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Fresh Start by BELLE2217
Fresh Startby BELLE2217
Makayla is 17, and she hasn't had the best life. What happens when she gets a treat to go on a trip, and she meets some people who end up becoming a big part of her life...
I'm A Krieger Harris by nutmegger
I'm A Krieger Harrisby not_cool
Paige Krieger Harris, 16 years old, adopted by Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger at the age of 6. One of the smartest and beautiful girls you'd see around Orlando. Top of h...
Daughter of Ali Krieger by murphyyy_xo
Daughter of Ali Kriegerby irishdreamin
This is the story of my life. Who am I? Well let's find out.....
It has always been you by that_weird_dyke
It has always been youby Mella
Ali was excited to get to train with the best and finally see some of the bet friends she's ever made in camp again. All she wanted was a nice camp with good results. As...
Depth by AMAC45
Depthby Alex
Cairo is a very closed off person. She has a lot of layers to her and most of those layers she won't let anyone see or hear about. Her life as she knows it is about to c...
Is it? (Krashlyn) by AMBRAVO6
Is it? (Krashlyn)by AMBRAVO6
High school drama. Soccer team drama. Krashlyn drama
Fight (USWNT) by Itswooolf
Fight (USWNT)by Emma
Harley's teenage years were terrible. Her mother died, she wasn't doing too well in school, and she was stuck with her father. Now at the age of 18, she lives with her t...
I Love You (Krashlyn) by AMBRAVO6
I Love You (Krashlyn)by AMBRAVO6
Ali and Ashlyn are best friends, what will happen when they realize they have feelings for each other?
Don't Give Up by Krashlyn23
Don't Give Upby Krashlyn23
Alex Morgan is currently in a abusive relationship with her boyfriend. What happens if the girls from the team start noticing the bruises she tries to keep covered. Who...
Seeing Double by AMAC45
Seeing Doubleby Alex
11 years. It's been 11 years since Astrid's seen her twin in person, but when the USWNT has an injury crisis Astrid is called up. What will happen with Astrid and her tw...
Home |Rewrite| by nutmegger
Home |Rewrite|by not_cool
What happens when a Marine who's been through hell and back returns home to America for the first time in a long time? Will she get the chance of a lifetime to do somet...
Gone 2 Long (Christen Press/You) by JaureguiKelly
Gone 2 Long (Christen Press/You)by USWNT⚽️🌈
Y/n Kinsley was both a gift and a curse. My long time girlfriend then fiancé... she was my world. She consumed me. I didn't know life without her until she left me and o...
Saved By Carli by AMAC45
Saved By Carliby Alex
Sage is 17 and her life has taken a turn for the worse ever since she lost her father. Her mother has become abusive and hasn't let Sage out of the house in five years...
Driving Force by bubblegum865
Driving Forceby AK
A mix between a new book/ sequel . Based and focused on a new character but old characters make a return. Madison Marshall is a force to be reckoned with. Strong and res...
Push by bubblegum865
Pushby AK
Cameron Santiago has went through ordeals in her life no teenager should go through. With the right people in her life, she will do big things. She loves to push herself...
USWNT One-Shots by soccerlover35
USWNT One-Shotsby Kate
Pretty self explanatory
Preath: Head In The Game [Complete] by HollieRosewood
Preath: Head In The Game [Complete]by Hollie Rosewood
Word Count: 36,850. "Nothing in the world is quite as good as lying down in dewy grass, nighttime at long last after a day of walking absolutely nowhere, soccer an...
What A Rush by FangirlKnight
What A Rushby FangirlKnight
Abby Wambach gets hurt in a game and might not be able to continue playing. So Jill brings in a new recruit. Her name is Emily Rush, and all of the girls know her as the...
Normal is boring by Mindreader773
Normal is boringby Kai
Alex lives in a foster home. Her mother died when there was fire in the house and her father died in a plane crash. Her brother is the only one left. What will happen wh...
I Found || **DISCONTINUED** by nutmegger
I Found || **DISCONTINUED**by not_cool
Luna Rodriguez is a 20 year old senior at Stanford University, and she's an extraordinary soccer player. She kind of has a rough background, and what happens when she g...