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Dark pasts, bright futures [Keith X OC] by lxmosstories
Dark pasts, bright futures [ lxmosstories
*UPDATE AS SOON AS I CAN* Once she was just a regular girl who went to the Galaxy Garrison with her best friend, her sister already worked there and she lived a simple l...
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Survival of the Innocent (A Voltron fanfic) by MEJ2235
Survival of the Innocent (A MEJ2235
One deca-phoeb, a Galra female by the name of Krolia kept the Galra from finding the Blue Lion. However, her ship received damages and she crashed. A human found her, ba...
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Speechless (A Sheith Love Story) by BrandyLupinEvans
Speechless (A Sheith Love Story)by Brandy Winters
He was quiet. He didn't speak. He just looked at me. It was his eyes that caught me off guard. They were a beautiful shade of purple. "Hi," I said with a smile...
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We live our own lives (sheith mpreg) by ILoveAnimeLily
We live our own lives (sheith ILoveAnimeLily
THIS INCLUDES MPREG Shiro and Keith are dating and they do something (you know what) and they didn't think of the consequences.
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The Derby (Klance Au) by justme1215
The Derby (Klance Au)by justme1215
Ever since he was younger, Keith loved the Derby. So his dad decided to run in one for Keith. A few years after Keith's father passed away, and Keith took over the demo...
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Forbidden love by Silverhawkkeith
Forbidden loveby Silverhawkkacxa
Galra and Altea ( Earth is an Altean ally) have been in war with earth other. Every Galra hates every Altean and human. Until one Galra changes everything This is my fir...
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Heart Monitor (A Klance story) by DemonAngelFoxCake
Heart Monitor (A Klance story)by Demon Fox reads
Keith was born with a rare kind of lung cancer, making it hard for doctors to cure it. Keith lived with this cancer for most of his life. He never went outside, when he...
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Secret by BrandyLupinEvans
Secretby Brandy Winters
Keith was hiding a secret. A secret only Allura and his father knew. He was secretly a girl and her real name was Kiri. Kiri had to hide this since she felt ashamed with...
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...home..?? by TheBisexualDisaster
...home..??by KeefyBoi( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Where Adashi, Klance and so on are cannon. Keith and Krolia get called on a last minute mission, preventing them from going to earth. The rest of the crew go to earth, b...
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We Fight As One by Dawnpool_1907
We Fight As Oneby ProudToBePan
Keira is one of the youngest members of the Blade of Marmora, but also one of the best. When the Blades get to meet the Paladins of Voltron, she gets to know two Paladin...
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All a Lie by BrandyLupinEvans
All a Lieby Brandy Winters
I sat in my room, hoping that what Dad, Kolivan, and that man said wasn't true. Although, it made perfect sense. "I can't be Zarkon's grandson," ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
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Happier (Sheith/Past!Adashi/Past!Klance) by BrandyLupinEvans
Happier (Sheith/Past!Adashi/Past! Brandy Winters
"He hit me," Keith to Krolia and Texas. "He yelled at me 24/7," Shiro to Kuro and Ryou. "You're worthless!" Lance to Keith. "For God's...
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«La segunda oportunidad |✒Kromelle - week🖍» by Cato_Dreams
«La segunda oportunidad |✒ Sr. Redfield 🗡
✒Esto es un pequeño porcentaje de One-short o Drabbles dedicados al Kromelle, que le designaron la semana en ¡El mes pride!. ✒Unos de mis mejores OTP's que he anhelado p...
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torn // klance by phans_child
torn // klanceby klanceeee
keith and lances relationship started of a hit until keith mental issues kick in and their relationship slowly starts to crumble . lance acts like he doesn't care but it...
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Purple Eyes by SylverMine
Purple Eyesby SylverMine
Keith leaves his home at a young age to go live with family far away from where he was born. Once there he thrown into adventure. He loses family and gains a bigger one...
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Constellations  by ravenscall597
Constellations by Raven
After Allura's sacrifice and Honerva's defeat, the universe entered an age of peace and order. But when a distress signal comes from a mysterious planet, everything chan...
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They Grew Up. // Klance by cxsmicknives
They Grew Up. // Klanceby riley
!!fetus writing!! - written a while ago, it's not the worst but it's also not my favorite. feel free to read as you please. - set before/during season 5 -i miss voltro...
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Her Story  by justme1215
Her Story by justme1215
Kora Kogane, we only know a bit about her. So here's her story. What exactly happened when she was younger? How did she escape from her father?
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My Bad Loverboy (Klance Au)  by justme1215
My Bad Loverboy (Klance Au) by justme1215
Keith Kogane is a introvert. Someone who is shy and is not outgoing. Lance McClain on the other hand is a extrovert. Someone who Is outgoing. Not to mention he's the sc...
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Klance Oneshots(Maybe some smut) by Zwol_thats_a_me
Klance Oneshots(Maybe some smut)by Zwol
Klance oneshots basically. Maybe smut but I'm not too good at it. Be warned there is a Billdip smut chapter in the beginning because it used to be a multiple ship onesho...
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