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Forbidden love by Silverhawkkeith
Forbidden loveby Silverhawkkeith
Galra and Altea ( Earth is an Altean ally) have been in war with earth other. Every Galra hates every Altean and human. Until one Galra changes everything This is my fir...
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We Fight As One by Dawnpool_1907
We Fight As Oneby ProudToBePan
Keira is one of the youngest members of the Blade of Marmora, but also one of the best. When the Blades get to meet the Paladins of Voltron, she gets to know two Paladin...
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We live our own lives (sheith mpreg) by ILoveAnimeLily
We live our own lives (sheith ILoveAnimeLily
THIS INCLUDES MPREG Shiro and Keith are dating and they do something (you know what) and they didn't think of the consequences.
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