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"Wake up" // JJ  by Nero_Luna
"Wake up" // JJ by Nero_Luna
Music student Althea King learns the lyrics to a famous youtuber's song, but what happens when it turns out to be the beginning of their love story. -I update as regula...
The Paul sister x KSI by Grace_xix
The Paul sister x KSIby Busy Vibing
The Paul sister. Addison Rae Paul. The smallest and most successful Paul too, with 13 million subscribers more than each of them. Funny, rich, successful, smart and pret...
Falling for my brothers friend || ksi by dolxn_twinzz
Falling for my brothers friend ||...by Ebonyyyy x
You are a sister to the well known YouTuber Miniminter. And you end up falling in love with one of the sidemen but not everything goes as planned. Or does it?
Behzinga's Sister x KSI by Grace_xix
Behzinga's Sister x KSIby Busy Vibing
Behzinga's abused sister was wiped clean from existence, it would seem. Her brother, friends, everyone had forgotten about her. She thought. Only when she meets them wil...
Not So Bad (Ksi FanFic) by AestheticDinho
Not So Bad (Ksi FanFic)by AestheticDinho
He's not as bad as i thought.
Modern Love | TBJZL by writersaesthetic
Modern Love | TBJZLby char
A very modern love story, In which she is a struggling uni student whilst he earns thousands making videos online. Tobi - TBJZL - Sidemen
Bookworm (A KSI Fanfic) by SDMN_07
Bookworm (A KSI Fanfic)by SDMN_07
Cassie Johnson is a very shy girl. At 24 years old, she spends more time working than anything else in order to pay the bills. With a lazy roommate, she works much harde...
just best mates - wroetoshaw (FINISHED)  by anonymous38486
just best mates - wroetoshaw (FINI...by anonymous38486
"we're just friends!" lower case intended started: 19/06/2020 #2 in wroetoshaw #8 in zerka #19 in harrylewis
hatred | miniminter by wifeofminter_
hatred | miniminterby f
"hatred is often associated with feelings of anger, disgust and a disposition towards the source of hostility." i think it is our fate to never get along.
HIS ASSISTANT || SALIA by taliasxix
"i cant date him. im just his assistant." talia mar is looking for a job so she can send her sister to uni. she knows the sidemen are looking for a personal as...
Unimaginable|KSI (Olajide Olatunji) by ladymarjorie_tinsel
Unimaginable|KSI (Olajide Olatunji)by Mads x
Picture being thrown into the mix of an unimaginable lifestyle. The luxuries...The happiness...But what else could it entail? This story is about an aspiring YouTuber...
KSI-Happily Ever After by sidemen_NCx
KSI-Happily Ever Afterby sidemen_NCx
Elle Kennedy, a girl with absolutely no fear, a girl who has had millions of heartbreaks, a girl who is scared to love again. JJ Olatunji- a man with no fear, breaks gir...
Long distance // KSI by CalmlyKSI
Long distance // KSIby Calmlyksi
JJ and Becca have been friends for a long time, they went from friends to best friends to boyfriend and girlfriend. With JJ away in Vegas training for his fight how will...
three years | salia  by multiixfandcm
three years | salia by multiixfandcm
"You had your chance and blew it, three years ago. You don't get to tell me what to do, or who I can date now, Simon." Talia Mar. Simon Minter. Everything cha...
Harry Lewis (w2s/wroetoshaw) mixed imagines  by kagehina0621
Harry Lewis (w2s/wroetoshaw) mixed...by My.manz.darlin
Just a bunch of oneshots/imagines that include smut fluff and angst about wroetoshaw :) updates every friday and extra sometimes taking requests xx
Ksi imagines by harrysangelsxo1
Ksi imaginesby Harrysangelsxo1
Don't know when I will update just when I feel like sorryyy
i need you | wroetoshaw  by wifeofminter_
i need you | wroetoshaw by f
'no harry you can't fucking call me 'dais' anymore,' where two best friends try to rekindle their friendship, but feelings only get more confusing and overwhelming, is i...
Tinder // KSI by CalmlyKSI
Tinder // KSIby Calmlyksi
In which two people are desperate to love again. This is the story of how one swipe changed both of their lives for better or worse?
miniminter's sister | w2s by multiixfandcm
miniminter's sister | w2sby multiixfandcm
"Just come and kiss me, Harry." I said quietly. I didn't think he heard me at first, but he came closer towards me, and pressed his lips against mine. I kissed...