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The Fabulous Killjoys: The Next Generation by StormAnimal
The Fabulous Killjoys: The Next Ge...by Storm Animal
It's three days after the death of the Fabulous Four, and Storm Animal, or Stormy for short, gets kidnapped by Better Living Industries, for information. Without Stormy...
Pick Your Poison by katieallomandptv
Pick Your Poisonby katieallomandptv
Rancid Sauger, one of the top killjoys besides the fabulous four, is on the high radar by Korse and Better Living Industries. She is a strong girl who stands by everythi...
Wanted By The Killjoys by xXsystem-of-a-derpXx
Wanted By The Killjoysby Dr. Strange
Nobody knows who she is. Nobody knows her true identity. Not even Dr. Death Defying, that is why he has sent literally every killjoy on a mission to find her and bring h...
Zone Reports. by BetterLivingInd_
Zone Reports.by Better Living Ind.
"Keeping an eye to the sky, and your finger on the pulse, Better Living Industries the Zone's #1 outlet for information and commerce signing off"
KILLJOY RESEARCH  by savisnotonfire7
KILLJOY RESEARCH by 🖤 savisnotonfire🖤
this is a research book about the comic book the true life's of the fabulous Killjoys this is not my information it it's the Danger days fandom Wikipedia's I simply just...
Look Alive Sunshine -MCR killjoy fanfic by xxblackxnebulaxx
Look Alive Sunshine -MCR killjoy f...by -KILLJOY-
Book 1 of the Killjoy Series An infamous yet spunky pair of twins, set out for the imbiguous adventure of their lives. They join the Killjoy rebellion, fighting against...
WKIL 109 FMX by BetterLivingInd_
WKIL 109 FMXby Better Living Ind.
"Now it's time to hit the red line, keep your boots tight, keep your gun closed and die with your mask on if you've got to.."
The Vortex by SayWeCanFry
The Vortexby Frost
California, 2030. It's been 11 years since the deaths of The Fabulous Four, and just like the generations before, someone had to take charge of the cause to fight the ty...
Fallout Dreams • (Danger Days//Killjoys) by oddityofwords
Fallout Dreams • (Danger Days//Kil...by B
"leave a dream where the fallout lies, watch it grow as the tearstain dries, i'll keep you safe tonight." - lowercase intended WATCH OUT SPOILERS FOR THE "...
Pleas Don't Be Scared of Me by MaraThan
Pleas Don't Be Scared of Meby MaraThan
korse takes care of a killjoy one shots
Conventional Killjoy Hunting Party by Cryptoscope
Conventional Killjoy Hunting Partyby Cryptoscope
In a (originally, post-apocalyptic future, now Alternate Universe) where a 3rd World War came to be and humanity almost disappeared, Better Living Industries came to do...
Star Dust: A killjoy story by idonthaveaclevername
Star Dust: A killjoy storyby idonthaveaclevername
PLEASE READ!!!! Ok so this story is about Star Dust my Killjoy I created cause mcr is life. Star Dust is who I wish I was, so a different me basically. She comes from a...
Killjoy's First Love by InternetHoe-x
Killjoy's First Loveby Anything you want
When Blue Cyanide finds the lovable family she remembers she tries really hard to escape from that knowing she will only be let down. Only when she starts to blend in sh...
So Give Me All Your Poison by xXsystem-of-a-derpXx
So Give Me All Your Poisonby Dr. Strange
Skeleton Baby is on the hunt for her twin brother Skull Crusher. Her brother had been kidnapped by Better Living Industries and will stop at nothing to rescue him. Even...
Lunar Escape by tylerdasmolbean
Lunar Escapeby tylerdasmolbean
Levy dawson meets the fab 4 and is welcomed to the killjoys as Lunar Escape
I'll Find You When The Sun Goes Black | SpookeyKid (ON HOLD) by FrerardSavesLives
I'll Find You When The Sun Goes Bl...by Rocky Horror Show
"Fun Ghoul's not safe out there. We need to get out there and take him back home to the others where he belongs. Before Korse and the Draculoids make him their own...
I've got a Bulletproof Heart by abzter_222
I've got a Bulletproof Heartby K
A Mikey Way one shot set in the Killjoy universe. Trying to escape the grasps of Korse, this rescue mission proves what it takes to have a bulletproof heart.
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