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After the Mask (Secret of the cursed mask game sequel) by InariKiri
After the Mask (Secret of the curs...by InariKiri
Kaname's life has been dull ever since she got back from the Feudal era. She misses life in the feudal era so much, she never thought it possible. She misses a certain t...
More Than Meets The Eye (SuzaLuLu) by NightcoreFairy
More Than Meets The Eye (SuzaLuLu)by ✨
Countless times Suzaku tried to confess his feelings to Lelouch and they all went to hell. He tries one last time, but no one said that he couldn't change the rules. (or...
The Wiseman's Grandchildren! by AlexMagnie
The Wiseman's Grandchildren!by Alex Magnie
Shin Walford and Kururugi Walford are ignorant children who were taught magic and survival skills but not the common sense of the world. In a world of magic, that could...
Kitty Bath Time (Code Geass Oneshot) (Suzalulu) (Girl!Lelouch) by KikiNeko
Kitty Bath Time (Code Geass Onesho...by Sanfries Elitist
The sacred day arrives where Arthur's gonna be given a bath by gravity's brunette overlord and Brittania's bully. But our kitty's like 'me no liek bath' and makes it har...
Homework (Code Geass SuzakuxOC OneShot) by sunsetsoverscars
Homework (Code Geass SuzakuxOC One...by Maycee
Karin has always struggled in Science class. Lelouch and Suzaku barely keep her passing. When Suzaku finally gets a break from his military duties, Karin gets him to sta...
See You Again by 23meraki
See You Againby Capt J 👩🏻‍✈️
After the success of Zero Requiem, the world is at peace. And just as expected, the whole world despises the Demon Emperor. But he has a last message left for everyone...
Gundam Seed: A Transforming Gundam! by AlexMagnie
Gundam Seed: A Transforming Gundam!by Alex Magnie
Kururugi Kaname, Princess of Orb and the operator and pilot of the Transforming Gundam Code named VANILLA, finds herself on Heliopolis when it is attacked by Zaft.
Code Geass: Revival of Lelouch Vi Britannia by JuliaTeng555
Code Geass: Revival of Lelouch Vi...by JuliaTeng555
This story takes place after the anime series where Lelouch is 'killed' by Suzaku, who is disguised as Zero. Lelouch had accomplished what he wanted to do by recreating...
Sword Art Online [Interactive Edition] by AlexMagnie
Sword Art Online [Interactive Edit...by Alex Magnie
Sword Art Online with you playing and encountering Kirito, Asuna, Klein, Liz, Silica, Yui and your childhood friend Kurumu and one other friend from unknown origin.
A certain Imagine Breaker! The Second Railgun! by AlexMagnie
A certain Imagine Breaker! The Sec...by Alex Magnie
Academy City is under attack, and the top Espers of the world are coming together to stop the attack. The following people come together in Academy City, to stop the thr...
Naruto by AlexMagnie
Narutoby Alex Magnie
The story of a boy who's dream it was to be Hokage, and a girl, who wished to be the strongest ninja to support the boy who would become the Hokage. This is their journe...
Bleach by AlexMagnie
Bleachby Alex Magnie
The story of a Substitute Soulreaper and a Soulreaper encountering a soulreaper called Rukia Kuchiki.
|| Dedication || by rose_gold
|| Dedication ||by rose_gold
A book of random stories for my friend, but feel free to read along! This is a no request book! Please DO NOT send in requests! Thank you!
Attack on Titan: Final Battle by AlexMagnie
Attack on Titan: Final Battleby Alex Magnie
The story of the Scout that wanted to make a difference.
Kururugi Tendo! The 15 year old child. by AlexMagnie
Kururugi Tendo! The 15 year old ch...by Alex Magnie
Kururugi Kaname has been born many times. This time she was born into the Tendo household.
Re: Zero - Starting Life from Zero in Another World - by AlexMagnie
Re: Zero - Starting Life from Zero...by Alex Magnie
Natsuki Subaru was summoned to another world and left on his own by the Witch of Envy Satella. At the same time, Kururugi Kaname wandered into the world as well and chan...
Food Wars! The Goddess! by AlexMagnie
Food Wars! The Goddess!by Alex Magnie
Sometime has passed since Kururugi Kaname has found out that she is immortal and that she is part Angel and part Demon. Some time later, after having saved Ente-Isla fro...
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion! Second Resurrection! by AlexMagnie
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebelli...by Alex Magnie
Kururugi vi Britannia was the youngest sister of the Royal Family. Having never met any of her siblings except for Euphemia, she struggles to survive in Britannia until...
Le Retour de Zéro - Code geass - Fanfiction - /LoveDarkness\ by BelaMisoraViBritania
Le Retour de Zéro - Code geass - F...by AlyssaAlek
Et si Lelouch Vi Britannia n'était pas mort lorsque Suzaku Kururugi lui a transpercé le ventre de son épée ? Si Suzaku avait conclu un pact avec son meilleur ami ? S'il...