Cold [Kurapika X Reader] by thaliaagatha
Cold [Kurapika X Reader]by 타 리아
She only want him to smile, He only wants her to disappear. She laughed,he frown. He laughed,she disappear. And now he wants to get her happiness back. <Magic AU! Kur...
  • lighthumor
  • gon
  • romance
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You (Gon X Reader) by thaliaagatha
You (Gon X Reader)by 타 리아
■1st Place on HxH Watty Award□ He knows she loves him, That's why he wants her to be his girlfriend. Everyone knows (Y/n) loves Gon, But not everyone knows that Gon didn...
  • gonfreecs
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  • killuazoldyck
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Kurapika X Reader : "I Can DO it by MYSELF !" by isayachii
Kurapika X Reader : "I Can DO it b...by Yukimura Isaya ♚
You and Kurapika are have 'stepbrother-sister' relationship. You have a boyfriend Kuroro, and Kurapika has a girlfriend Neon. It's was your first time to have a boyfrien...
  • kurapika
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I Like Me Better|When I'm With You[Killua Zoldyck] by KilluZoldyck12
I Like Me Better|When I'm With You...by KilluaIsAHunter
•|People say that to be able to love others, you have to love yourself first.|• •|That's honestly bullshit.|• •|Because, ever since I met you, I fell in love with you.|•...
  • kurapikakuruta
  • killua
  • hunterxhunter
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Extrañas fijaciones by Lugarth8
Extrañas fijacionesby Lugarth8
Drabbles de momentos secretos donde se sienten en plena libertad el uno con el otro. (HunterXHunter) (Kurapika Kuruta x Killua Zoldyck)
  • kurapikaxkillua
  • fanfic
  • togashi
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Revelation (Hunter X Hunter) by Red_Rose_Hime
Revelation (Hunter X Hunter)by SOCIAL TRASH (^v^)
After a long time of struggle, Kurapika had finally collected all of the scarlet eyes of his brethren and buried it in their holy ground. But Kurapika had not felt what...
  • genderbending
  • oocness
  • killed
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Study With Kurapika! [One Shoots] by isayachii
Study With Kurapika! [One Shoots]by Yukimura Isaya ♚
"Study is the most hated thing in my life!"- (y/n) === ✩ === ★ === ✩ === ★ === ✩ == [Kurapika x Reader] [SchoolAU] ⬇ ※ ⬇ ※ ⬇ ※ ⬇ ※ One Shoots ※ My english was...
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acceptance [ kurapika x oc ] by astrimicea-
acceptance [ kurapika x oc ]by buttercup
"am i really me?" - under construction -
  • hunterxhunter
  • gon
  • kurapikakurta
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Guardaespaldas. (Kurapika & Tú) by MonkeyDMari
Guardaespaldas. (Kurapika & Tú)by ❀Mari Loves Santi❀
Mizu Blaze es una chica con poderes deseados por toda la mafia y a la vez muy temidos para el ser vivo. Impredecible y fuera de lo común, ella debe vivir una vida encerr...
  • hunterxhunter
  • kurapikakuruta