New Directions (Glee Roleplay Book) by stylishswift
New Directions (Glee Roleplay Book)by Kayleigh
"Glee, by its very definition, is about opening yourself up to joy."
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  • willschuester
  • davekarofsky
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Glee Klaine Oneshots by Silverstar54
Glee Klaine Oneshotsby Silverstar54
A bunch of Klaine Oneshots! Prompts are welcome and encouraged!
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  • blaine
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getaway car. ( klaine! ) by evadings
getaway car. ( klaine! )by yule log !
we stole the night, now this world is ours, love ! falling in love with his best friend was not an option. blaine anderson had only one piece of advice to follow from h...
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Gleeful Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor.. by _Rocket_Queen_T_
Gleeful Hunger Games, and may the...by Ash
Just a Hunger Games and Glee crossover I wrote last summer.
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Forever and Always  by fanfictsarelife
Forever and Always by fanfictsarelife
When Rachel Berry and her family make a big change in their life's and move from the big city to a smaller town called Lima Ohio, what will happen, will they settle in r...
  • mikechange
  • tinacohenchang
  • gleek
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Freedom (klaine fanfiction) by abbycharmlupin
Freedom (klaine fanfiction)by Abby Lupin
Blaine Anderson was a famous YouTuber and was bullied till he moved to Dalton.Not to mention that he was the only out of the closest kid at his school. Kurt Hummel was a...
  • klaine
  • hummel
  • anderson
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Dance with Somebody (Kurt x Blaine) by colle_can_not
Dance with Somebody (Kurt x Blaine)by ☆Collette☆
Kurt Hummel has been crushing on his best friend Blaine Anderson forever, and when the boys get to share the first dance at the winter formal everything changes...for be...
  • rachelberry
  • boyxboy
  • santanalopez
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Melody - Glee by kylee4326
Melody - Gleeby The-Titans
"Melody - a sequence of single notes that is musically satisfying." (Glee Season 2) (OC x TBD)
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I will always love you  by monchele57
I will always love you by Alexis Marie Granado
Faberry love story
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  • mikechang
  • finchel
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Klaine:Take a Chance by LucyEdwards643
Klaine:Take a Chanceby Lucy Edwards
Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson first met in the corridors of Mckinley High and being paired up to do a duet for Glee club Kurt and Blaine get to know each other and fal...
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Glee~OneShots  by caseychilipepper
Glee~OneShots by caseychilipepper
Just like most sane people I'm in love with glee. The writers in glee left in a lot of big plot holes, and sometimes I find myself laying in bed daydreaming about what h...
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Existence  by jxnicecorona
Existence by Ptgleexx
Kurt and Blaine are two sole mates who have a romantic story. An accident happens and one of them can't remember anything. Will these two love birds ever find their way...
  • york
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cassiopeia. ( glee au ! ) by evadings
cassiopeia. ( glee au ! )by yule log !
with you, i feel grapefruit juice running in my blood, im just a little confused. i don't know what to think of us. ┊ new york was a big city for 5'8 writers and 5'0 b...
  • aliciahastings
  • darrencriss
  • corymonteith
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Klaine one shots by klaine_brittanna
Klaine one shotsby KLAINE
Just a bunch of cute and fluffy klaine one shots
  • klainefanfiction
  • oneshot
  • blaineanderson
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One Photo Leads Us To Love (Brittana FanFiction) by SantittanyLoPierce
One Photo Leads Us To Love (Britta...by NayaLopierce
A 17 year old senior student, Santana A. Lopez who has a huge crush on the most beautiful girl on school Brittany S. Pierce, They took just one photo and that photo lead...
  • rachelberry
  • brittana
  • heathermorris
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Cut by Gleekness
Cutby GleekyStories
Self harm trigger Kurt and Blaine share a room in college and Kurt is a self harmer.
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frenemies ↬ s. smythe by -dxlans
frenemies ↬ s. smytheby bella :(:
❝I am thinking of you in my sleepless solitude tonight, if it's wrong to love you then my heart just won't let me be right.❞ Mara Hummel, cousin of Kurt and Finn, suffer...
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