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The One - A Kouen Love Story by RaraMonster5
The One - A Kouen Love Storyby Rara Monster
A girl catches Kouen's eyes. Not just any girl but one who is strong and stubborn that just so happens to always give him a hard time. Read and find out cause this descr...
An Arranged Marriage by TooKawaiiTooLive
An Arranged Marriageby Rifa
You never expected your father to give you away as the bride for the first prince of Kou, Ren Kouen. You'd never even met, let alone seen the man but now you were alrea...
Magi X Blind Reader by BlackRose2811
Magi X Blind Readerby Rosie
A young girl is stricken with blindness and now has to travel the world alone, proving people wrong and defeating her disability.
The Chiming Of Bells [Sinbad X OC X Kouen] by ArashiGoddess
The Chiming Of Bells [Sinbad X OC...by arashi-chan
Perhaps Rin was living a pretty well-off life. But not everyone was perfect as one of the things she held dear was a manga; Magi. And it was weird because when she died...
۞Appetence۞ |Sinbad|Kouen| by fianna2452
۞Appetence۞ |Sinbad|Kouen|by fianna2452
Things were never supposed to be so complicated. When had their lives become so intertwined? When had she become so reliant? When had she become someone she never wanted...
the bet (kouenx readerxkoumei fanfic) by rexy0705
the bet (kouenx readerxkoumei fanf...by Rexy0705
(y/n) made a bet with her two husbands koumei and kouen to see who could fly around the empire fastest using their djinn equip. Of course she won since she used her djin...
Magi X reader by JJ_Nation
Magi X readerby JJ Nation
Look at the title ☝🏻 X female reader ⚠️ Achtung!! ⚠️ Slow updates cuz nursing school... This may contain spoilers Possible mild language And yes! typos! Y'all hav...
Leave it Behind°||°Magi fanfic°||° by StainedBlossom
Leave it Behind°||°Magi fanfic°||°by StainedBlossom
Delphine was accepted into a family she thought that she would be with forever. But nothing ever lasts forever. They threw her out like she was nothing. But as she find...
Dragon Elf (magi fanfic) by wolfie_1706
Dragon Elf (magi fanfic)by wolfie_1706
As a girl named Meilene Kirasaki lands a place in the Sindrian army she has to keep the secrets of her past hidden. What will happen on the day her old friend comes bac...
Magi x reader Oneshots by Kawaiiwolf13
Magi x reader Oneshotsby Da Goddess of Destruction
This is a oneshot book about you (the fantabulous reader) and magi characters! NO COPYRIGHT!!!! I DONT OWN MAGI!! (BTW this ish men first book soi if it sucks its NOT m...
Redamancy [Magi One-Shots] by ADDORIN_ik
Redamancy [Magi One-Shots]by eri
(N.) The act of loving the one who loves you; a love returned in full. He didn't expect to fall in love with you nor expect his feelings to be returned. But th...
Forbidden love Aladdin's twin sister  by princesslucy12
Forbidden love Aladdin's twin sist...by princesslucy12
One day, Mika woke up in the world of Magi. She goes on a adventure to find Aladdin, her twin brother. ⚠️Warning ⚠️ : This has my own religion on it so if you don't beli...
Good News by wearelovingescapes
Good Newsby Maryann
Kouen is a very busy man and his wife knows this but she has to tell him something.
The Only Person I Love [Kouenxreader] by Simpfairy__
The Only Person I Love [Kouenxread...by Simpfairy__
Y/N was a commoner and was chosen to be one of the volunteers to be the bride of Kouen Ren the eldest son of the first emperor because F/N and he family was poor you ha...
Who would have thought? by chione-chama
Who would have thought?by shuuenka
[Ren Kouen x Reader] Your wanted to build your life on your own. Who knew that your search would lead you to the First Prince od Kou Empire?
Wandering for You||Magi x Reader|| by melodichii
Wandering for You||Magi x Reader||by ☼ᵐᵉˡᵒᵈⁱᶜʰⁱⁱ
START: January 10th 2019 END: (ONGOING) She was born in a dungeon, her mother died giving birth to her, thus giving the girl her mother's djinn and the djinn of the dung...
The Guarded Princess by kirariidol
The Guarded Princessby kirariidol
Fairy Tail, a guild known for its prestigious mages and also its destructive nature, was a place where almost all mages wished to be a part of. Yet, beneath that cheerfu...
Rare | Magi by _avocadhoe
Rare | Magiby 💜 Lilah 💜
"How rare it is to find a human with no magi relations so beloved by the Rukh, it's quite rare indeed." +++ A story following 15 year old Karmi, a mortal boy w...
Magical life of Magi by TheMissingHand
Magical life of Magiby 𝓂𝒾𝓈𝓉
A girl was going through her A's and B's. Until one day, she was teleported to her favourite anime, Magi! She has to survive using her knowledge of anime and manga. How...