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Different (Bleach Fanfiction)  by UnicornPower234
Different (Bleach Fanfiction) by Ana Banana
When a young Amaya moves to Karakura town with her mother, she starts her first year of high school. From there, she makes friends and starts to smile again. But, she wi...
Paper Cuts (BNHA x Male Reader) by Sunny_Ray_
Paper Cuts (BNHA x Male Reader)by Sunny and Vladdy
A boy who idolizes his abusive father, decides he wants to pursue a career as a hero, chaos ensues. --- This is BxB so get that straight shit outta here. Y E E T
Ichigo x Rukia by AJ_Peace
Ichigo x Rukiaby IchiRuki FTW
IchiRuki Fanfiction. One-Shots. Each chapter's a different story. ☆☆ (Disclaimer: I Do Not Own Bleach)
A Story's Beginning (Kubo x Reader) by RandomFandoms3
A Story's Beginning (Kubo x Reader)by RandomFandoms3
"The end of one story, is merely the beginning of another." Kubo's story ended when his grandfather became human and was stripped of his memories. That was yea...
Inner Hollow by ColdLaw
Inner Hollowby ~Marlon Napier~
IchiRuki-What happens when Rukia develops an inner hollow? What will happen to IchiRuki? Rated M for mature content. Suspense/Romance/Action/Humor XD If you like Ichigo...
Black Sun and White Moon (An IchiRukia Fanfic) by KuchikiIchigo
Black Sun and White Moon (An IchiR...by IchiRukiaForever
Ichigo and Rukia have always had feelings for eachother but were never quite able to let blossom until now. This goes out to all of us Bleach fans who deserved a better...
Deku: Soul Reaper (MHA X BLEACH) by Excalumbra
Deku: Soul Reaper (MHA X BLEACH)by 😎
Izuku 'Deku' Midoriya is Quirkless, but he definitely isn't normal either. From a young age, he's been able to see spirits that other people can't. One day, a Soul Reape...
Will these memories go on forever?  by KurosakiRukia66
Will these memories go on forever? by KurosakiRukia66
(An alternate ending to the bleach manga.) Following the years after the thousand blood war, once again peace returned. But is this 'future' really what everyone expecte...
.~*//Guide to a thousand cherry blossoms\\*~.{Byakuya's Eternity Love} by BeyondJudgement
.~*//Guide to a thousand cherry bl...by Miss Eve
A young girl entrapped by false assumptions. Stuck in a large tower, soon to die, her love slowly unravels for the Kuchiki Nobel. Unable to decide what's best; Die and k...
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Kubo x Tina Oneshots by QueenOfKubona
Kubo x Tina Oneshotsby Thania Shults
Hello!! My two other stories are completely at hiatus because my computer shut down since I need a new battery cord but I will make another story on my phone! I watched...
unexpected | toshiro by fromserenity
unexpected | toshiroby aecha
It wasn't like him to be easily swayed by a girl's confidence. Especially by a human like her. { Toshiro x OC | will be starting from the very start of Bleach } A/N: I...
Noble Clans (Byakuya Kuchiki X Reader) (HIATUS) by Paper_candy_
Noble Clans (Byakuya Kuchiki X Rea...by anonymous
[Byakuya Kuchiki x reader] [HIATUS TIME BISHES] #7 in bleachfanfiction #6 in bleachfanfiction ( 6th July 2018) #1 in bleachfanfiction (8th July 2018) #6 in bleach (11 Ju...
400 LUX | laika [au] by -hanzo
400 LUX | laika [au]by PHOENIX
❝ WE'RE NEVER DONE WITH KILLING TIME CAN I KILL IT WITH YOU 'TIL THE VEINS RUN RED AND BLUE? ❞ in which four kids on a field trip go missing. | coraline, paranorman, box...
One Drunken Night (Bleach) Under Editing by IllusiveVixen
One Drunken Night (Bleach) Under E...by オペラ座の意地の悪い女
It begin so simple. Celebrate a bachelor party at the casino, and make it back in time for the wedding. But there's only one problem with that theory, you can't have a...
Toshiro, Byakuya, and Kenpachi. The Most Badass Team. by HelenaSophiaSucgang
Toshiro, Byakuya, and Kenpachi. Th...by Helena Sophia Sucgang
What if the 12 captains of the Gotei 13 are group in to a group of 3. What will happen? Will they get along?
Twisted Fates by DanversFrost35
Twisted Fatesby Alex Winters
It has been a year since the incident with the Beldam, otherwise known as the Other Mother, and Coraline Jones has been living peacefully with her parents. They have cho...
Kubo Fanfiction - Before the Bad Things- (ON HOLD) by Reminding_Me
Kubo Fanfiction - Before the Bad T...by Axocado
Your were abandoned by your Parents 3 years ago. You have an incredible ability. Your the Queen of Vampires. No one could take care of you. Anger filled your body, Stea...
-. Debido a un Accidente.- (Héctashi, Higuel, Kuguel) by Yusunaby
-. Debido a un Accidente.- (Héctas...by Yusunaby
El mismo fanfic de contenido obsceno y lenguaje explícito; pero ahora en proceso de legalización. Dedicado con todo mi amor y esfuerzo a: Marilin Reyes; princesa. <3
Bleach Fanfiction: Be My Fraccion? by MountainDewwa
Bleach Fanfiction: Be My Fraccion?by Della Rose
Brooke Morgan; an average, 16-years-old girl, is suddenly captured by Grimmjow Jeagerjaques; the sixth Espada in Aizen's Arrancar Army. Accepting her fate, Brooke becom...
Bleach Quotes by ErzaKurosaki
Bleach Quotesby Erza-Chan
Collection of quotes from Bleach. Kubo Tite has such deep meanings in his quotes ^^ and then there are the funny ones. I always love reading them ~ All quotes belong to...