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Stressed Out by Swissy_Faith
Stressed Outby NIKY
Mahiru has been stressed out lately and his lazy servamp is not helping. What will be Mahiru's reaction when Kuro does something...interesting?
  • sleepyash
  • kuromahi
  • mahirushirota
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Servamp:OmegaVerse by TheLostSilence
Servamp:OmegaVerseby Silence
Mahiru and the others (Licht,Misono,Mikuni,Tetsu) were Normal Humans,and they were Omegas. In this Omega Universe,Only the Vampires are Alphas. And because of this,the...
  • yaoi
  • hyde
  • alpha
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GLASS -A Servamp Kid!Fic- by GalaxyLink
GLASS -A Servamp Kid!Fic-by GalaxyLink
Mahiru Shirota, 10 years old. I like simple things, and hate troublesome things. So does my Uncle, that's why he adopted a foster kid. I had no idea that things would...
  • lawless
  • licht
  • mikuni
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Servamp Jokes! by TheLostSilence
Servamp Jokes!by Silence
[ This is a sequel or a part two to 'Tumblr's Anime Jokes'. I realised that I only posted about Servamp in that book so I'm focusing mainly on Servamp on this one now! ]...
  • tetsono
  • sequel
  • sleepyash
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Servamp: Red Riding Hood. by TheLostSilence
Servamp: Red Riding Hood.by Silence
"I'll hold on for your happiness...even if that happiness is the same thing that's killing me." -/- Mahiru died. He died of the disease called the 'Hanahaki' d...
  • kuro
  • servamp
  • funny
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the mates of the servamps by hectic_chaos36
the mates of the servampsby anime for life
It is the time for the servamps to choose their eves or in other words'mate' in the world of humans filled with omegas now Mahiru and the others have to deal with posses...
  • omegaverse
  • eves
  • servamp
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Servamp! "Power Outage" (Kuro x Mahiru) YAOI by LovliOranges
Servamp! "Power Outage" (Kuro x Ma...by LovliOranges
Mahiru and his Servamp Kuro were walking home from school one day when it began to rain unexpectedly. The two retreat to Mahiru's place soaking wet when they realize tha...
  • kuro
  • yaoi
  • mahirushirota
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The True Eve (kuro x mahiru) by animefandomshipper
The True Eve (kuro x mahiru)by animefandomshipper
- For the servamps the only purpose they had was to serve their eves until they died. They gained eves through the only way the knew how. The contract The contract is f...
  • kuromahi
  • kuroxmahiru
  • pastsoulmates
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Cat!MahiruxKuro by MahiruShirota12
Cat!MahiruxKuroby MahiruShirota12
When Mahiru's simple life is turned to the opposite,what effect will it have one his partner?
  • servamplemon
  • lemon
  • vampirexhumanlemon
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Im Caretake My Eve?! by HoseokChild
Im Caretake My Eve?!by Siawyn//SopeForLive
Mahiru Shirota 16 years old high school teenager and his servamp Kuro has agree to help johannes to try a invention that he created. There johannes tell the servamp of s...
  • kuromahi
  • kuro
  • servamp
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My little Omega~♡ by Huntress_Pheonix
Mahiru, Misono, Licht, Mikuni, and Tetsu were Omega's. Kuro, Lily, Hyde, Jeje, and Hugh were Alpha's The Annual Selection is coming up, and our favorite Eve's are going...
  • tetsugh
  • servamp
  • mahikuro
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A Destined Light {On hiatus} by LichtAngel
A Destined Light {On hiatus}by An Angel
Tsubaki hates his brothers for killing his father, so he was determined to kill them, especially Sloth. One day he found Sloth, Greed, and their eves. He wants to break...
  • sakuya
  • kuromahi
  • kuro
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Servamp: Reverse the Roles!  by TheLostSilence
Servamp: Reverse the Roles! by Silence
"It seems that we're gonna try again and restart our search for them, huh, Nii-San?" "Shut up, Lawless. I still don't understand why we're still continuin...
  • angstwithhappyending
  • canondivergence
  • misono
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yaoi one-shots by kuronekolover
yaoi one-shotsby kuronekolover
just a bunch of yaoi (boy x boy) one-shots!
  • klance
  • ereri
  • kagisa
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Servamp: Of broken bonds and sorrows by Nemuruyukine
Servamp: Of broken bonds and sorro...by Nemuruyukine
Servamp fanfiction. When the eves abruptly decide to break the contract with their servamps, it's a storm of confusion, anger and mostly pain that rages within. Little d...
  • lawlicht
  • licht
  • junichiro
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Servamp: Our Most Precious by Dream_Loves_Comedy
Servamp: Our Most Preciousby 「 Kate 」
"Come on~ shouldn't you be enjoying your life? You did promised Ma-" The blue haired servamp threw the floating teen the nastiest glare he could muster as a fe...
  • slightjekuni
  • mahiru
  • kuromahi
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One Step Forward ≠ Servamp FF by noxiousseraph
One Step Forward ≠ Servamp FFby ° • i'm a hologram • °
Music often brings people together in unexpected ways, as it speaks naught to the person, but to the core of their being. Shirota Mahiru is coaxed into accompanying his...
  • sleepyash
  • kuromahi
  • mahirushirota
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Kuro x Mahiru pictures~ >KuroMahi< by mxzns-
Kuro x Mahiru pictures~ >KuroMahi<by 1st acc is -bbyhoon :)
Just a bunch of KuroMahi pics (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • slothpair
  • servamp
  • kuroxmahiru
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Servamp - My Sweet Caretaker//Rewritten by Dream_Loves_Comedy
Servamp - My Sweet Caretaker//Rewr...by 「 Kate 」
"My name? It's Mahiru Shirota How old am i? Currently I'm sixteen years old!! Hm? More about myself..? Well, i love to cook and do some house chore! My friends like...
  • tethugh
  • lisono
  • msc
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One more Time by Ami_2704
One more Timeby Can'tHideFromDarkness♥️
Mahiru got a call early in the morning for a secret meeting with the so called mad scientist in his group of friends. Later, he finds himself forced to drink a strange l...
  • kuromahi
  • kuroxmahiru
  • altermahiru
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