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ash island/ yoon jinyoung as your best friend by KHVNDI
ash island/ yoon jinyoung as your...by KHVNDI
again, another short scenario/drabble :)
Coming to you live by _saccharin
Coming to you liveby Honey Sucrose 🍯
"Girl your body be like Laputa." [DPR LIVE x Reader] [NSFW/FLuff]
AOMG Scenarios by regulussgirl
AOMG Scenariosby Izzy
Various scenarios for the cute boys from AOMG ft. Sik-K occasionally.
H1ghr High School  by bluebookcovers
H1ghr High School by relaxationbruh
this is a rewrite of my most successful book on wattpad, AOMG high school. this book will be less of a mess and focus primarily on H1ghr Music artist and will (hopefully...
Harley and joker by k_popped
Harley and jokerby gumi bears
♥️♠️♦️♣️ "I wanna walk away from you everyday but I don't because I love you and I owe you one but that doesn't mean what you do to me is okay" "Then lea...
Proposition「Jay Park Smut 」「AMBW」 by Ajiwau_Just_A_Taste
Proposition「Jay Park Smut 」「AMBW」by Ajiwau_Just_A_Taste
Is this real life? After saving up just for this exact occasion, you finally get the chance to go see H1GHR Music live in concert. You really only live once, so you de...
[K-Hip Hop] Reader x Rapper Oneshot Prompts! by Katayangi
[K-Hip Hop] Reader x Rapper Onesho...by Katayangi
I'm writing one shots about y'all's favorite khh acts! Just leave a prompt as a tell on my tellonym (@Katayangi). I WILL write: - Smut - Fluff - Light Angst - Male x Rea...
khh  scenarios by natxu3
khh scenariosby Natxu3
Korean hip-hop rappers scenarios Hiiii please make sure to put requests for rappers you would like me to do.
kid milli as your boyfriend by KHVNDI
kid milli as your boyfriendby KHVNDI
short imagine written in point form!
Miss Fortune | Kiff Vinxen by kiffwegotaswag
Miss Fortune | Kiff Vinxenby What is this account anyway?
Lee Byung Jae, better known as Vinxen works with an artist he admires. She is very open and loves to be happy. Lee Byung Jae develops a crush on her while they work toge...
Geography Love  by cindyfredlina12
Geography Love by cindyfredlina12
Hong Dabin is a free spirit high school boy moved from Guam to Seoul. Kang Yeseo is a high school student who works so hard to be the best student and want to be a docto...
All About YGFAMILY by smnthtrixia
All About YGFAMILYby Seoul98
Anyeong hasseyo yeorobun!! Are you a YG stan?!~ or maybe a newbie in stanning YG family? Well, here are the facts , lyrics and infos about YG! kkk~ Joheun haru doeseyo~...
GIRL AT THE COFFEE SHOP.by (hiatus (o^^o)
- in which seo donghyun fell in love with a girl at the coffee shop. probably the first big naughty ff :)
ⓛⓘⓣⓣⓛⓔ ⓗ①ⓖⓗⓡº°;-.¸¸.·'¯( by winwinfork
ⓛⓘⓣⓣⓛⓔ ⓗ①ⓖⓗⓡº°;-.¸¸.·'¯(by winwinspoon
a book about korean hip hop artists being littles please keep in mind that this is purely fictional, in no way am i forcing anything on the artists i don't own any of th...
Laundromat(e) {AMBW Beenzino} by Okasian
Laundromat(e) {AMBW Beenzino}by Khh Trash
Her tradition was to do late night laundry, his was to do late night art projects.
K-HIPHOP LYRICS by naaz_aizanil
K-HIPHOP LYRICSby naaz_aizanil
i collect the lyrics from Google. you can request the other lyrics too 🤗
giriboy as your best friend by KHVNDI
giriboy as your best friendby KHVNDI
another short imagine/drabble written in point form!
The Amazing Dancer: Kpop. by itsanniana
The Amazing Dancer: Kpop.by Anne Grey
Kang Seon Woo is a king of dancer. As he wander around the streets he saw that 2 people is dancing. He noticed that the one person named Song Eun Seul. Actually she is a...