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My Fairy Tale Utatane Piko X Reader X Kurotane Piko by Oo-Maika-oO
My Fairy Tale Utatane Piko X Reade...by Oo-Maika-oO
A love triangle between Utatane Piko, Kurotane Piko and you! Set in modern society, the word 'fantasy' maintains its existence in your mind as well as your life. Appeara...
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kurotane piko x utatane piko by meliracoon
kurotane piko x utatane pikoby meliracoon
piko es un pobre chico al que le rompieron el corazon llegando a la idea del suicido hasta que
My gum, dammit  by ArminiDonut
My gum, dammit by Armini Donut
Fukase took the last piece of Kurotane's gum and he's determined to get it back.
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Sony Music Entertainment by ArminiDonut
Sony Music Entertainmentby Armini Donut
Piko's songs are being blocked and Kuro sucks are comforting. Fukase to the rescue.
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Bad Company by ArminiDonut
Bad Companyby Armini Donut
Pikocest is good. Kuro plays the guitar.
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MDD by ArminiDonut
MDDby Armini Donut
Piko suffers from depression but they don't talk about it much. Kuro and Fukase take care of him.
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Kuro and Oli bonding by ArminiDonut
Kuro and Oli bondingby Armini Donut
Kuro is left alone with Oliver. Oh no.
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Old One-Shot Collection 【Vocaloid】 by 00w000
Old One-Shot Collection 【Vocaloid】by owo?
Just a random way to archive all my oneshots. Some is old writing, some is bad. Some of the headcanons are outdated. I just wanna have it here for kicks.
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"Has anyone ever told our how beautiful you are?" by ArminiDonut
"Has anyone ever told our how beau...by Armini Donut
KuroPikase drabble
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25550 【Vocaloid】(CANCELLED) by 00w000
25550 【Vocaloid】(CANCELLED)by owo?
The radio hacked up a measly string of static, but that was about it. Whatever. It wasn't like Fukase expected anything better to happen. 'Day 25550. 2039. 70Y.'
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Kuro, are you blushing? by ArminiDonut
Kuro, are you blushing?by Armini Donut
Kurokase is grand
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believe • VOCALOID fanfiction by iced-wine
believe • VOCALOID fanfictionby me
Two older brothers, both experts in controlling their magic, concocting potions and casting hexes on unsuspecting citizens. And him? He, had yet to discover what he coul...
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