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*taekook* by ppapijesus
*taekook*by zoinks 💀.
Taehyung sells his body for money Jungkook finds the place Taehyung works at and finds interest in it He trys with other workers but only Taehyung can fufill his needs W...
Heather | tk ✔ by KrazyKittenXo
Heather | tk ✔by खुशी ツ
❝ how could i hate him? he's such an angel but then again, kinda wish he were dead. ❞ ー pjm - where park jimin pens down the love story of his cru...
Next life//TAEKOOK√ by Teacokes_shots
Next life//TAEKOOK√by Katrina
𝙰 𝚂𝚑𝚘𝚛𝚝 𝙰𝚗𝚐𝚜𝚝 Where Jeongguk lost his memories on a car Accident......and unintentionally forget his lover who have stage 4 cancer which he wasn't aware...
Hallucination (!!!TAEKOOK!!!) (!Completed!) by TaestheticGucci
Hallucination (!!!TAEKOOK!!!) (!Co...by Tannie
It all started with the drink Namjoon gave to Jungkook. Things started getting messy. Especially when a certain blonde guy appeared.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Inspired by BS&T K...
Victorian Ambience | tk ✔ by KrazyKittenXo
Victorian Ambience | tk ✔by खुशी ツ
❝And for every time I'd enquire when we'd be getting together, the only answer I'd ever get is a 'soon'.❞ ーkth Where a young, homosexual lad expresses the perks of being...
Dancing With Our Hands Tied (A Taekook FF) by lyricfics
Dancing With Our Hands Tied (A Tae...by lyricfics
Dancing with our hands tied-Relationship that feels doomed to die because of outside pressure Working in a industry where you are getting judged for everything you do...
journeys ⚣ kth + jjk by moderndaydream
journeys ⚣ kth + jjkby yikes
"excuse me, is this seat taken?" in which the 05:26 train to itaewon makes two boys fall in love. © -guccicity , 2016 [SLOW UPDATES - ONGOING] started: decemb...
Generated KookTae Story (Not My Idea) by TaesbaeKookie
Generated KookTae Story (Not My Id...by Kim Juntae
This was a generated story from an online, self-insert generator which is linked at the bottom of the story, please show it some love because without it this story would...
Kingfisher [Taekook fanfiction] by amafayne
Kingfisher [Taekook fanfiction]by amafayne
"He has his live. I have mine." Once they were close, but they drifted apart. News reporter Taehyung and idol Jungkook meet after years, totally unexpected on...