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Ikki's devil life  by JaeZInsane
Ikki's devil life by Jay Jay
This is a Chivalry of a failed knight and a highschool dxd crossover Ikki Kurogane never meets Stella vermillion in this story it is just ikki and yes he might develop...
Chivalry of a True Hero (An only male hero story) by TheFoolAngel
Chivalry of a True Hero (An only m...by Foolish Angel
[Discontinued] Now you suppose that Izuku Midoriya will be op? Nope! He does have 2 quirks however they are simply weak! Can Izuku become the first male hero with 2 weak...
The Phantom (Chivalry Of A Failed Knight X OC/Male Reader) by Corrupted839
The Phantom (Chivalry Of A Failed...by Cørrūptêd_839
Akiri Shiranobu is a Rank A knight born into the Shiranobu family which has a long history with both the Vermillion and Kurogane family. He was known to people by the ni...
Abandoned Driveways by SayaLeigh
Abandoned Drivewaysby Saya
AU, boyXboy. Kurogane has new neighbors, including an attractive but annoying blond. However, it doesn't take him long to discover that Fai is hiding more than he ever i...
Kamen Rider Blade x Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry by Kaitou_Mighty_ZX
Kamen Rider Blade x Rakudai Kishi...by Kaitou_Mighty_ZX
Here, a battle between students begun. The battle that shows who's the best. Raikiri Yuuji is one of the best blazer. Even though he just enroll in that school to follo...
What Kind of Man by StarsInTheGutter
What Kind of Manby StarsInTheGutter
Blood. Dreams. Desire. Things never turn out as planned. Fai did not ask to be turned. He did not ask to be saved. And he certainly did not ask to become a 'hunter.' In...
The Stars That Connect by tannicbuns
The Stars That Connectby HiroBicx
This is the story of Kazuya Kurogane, just your average everyday guy, decent grades, and everything seems to be normal.... Until one day, he then meets a girl who will s...
[TRC] ☠ Fix Me ☠ [Kurogane] by HatterReloaded
[TRC] ☠ Fix Me ☠ [Kurogane]by Hatter
"Your payment is your sanity." Yuuko announces softly. :: KuroganexOc song-ficlet series
White Nights on Infinity by StarsInTheGutter
White Nights on Infinityby StarsInTheGutter
The scent of blood, the shape of lust. A precarious balance. As reluctant hunter and willing prey, can Fai and Kurogane keep avoiding the unfinished conversation hangin...
Chivalry of A Saiyan Knight by davis8318
Chivalry of A Saiyan Knightby Lt.col. Davis
Have you ever read or watched Chivalry of A Failed Knight? If you haven't go watch or read it. For the majority of my life, I've been left to die by my so-called 'parent...
[TRC] A Fortunate Accident (Fai D. Flourite x Reader) by SHSL_Fangirl
[TRC] A Fortunate Accident (Fai D...by SHSL_Fangirl
When Fai makes Kurogane mad (again), you never expect their usual routine to end with a simple accident that leads to the two of you kissing - twice!
the story of Lily (tsubasa reservoir Chronicle Fic) by HeroTheGreat
the story of Lily (tsubasa reservo...by HeroTheGreat
Lily Rimara lost her parents in a fire when she was 10 years old. At the age of 12 a rich musician named Soichurou adopts her. read as Lily makes friends, and learns to...
These Frozen Hearts by MikaiaZoe
These Frozen Heartsby SugarCookieKya
After departing from Clow, the first new world the travelers land in is ruled by three royal sisters. A kind princess, her deadly protector, and a secretive priestess. T...
Kamen Rider Chaser Traicionado en Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry. by AndresJhonson2019
Kamen Rider Chaser Traicionado en...by Jose Andres Avila Ramirez
el Roidmude Proto-Zero tambien conocido como chase es traicionado por sus amigos y el debe buscar esa verdad de su traición. y el es enviado a otro mundo
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: The Twin Song Priestesses' Journeys (Fai x OC) by VampireLady66
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: The T...by VampireLady66
Their world was destroyed by an unknown force and she and her twin sister are both forced to go on a journey to search for a legendary key to revive their country. The...
Distance by MattieMapleLover
Distanceby Matvey
Summary: A meaningless victory... each winning battle marked a critical moment - to avoid a grim future in their hands.
Life in Nihon by sleepdeprivedfangirl
Life in Nihonby Laura
A series of oneshots centering around Kurogane and Fai settling down in Nihon. Mostly just fluff and such of domesticated bliss.
Tsubasa Chronicle boyfriend sceanrios by OuranCardcaptor
Tsubasa Chronicle boyfriend sceanr...by OuranCardcaptor
Boyfriend sceanrios of Syaoran, Kurogane, and Fai. All Rights Reserved to CLAMP the creators of Tsubasa Chronicle. I DO NOT own the characters or places mentioned.
Lingering Embers *A Tsubasa KuroxFai Fanfiction* by mrsgubie
Lingering Embers *A Tsubasa KuroxF...by FemShep: Samantha
Fai D. Flowright, a Celes wizard with a sweet and cheerful personality. But it's all a facade, used to keep his companions at a distance so they won't get hurt. Kurogane...