You Only Know Half The Story by fictionlover19
You Only Know Half The Storyby MultiFandom
* I OWN NOTHING BUT THE PLOT* Hi my name is Barry Allen, or Sebastian Smythe and this is my story. The one that explains it all. Plot sucks just read it
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  • newdirections
  • sebtana
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fall for you. ( sam evans ) by eleanoss
fall for you. ( sam evans )by pottergleek
( glee, season two - six. ) ❝ because a girl like you is impossible to find, you're impossible to find. ❞ all sophia grimaldi expected out of her sophomore year was slus...
  • music
  • willaholland
  • rachelberry
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Rising                                {Glee} {1} by AnthemLights22
Rising...by AnthemLights22
where a boy from the football team joins one club what everyone threw slushies at, when Spencer managed to get the slushies to stop. Spencer Hudson stared at the unholy...
  • emmapillsbury
  • noahpuckerman
  • williamshueshter
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photograph me || santana.lopez  [1] by tess0o
photograph me || santana.lopez [1]by Tessywessy
in which the girl who hid behind lenses finally found love [glee] [season 2 - season 3] [slow updates] [santana lopez x female oc]
  • santanalopez
  • lgbt
  • mikechang
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Colour Blind                                                {glee} {1} by AnthemLights22
Colour Blind...by AnthemLights22
"such vibrant things, now i'm colourblind, colourblind," Arabella Hastings is a popular cheerio who's in the unholy trinity with her two best friends Santana...
  • theunholytrinity
  • tinacohenchang
  • mrschuester
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Thorns by isabellaelvira
Thornsby ιѕαвєℓℓα
Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson. Once so in love, broken up and miserable. What happens when they bump into each other after 7 years of seeing each other? Will they reme...
  • kurthummel
  • crisscolfer
  • glee
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sticks and stones || quinn fabray by tess0o
sticks and stones || quinn fabrayby Tessywessy
"sticks and stones may break my bones but your words will be the end of me" [glee] [season 1 - season 3 ] [female oc x quinn fabray] [slow updates]
  • lgbt
  • artieabrams
  • glee
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PALS - Sebastian Smythe Glee by MollyLouiseD
PALS - Sebastian Smythe Gleeby MollyL19
It all started that day I went to Dalton Academy with my good friend Blaine Anderson. Little did I know that I was going to be friendlier with a Warbler without intentio...
  • warblers
  • newdirections
  • ốc
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Simple Melody . Sam Evans by Only_Katey
Simple Melody . Sam Evansby Only Katey
The dance is a poem in which each movement is a word. She told the most haunting story. . . . . . {Sam Evans X OFC} {Hudson!OC} {Started: 03.11.2018}
  • dancer
  • finnhudson
  • eatingdisorder
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Evan by SiriuslyLoveBooks
Evanby SiriuslyLoveBooks
Blaine isn't Kurt's first boyfriend. He knows. But he doesn't know what Kurt's last boyfriend was like. What happens when he finds out the true reason why Kurt has such...
  • abuse
  • hummel
  • blaineanderson
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A Mother by SiriuslyLoveBooks
A Motherby SiriuslyLoveBooks
Kurt's mother died when he was eight. If that wasn't scarring enough, his father dated a woman who was completely sweet- except to Kurt. She was terrible to him. She sc...
  • glee
  • mother
  • hummel
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The TRUTH always comes out by quinnfabrxy
The TRUTH always comes outby ~
This story takes place in 2020 (yes Finn is alive) Rachel is dating former nyda student Brody Weston but as her secret unravels she returns to glee club to find help. (T...
  • quick
  • blaineanderson
  • rachelberry
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i thought I had found it by foreverklainer
i thought I had found itby Kurt and Blaine
*THIS STORY IS FROM KURT HUMMEL's POINT OF VEIW* Kurt Hummel is going to be living in New York City with his best friend Rachel Berry he and Rachel are attending NYADA...
  • blaineanderson
  • klaine
  • kurthummel
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Rewritten by colle_can_not
Rewrittenby Colle McEl
Kurt Hummel is openly gay and proud of it, and after coming out to everybody that means something to him he thinks everything will be okay. His the only jock who isn't a...
  • darrencriss
  • kurthummel
  • gay
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Klaine• Remember the time~ by TheONLYJeed
Klaine• Remember the time~by 💔Hxnnxh💔
Kurt and Blaine,rainy day,memories come to mind~ All credit to whoever filtered the cover:)
  • bestfriends
  • highschool
  • pride
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Paris Hudson  by StrangerfandomIT
Paris Hudson by StrangerfandomIT
Paris comes back to Ohio.
  • brittanys
  • pierce
  • glee
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The Unexpected by GleeFanatic2003
The Unexpectedby GleeFanatic2003
Clarity Waters has it all. She's gorgeous, the prettiest girl at McKinley High. She has perfect grades. She's the captain of the Cheerios. Sue loves her like her own dau...
  • noahpuckerman
  • rachelberry
  • tinacohen-chang
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Say Something {Quinn Fabray} {1} by AnthemLights22
Say Something {Quinn Fabray} {1}by AnthemLights22
"don't give up the fight, cause we didn't come here to cheer, we came to lead, we're right here, so open your eyes and see, you can be legendary." Madison Mon...
  • suesylvester
  • rachelberry
  • mercedesjones
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Noah Puckerman's Little Sister  by 123teenwolf321
Noah Puckerman's Little Sister by CallMeCreative
  • tinacohen
  • noahpuckerman
  • mercedesjones
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Better Together  by ForeverGustins
Better Together by ForeverGustins
'We can get through this, we're stronger together,' 'Because we're better together,'
  • rachelberry
  • dylanobrien
  • melissabenoist
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