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Little Human Raptor by DevineRoses04
Little Human Raptorby Ꮯ
Aspen Davis is a thirteen year old girl, who was turned into half Raptor after being abducted on the streets. She had ran away from her abusive family and tried to live...
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monster // a m.w. story by -buzzbuzz
monster // a m.w. storyby blakes
"not a monster" in which a small town in indiana can only be saved by two weirdos with superpowers, a group of nerdy boys, and some bikes. season 1 ✅ season 2...
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Lab 287 by Nob0dy287
Lab 287by Danielle
Megan Crimson wakes up in a hospital bed tied down when she can't remember anything about why she's there things get weird...... The cover was made by @nelz_diamond04 Sh...
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Human Lab by Ember_The_Plum
Human Labby Ember
It's normal. People have gotten used to it. No protests. No strikes. Nothing. And I guess that's the right thing to do: deal with it... Vanemy lives in the future. In a...
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Seven- Billy Hargrove Fan fiction  by SimplisticCupcake
Seven- Billy Hargrove Fan fiction by Simplistic Cupcake
Growing up in a lab is not the ideal childhood. At the age of eleven, number seven was sent on a task to travel almost 10 years in the past. She ends up getting lost in...
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-seamless by JustAStoryWriter17
-seamlessby Jay Tanalgo
A COLLECTION OF GRAPHICS (a graphic portfolio)
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Elemental by Valdezinator7
Elementalby Valdezinator7
After eight kids escape the lab from which they were tested on two years ago, they don't seem to remember a thing about it except for one of them, Sophie Flores. Slowly...
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Twelve A.M ((Spin off of Crystal Schere)) by FloofTheFox
Twelve A.M ((Spin off of Crystal Kara
Ren Was only 13 When It had happened.. When her life changed when she was walking to school. When she woke up again she was the size of a Large cat with a dragon-like sh...
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Dangerously lovely by velvetcookie13
Dangerously lovelyby Jen Fayyad
Penny never liked attention. Her father is an addict and school is crowded with bullies so she tries to stay in the background as possible. Ace is a loser, is always b...
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1986, Hawkins Indiana by millsinpurple
1986, Hawkins Indianaby Alyssa R
You, Alice, miraculously time travel into Stranger Things. A new problem emerges and you have to help the party to overcome it.
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The Phoenix Twins of Yin and Yang by Gryffindor_Girl235
The Phoenix Twins of Yin and Yangby Drarry'sDaughter
What happens when Harry and Draco fight one of the biggest rogue packs in the area next to theirs and find some wolf pups stuck in a laboratory strapped down to a table...
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PROJECT  RED    by barbiegirlloves
PROJECT RED by °•Mica A.•°
After Kreanan escape the lab where horrible experiments were done to her she does the only thing she knows how to do... Run. Falling in love, and having a child she's...
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Ven x drani by Cubielovestom
Ven x draniby Cubie The wolf
just a bunch of random things I though of reeeeeee
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A.L antisepticeye x reader  by TiaAllum
A.L antisepticeye x reader by Tia Allum
You wake up in a tank you are Atifical Life created by Dr shneeplestine but some amazing things start to happen
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🄕Ⓡ🅘🅴🄽🇩︎🇸︎ by thesupernaturalTeen
🄕Ⓡ🅘🅴🄽🇩︎🇸︎by the supernatural Teenwolf Mer...
Leo Dooley had a best friend,the two hardly were separated from each other. They were loners,only friends with each other. They were the best of friends,but neither of t...
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" FAKE YOU OUT " - ORIGINAL STORY by _-Shooting_Star-_
" FAKE YOU OUT " ✯ they are stuck . trapped . all of them . they were stolen . taken . all of them . they were created . made . all of them . ...
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The Refined by WriterSydniLynn
The Refinedby Sydni Lynn
Nothing about Sang's life has been normal. Not the strict confinement to her family's farmhouse, the obsession her stepbrother has developed for her...or the fifteen gu...
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Safires rein  by vixen0520
Safires rein by vixen0520
A runts rise to victory. Showing her parents what she is made of. A story of blood, captivity, escape, and love. Safire was just a pup when she was abandoned by her pa...
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Remember Me by Writerandreader17
Remember Meby Tawney
Remember me when I'm gone. Teen romance Fantasy Hurt/Loss
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Experiment 003  {-Avengers/ Stranger Things-} (#FanfictionAwards2018)✔️ by WinchesterShepherd
Experiment 003 {-Avengers/ -*WinchesterShepherd*-
Ranked #1 in "Clintasha" December 14th, 2018 Ranked #5 in the "facility" category July 9th, 2018 "Have you ever had someone pull you out and st...
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