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My Name Is Vincent Ryan Keller by babychinamae
My Name Is Vincent Ryan Kellerby Christine
Two broken people. Found love and humanity in each other. Based from CW's Beauty and the Beast 2012 series.
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💔💢I.HATE.YOU (Levi X OC / Aot or Snk X OCs) 💢💔  by AngelElementa2858
💔💢I.HATE.YOU (Levi X OC / Aot Angel Spellcaster M. Elementa
Angel Magima S. Elementa was the a girl who was known for being "Humanities Wings " she always looked on the positive side no matter what happens she has extra...
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Defying Broadway Gravity by its_rayneing
Defying Broadway Gravityby Rayne
This is the story of Tamsin Gasper. Tamsin starts her journey small than makes it big on Broadway. Follow Tamsin and her friends experiences, romances, and life's on B...
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we've changed // jack avery by luxxcidity
we've changed // jack averyby luxxcidity
I ran out the door barefoot and looked over to the house next door where jack used to live. I saw kristin and two girls outside. As soon as a boy came outside i ran into...
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Stuck in a Love Triangle (COMPLETED) by kristin_valerie
Stuck in a Love Triangle ( Kristin Valerie
(COMPLETED BUT IN EDITING))) Ashley Bales gets kicked out and has to move in with her best friend, Andrea Rodriguez who just so happens to live with the international se...
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Help me, Help you//Jack Avery by jonahmaraish
Help me, Help you//Jack Averyby jonahmaraish
"Rosalie, that's a beautiful name" "No it's not" "Of course it is" ⚠️TRIGGER WARNING⚠️
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The Amish Girl by LilShadowhunter
The Amish Girlby Pixie
(this story is finished so enjoy!) My name is Kristin. I live in an Amish community. When my brother was 18 he went on Rumspringa and did whatever he wanted too. He lear...
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Finding Glinda...(Wicked Fanfic) by fangirling_broadway
Finding Glinda...(Wicked Fanfic)by fangirling_broadway
“I only wish…” “What?” “Glinda could know that we’re alive.” “She can’t know, not if we want to be safe. No one can ever know.” This is the story of Elphaba and Fiye...
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Adopted by DanTDM (The adopted by the TDM's series) by brunetbabe-
Adopted by DanTDM (The adopted Girl that luvs sims
Kristin is adopted by yours truly ! DanTDM! Is he a good dad? Is Jemma a good mom? Please no copying! I can not stand copycats! Read and follow me! "Awesome"...
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For Good (Wicked fanfic) by FaetheGreenWitch
For Good (Wicked fanfic)by YUKI
If you have the power to change something, would you do it? After a strange turn of events, Galinda and Elphaba found themselves in another place. How will they change t...
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Harry Potter One shot Requests (Closed) by HPFanfiction
Harry Potter One shot Requests ( HPFanfiction
I Know there are a lot of You waiting for your Fanfics....I just lost my muse and couldn't seem to bring it back. Some of you have been waiting for 4 months....I promise...
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im a carrot lover by RethMarieTaruc
im a carrot loverby reth marie
The Phone Call by caitlyn0mg
The Phone Callby Caitlyn
It all started with a phone call to win tickets. Vanessa Styles gets to meet her idol, his friends, and her boyfriend all with her best friend and mom. She goes through...
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The Great Alone (PDF) by Kristin Hannah by nuconozi14006
The Great Alone (PDF) by Kristin nuconozi14006
Read The Great Alone PDF ebook Listen to The Great Alone Kristin Hannah audiobook Read Online The Great Alone: A Novel book in EPUB Find out The Great Alone Kristin Hann...
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What if I can't forget you [Vic and Mike Fuentes fan fiction] by JesskaLovesVic
What if I can't forget you [Vic Jesskaaaaa
Kristin thought she was just going to San Diego for her birthday to tour around site see and go swimming in the Paciffic ocean. But turns out, she was 100% wrong when sh...
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MÀTTER LOVE💟💔 by KristinKristinNatali
MÀTTER LOVE💟💔by Kristin Kristin Nataliya Tamba
halo semua perkenalkan namaku Kristin natalina Tamba. Aku berumur 15 tahun aku tinggal di batam kav abadi jaya blok f1 no 18 aku Sekolah di sma17 hobiku adalah bermain...
My Boyfriend Just Dumped Me... I Guess I'll Just Go For The Teacher, Instead! by xXemoXloveXx
My Boyfriend Just Dumped Me... I Joy
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