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Paper Cuts (BNHA x Male Reader) by Sunny_Ray_
Paper Cuts (BNHA x Male Reader)by Sunny and Vladdy
A boy who idolizes his abusive father, decides he wants to pursue a career as a hero, chaos ensues. --- This is BxB so get that straight shit outta here. Y E E T
A Story's Beginning (Kubo x Reader) by RandomFandoms3
A Story's Beginning (Kubo x Reader)by RandomFandoms3
"The end of one story, is merely the beginning of another." Kubo's story ended when his grandfather became human and was stripped of his memories. That was yea...
When You're a Mystery Kid by WeirdNerdWrites
When You're a Mystery Kidby WeirdNerdWrites
They were just kids, forming a harmless little club. They solved mysteries, uncovered secrets, and helped those who needed it along the way. They had no idea it would le...
Kubo x Tina Oneshots by QueenOfKubona
Kubo x Tina Oneshotsby Thania Shults
Hello!! My two other stories are completely at hiatus because my computer shut down since I need a new battery cord but I will make another story on my phone! I watched...
LAIKA: The Mysterious Elements by melendrezms1809
LAIKA: The Mysterious Elementsby LAIKA Fan
In this story? It's about Coraline,Norman,Eggs,Kubo and Susan in this adventure where they unlock secrets that the didn't know from the past.
Twisted Fates by DanversFrost35
Twisted Fatesby Alex Winters
It has been a year since the incident with the Beldam, otherwise known as the Other Mother, and Coraline Jones has been living peacefully with her parents. They have cho...
Kubo Fanfiction - Before the Bad Things- (ON HOLD) by Reminding_Me
Kubo Fanfiction - Before the Bad T...by Axocado
Your were abandoned by your Parents 3 years ago. You have an incredible ability. Your the Queen of Vampires. No one could take care of you. Anger filled your body, Stea...
I'll See You Again || Kubo x Reader One-Shot by TransformersForever1
I'll See You Again || Kubo x Reade...by ✨Addy✨
Kubo has always loved going to the town festival but he loved it even more after he met you. It's been a long time since you last have gone but he's hopeful that you wil...
When Kubo Met Sach by AdrianMata26
When Kubo Met Sachby Adrian Mata
An Octonauts-Kubo and the Two Strings crossover collaboration by Adrian Mata ( @AdrianImpMata ), Emma "Peaches" Lupin ( @K9oftheTwoStrings ), and Isobel Jones...
Spring Writes Stuff by SpringZero123
Spring Writes Stuffby kpyeeper
Oh don't mind me, I'm just sharing my ideas for LAIKA Films here :3 (the book cover is NOT mine, all credits goes to the owner)
Kubo And The Two Strings Roleplay by Hayami_Minato
Kubo And The Two Strings Roleplayby Angellica Teoh Sin Pei
Join Kubo and Yami as they embark an epic quest to discover the mystery of Kubo's past and the death of Yami's happiness. Step into their village to unlock the secret if...
The Lost Family by CatzManiak
The Lost Familyby Mrs. DoYaThing
Asaki, a regular and brave 12 year old village girl finally decides to join the crowd of willagers to watch a boy preform some sort if origami storytelling with a shamis...
Strange Ones by Diamondheart37
Strange Onesby Diamond Heart
Alex and her friends are going to Strange Island, home of the Strange Ones, to spend their summer for a vacation, and they hope that they will have a good time over ther...
Short Stories by AdrianMata26
Short Storiesby Adrian Mata
A collection of short stories and one-shot pieces featuring characters from the Octonauts, Kubo and the Two Strings, Big Hero 6, and other IPs (intellectual properties;...
Art book..? by CaniMaker
Art book..?by Poison Cookie Moi
Heyo Peeps! I draw a lot, so here are some Dabbles of Doodles! Most are Viv, my gravity falls OC, and others are not. In the comments section you can request drawings, b...
Strange Ones: Volume 3 by Diamondheart37
Strange Ones: Volume 3by Diamond Heart
Life keeps on changing for everyone, including all of the heroes of Delta. A school for aspiring heroes has opened and a new age of heroes is yet to come and an event ta...
Which String ? (Hiro x Miguel OR Kubo x Miguel)  by loneyweirdo16
Which String ? (Hiro x Miguel OR K...by loneyweirdo16
Hiro and Miguel were dating for 2 years then suddenly their differences tore them apart. Miguel was heart broken, then one day some music he never heard of caught attent...
Kubona: Love Story of Shamisen and Flute by QueenOfKubona
Kubona: Love Story of Shamisen and...by Thania Shults
Hello helloooo duckies!! Welcome to my fourth book!! Now it's about Kubona story of how they met and fell in love!! I was inspired by my and our friends rp!! Description...