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Crush [Stan x Kyle] Style by endernotfoundd
Crush [Stan x Kyle] Styleby Ender :)
Stan breaks up with Wendy for the final time because he discovers his new feelings for someone else. High-school AU (their all in 12th grade) Style fanfic kyle x Stan I...
Like Magic by dancingkenny
Like Magicby kinny
A magic 8 ball outs Kyle. Read to see what follows :) Features simp Stan
Super Best Friends?.. More Like Super Best Boyfriends by Emopersonky
Super Best Friends?.. More Like Emopersonky
Both Stan and Kyle realize they have feelings for each other, but will they ever admit that they love their super-best friend? or will they keep their feelings for each...
{FINISHED } You're drunk , you dont mean it. Stan x Kyle. by TweekiToons
{FINISHED } You're drunk , you Tweeki toons.
Stan is having .....problems with drinking again . Wendy just decided to move on . His mom and Dad are having bad fights every day . And he just has to stand there and w...
Reunion In Costume (Goth Stan X Kyle) by Ticci_Toby_7555
Reunion In Costume (Goth Stan X Xaivier Vincent Reichardt
In this story Stan left school after his breakup with Wendy. He started helping out his dad with the family farm. Now years have passed and he reunited with his old best...
Colorful (STYLE South Park) by nosoaosijwhwhwhehe
Colorful (STYLE South Park)by yeahman
Kyle and Stans friendship broke apart in the summer leading to 6th grade. Stan left Kyle his "super best friend" to become friends with everyone else, slowly a...
Love Me More Than Her [FINISHED] by ghoulishly_foolish
Love Me More Than Her [FINISHED]by “Undead” account
Kyle and his family aren't what you expect. They're smartasses but are for a reason. They murder. Kill. Anything to get what they want. Kyle starts to want something fr...
Yearning ( Stan X Kyle SouthPark ) // SMUT // Yandere Kyle by Lethalu
Yearning ( Stan X Kyle SouthPark ) 🌼Lethalu🌼
" When will he take the hint " " I can't have fallen in love with my best friend " " It would only make things awkward " " She must pe...
South Park Comics (Includes Style, Bunny, And Creek) by Kanemi_Asher_18
South Park Comics (Includes Asher Kanemi
All of the art don't belong to me, art belongs to dudemarsh on tumblr Go check the dude out, you won't regret it, I promise :) 12/11/19 - published on December 11 ...
Style Story  by megan_graceee
Style Story by megan_graceee
Stan x Kyle fan fiction because South Park
"More than you can ever know"  Style (Kyle x Stan) by bodyp1llow
"More than you can ever know" bodypillow
After Wendy and Stan broke up for the final time in 7th grade, Stan slowly started gaining a crush on Kyle when he was the only one there for him after the break up. Now...
philophobia [style] by blurr3d
philophobia [style]by clyde
[hanahaki disease au] philophobia (n). the fear of love, being in love and falling in love. -- highest ranks: #1 in 'spstyle' #2 in 'kylexstan' #2 in 'stanxkyle' #9 in...
•|Southpark Style|• by LisaBerger25
•|Southpark Style|•by LisaBerger25
That's my first story here so don't be too disappointed if it's bad. Just trying something new... This story is mostly about Stan and Kyle and will contain homosexual st...
South Park Style Oneshots!! by MakiHarukawa158
South Park Style Oneshots!!by pp
A bunch of different one-shots!! Fluff, Angst, Smut, whatever you request!! ⚠️PLEASE KNOW THAT ALL CHARACTERS IN THIS BOOK ARE AGED UP⚠️ Fluff= ❤ Angst= 🪄 Smut= ⚠️ Flu...
The King (Style)  by leo_stotch
The King (Style) by leo_stotch
Stick of truth Style fic it's cool I guess kinda steamy kinda not
That Night (style southpark) by annielove6015
That Night (style southpark)by annielove6015
Kyle is hurt by the way Stans drinking all the time and does everything he can to help him ever since, Kenny and Cartman left him and all his other friends six years ago...
What did I do wrong? by SeaCat2000
What did I do wrong?by almondmilk
Stan wakes up on a Monday morning with splitting hangover. He went to a huge party at Token's house last night... and got drunk. Now he doesn't remember anything. School...
Life Sucks In South Park (Style) by slaythedayaway2day
Life Sucks In South Park (Style)by Slay2day
STYLE AND BUNNY INCLUDED (Maybe creek too if I get to them) STENDY ANGST TOO Everyone has issues in South Park, especially the main four. Stan feels like his relationsh...