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Ӻ୧⍺ṛ (bnha x fem villain reader) by justyouraveragepleb
Ӻ୧⍺ṛ (bnha x fem villain reader)by merci
(Y/N) was a normal young lady, striving to be a hero. But with the help of her cute companion, her view shifted almost as soon as it appeared. Warning: Contains swearin...
Watt's On kumu! by KumuPH
Watt's On kumu!by kumuph
WattpadPH is the official kumu channel exclusively created for Pinoy Wattpadders. Read on to find out about upcoming livestream schedules and Wattpad Star lineups for th...
A Hawaiian Adventure (Soy Luna and Magnum P.I.) by Imagination500
A Hawaiian Adventure (Soy Luna and...by Imagination500
The Jam&Roller skate team's dream comes true when they find out they qualified for the Word Championship which is the most prestigious competition in the world of skatin...
Trapped In F E A R by Sapph1r3Ech0
Trapped In F E A Rby WanderingSoul: Laughter
Naruto is neglected by his parents for his sister, whom has half of the kyuubi sealed within her and is treated as the hero of Konoha. One day a mob had been attacking N...
Wilted Rose (RWBY X abused female neglected Pink Soul Reader) by LunaVioletHood217
Wilted Rose (RWBY X abused female...by LunaVioletHood217
(Y/N) Rose was the SOUL of FEAR. And because of it, she was abused and neglected by her family, her only friend being Kurai, a black blob. When she leaves but it found b...
The Birth Of The Bête Blanche by StrawOlive
The Birth Of The Bête Blancheby StrawOlive
The beasts are coming... Can you overcome FEAR and DESPAIR? Is there a slightest chance of HOPE?
Glitchtale X DDLC (book 2 of Undertale X DDLC) by KRIS_04260
Glitchtale X DDLC (book 2 of Under...by Kristy
please read "Undertale X DDLC" first before reading this one (just check my profile!) disclamer i don't own DDLC or glitchtale at all,they belong to team salva...
Learn about every Kumu! by LexiRoses89
Learn about every Kumu!by •Lexi_Roses•
This is a book about everything you need to know about every kumu I have created this far! This will help people learn more about them! It starts from the first to last...
Keiki Hula Competition by filliphino
Keiki Hula Competitionby filliphino
I go into a competition and get jealous of a girl named Sammy. I might get lost in the city of Honolulu Oahu Hawaii. This is a true story about the future.
The Kumu Universe/species FULL EXPLANATION! by LexiRoses89
The Kumu Universe/species FULL EXP...by •Lexi_Roses•
This is the full explanation of my fictional species called "kumu" or "kumus"!
BERKHASIAT, WA +62813 1858 5085 Agen SOP Subarashi Kota Sungai Penuh by subarashisungai
BERKHASIAT, WA +62813 1858 5085 Ag...by Agen SOP Subarashi Kota Sunga...
BERKHASIAT, WA +62813 1858 5085 Agen SOP Subarashi Kota Sungai Penuh, Agen SOP Subarashi Hamparan Rawang, Agen SOP Subarashi Koto Baru, Agen SOP Subarashi Kumu Debai, Ag...
Glitchtale RP by MusicGamingKitty
Glitchtale RPby Vicky McAlister
Glitchtale was made by Camila Cuevas, and now I'm doing a RolePlay about it, so yeah, I'll add rules in the first chapter like thing
BERKHASIAT, WA +62813 1858 5085 Jual SOP Subarashi Kota Sungai Penuh by subarashisungaipenuh
BERKHASIAT, WA +62813 1858 5085 Ju...by Jual SOP Subarashi Kota Sunga...
BERKHASIAT, WA +62813 1858 5085 Jual SOP Subarashi Kota Sungai Penuh, Jual SOP Subarashi Hamparan Rawang, Jual SOP Subarashi Koto Baru, Jual SOP Subarashi Kumu Debai, Ju...
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Backstory Of The Four Alien Kumus by LexiRoses89
Backstory Of The Four Alien Kumusby •Lexi_Roses•
This is the backstory of the four alien kumus and how they got to Kumu planet
The True Backstory of Tulip by LexiRoses89
The True Backstory of Tulipby •Lexi_Roses•
I'll give a description once the whole story is done :)
Kumu fnf mod dialogue  by LexiRoses89
Kumu fnf mod dialogue by •Lexi_Roses•
Just for a kumu fnf mod me and someone are working on :)
DestroyerTale by sanstheskelly10
DestroyerTaleby sanstheskelly10
An AU of @ilovepercy2's Agent V. i do not own undertale or pokemon (Im also using a slightly modified version of @harrish6's forced destroyer error) Vee stood a few fee...
New Fear SOUL - Glitchtale X Fear SOUL!Fem!Reader by CrossChara08
New Fear SOUL - Glitchtale X Fear...by CrossChara08
When Bete Noire is killed, a few months later, a girl named (Y/N) has the fear SOUL passed down to her. (Y/N) decides to follow her destiny. The one to make sure humans...
Story Of Liam by Jasphr
Story Of Liamby Jaspher Makes Videos