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Langst one shots by Aaoba-san
Langst one shotsby Jeremy Queer
Just some depressing story about everyone's favorite Lance McClain. My favorite character to be honest but i love to see him in pain for some reason i can not explain...
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Langst One-Shots by Broken_and_Bleeding
Langst One-Shotsby Ace
A bunch of Langst and some other One-Shots. Requests are always wanted, and I accept all ships. Artwork is not mine.
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Langst Oneshots by Smexy_Smilee
Langst Oneshotsby •Tall_Might•
Annnddd~ I'm back again. This is just gonna be so much langst because the best characters must suffer and probably a few ships along the way (mostly Klance and klangst b...
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Langst one shots by rpg_games
Langst one shotsby rpg_games
Lost of langst one shots, with different ships but mainly klance. Trigger warning many different and sensitive subjects used read at your own risk. Cover art is mine
The Right Leg Of Voltron by masteroftheworld5678
The Right Leg Of Voltronby Dippn'dots
encludes klance (obviously) and lots of Langst. lance is selfless. lance loves his friends. lance has insecurities. Lance is gone. And Keith will stop at nothing to get...
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Lance stuff by ChippyWantsToWrite
Lance stuffby ChippyWantsToWrite
From Shance to Klance to even Shklace and to some stories of Langst, welcome to Lance stuff a book filled with you guessed it, Lance stuff! Also has some cross dressing...
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Langst/Klangst oneshots by Kitty_Lover179
Langst/Klangst oneshotsby Fandom Freak
A bunch of Langst and Klangst for those of you who like seeing Lance suffer. *DISCLAIMER* I DO NOT OWN VOLTRON, OR THE COVER. The ideas and chapters in this book are not...
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Langst One-Shots by DaughterOfUranos
Langst One-Shotsby DaughterOfUranos
Look at the TITLE
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Lachrymose|Langst Oneshots by yaokenosora
Lachrymose|Langst Oneshotsby Yaokenosora
Lachrymose Tearful or given to shedding tears readily ~ ~ •Ment...
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Langst One-Shots by lancemcclainofficial
Langst One-Shotsby ✰lance✰
A lot of Langst, and a touch of Klance. Highest Rank: #1 In Galra 7/5/18 #1 In Längst 7/5/18 #2 In Vld 5/14/18 #2 In Keith Kogane 11/26/18 #3 in Lance 5/14/19 #8 I...
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Langst one shots by Elliahrose
Langst one shotsby Rose
Lot's of Langst, and some Klance plz read!
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Room 1013 by KutieKitty16
Room 1013by Kitty
Keith was in and out of the hospital for all of his life. He often snuck out of his room to wander the halls in an attempt to stifle his boredom. When he was ten years o...
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Broken by Blueberrybookworm21
Brokenby AngelQ
After a battle to rescue a civilization from the Galra, the species they come across can sense peoples feelings and insecurities and intentions. If someone is hurting th...
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A silent cry by thearfterdeath
A silent cryby Charlotte
A langst fanfiction... He lies in the shadows, He cries in the night, His music is loud, His thoughts are louder, His dreams lock him in a internal world of his past, He...
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A Dark Depression (A Langst One-Shot book) by CateyCool
A Dark Depression (A Langst One-Sh...by FandomOverLord
We have Langst from, bonding exercises with angst, to suicide just to be brought back to life again, we have it all. You want Lance to be Altean but he hates that about...
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Why Do I Matter Now? by Melancholic-Lotus13
Why Do I Matter Now?by Lotus
"So I'm just a goofball? I'll show them that they're wrong." Lance McClain is someone perceived as a goofball. He changes quickly and effectively, being silent...
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langst/and\oneshots by BestDaughterOfChaos
langst/and\oneshotsby yafangirl101
I guess this is some langst It's not the best so don't expect the best I'm not going to lie and say I'm a good writer Cause I'm not so Read if you like
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Lying Eyes by PancakePlatypus
Lying Eyesby PancakePlatypus
Voltron Shance Soulmate AU Altean Lance, Human Shiro Earth: Every human is born with their soulmates eyes, and when soulmates meet, their eyes swap with each other t...
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Langst One Shots [Hiatus] by OhHelloPotato
Langst One Shots [Hiatus]by multifandomqween
This is a one shot book, because why not? It's Langst man. It can also be Klangst or some other ship. You guys are welcome to request. I'll do my best to accept them. :)...
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Drowning in Depression [COMPLETED] by Max_the_trans
Drowning in Depression [COMPLETED]by Max
Lance goes blind and the team needs to understand and not desown him. He is having many problems and Shiro a huge bitch. Lance is casted out by the team and is captured...
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