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Buy a New Brain Now! (ONC 2020) by Azanthiel
Buy a New Brain Now! (ONC 2020)by Hollie
I used to be a Zombie. Until a kind stranger bought me a new brain. They told me the brain was artificial; that it had been grown in one of the continent's many brain l...
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Star Labs Imagines by i-know-i-have-issues
Star Labs Imaginesby i-know-i-have-issues
I know there are several of these out there, but not all of them included some of the characters that I wanted to see in them as well. So welcome to Star Labs Imagines a...
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We Are the Impossible {the Flash/Barry Allen} by youre_not_alone_
We Are the Impossible {the Flash/ Just a loser
Rebecca Glass was a very intelligent CIA field operative. When she first heard of STAR labs' particle accelerator, she was greatly intrigued, and made plans to visit cen...
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P.S. I'm A Creature (BoyxBoy) by Viktor_Blood911
P.S. I'm A Creature (BoyxBoy)by Viktor_Blood911
*Currently Being Updated* Viktor is Experiment 934, the most dangerous weapon known to man. Blood-thirsty, Viktor sets out to slay more victims, until he is founded by K...
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Wings of Freedom by Caicieskate
Wings of Freedomby B.C.
(Inspired by Crystalscherer's "Upon Wings of Change. I highly suggest reading it as it is an amazing book.) Zara Bennet has never been one to run away from a fight...
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Wired Heart by energy_not_included
Wired Heartby 💙 ʏᴏᴜ'ᴠᴇ ɢᴏᴛ ᴛʜɪs 💙
I am a robot, thoughtless and empty Don't know who sent me, don't know who made me Electric robot, everything's gray now Numb to the pain now, I knew what love was. Kami...
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The Griffin's Lightning (A Flash Fan fiction) ON HOLD by deEds01
The Griffin's Lightning (A Flash deEds01
To understand what I'm about to tell you, you need to do something first... you need to believe in the impossible. Can you do that? Good. Now, imagine you could feel ev...
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Our Difference》My Hero Academia《 by Panda_Knifes
Our Difference》My Hero Academia《by Panda_Knifes
In many different worlds, you may know Izuku Midoriya as quirkless. But, in this world he develops an amazing quirk that takes the world by storm. This was represented b...
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Test Subjects |BXB| (ON HOLD) by EemoTeea
Test Subjects |BXB| (ON HOLD)by MeMe loRd
"They don't care about us.... they strip you away from everything you love and twist you into someone you can't even recognize anymore...they destroy you" . . ...
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Raspberry Joy  by Uncle__Jack
Raspberry Joy by DROPKICK
A We Happy Few short story by me. There's a new flavor of joy. But will it be worth it? Could it be stronger then BlackBerry?
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Quirkless but not worthless by dellboydavison2
Quirkless but not worthlessby Dell Davison
A My hero academia fanfic about a quirkless boy who became a hero but had a terrible story to tell of labs, villains and betrayal.
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Sacrifices (Barry Allen x OC) by llaotong
Sacrifices (Barry Allen x OC)by Two For The Price Of One
Penny Clarke was a normal girl. Well, her life was surrounded by travesties, but other than that, she was decently normal. Until the night the infamous Particle Accelera...
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The Fastest Couple Alive (Barry Allen/Flash Fanfic) by humblethumb
The Fastest Couple Alive (Barry humblethumb
Barry Allen is surprised when there are reports coming in of another streak going around the city. It's even more surprising when he finds out that it's a girl! And not...
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Big Book of Graphics by sheldon_
Big Book of Graphicsby sheldon
If you are interested in looking at some of my Wattpad Graphic designs, please check out this book. It includes examples of my covers, blends, icon packs and signatures...
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Shuri And Peter- The Memelords by Darcy_MM
Shuri And Peter- The Memelordsby D.Millan
Filled w/ stories of Peter and Shuri Quoting memes/vines Making inventions Being the bestest friends of the century Characters are owned by Marvel Vines owned by vine...
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Those who kill to Rule by foreverdanni15
Those who kill to Ruleby foreverdanni15
Children (those under the age of 18) are forced to fight the giants, sorcerers (witches), and ogre that roam their world, when they end up as a last resort to save it. ...
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