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Sorry my Love  by Pandathepsycho
Sorry my Love by Panda
Eve life has been ripped apart by one assassin that she starts to fall in love with. Slowly and slowly she will start to realize Is Villanelle good for her or is she bad...
Villanelle by yellowbumblebee12
Villanelleby <3
Genevieve Moore was a city girl, she'd lived in London all of her life, she worked for MI5 as a Security Officer. But it all ends up going wrong and she's fired..only t...
Killing Eve- What Happened After The Bridge by HannahMills583
Killing Eve- What Happened After T...by Hannah Mills
The first chapter will be the occurrences on the bridge, and the following chapters will be what occurred after... as Laura Neale decided not to include this in season 4...
Red days by SmithOnWP
Red daysby SmithOnWP
Join Ivan Konstantin, a resident of the U.S.S.R. in 1991. As his home and union collapsed around him, will he persevere in true Russian fashion, or fall just like the Un...
Konstantin Bas: Quality Residences for London Families by konstantinbasceo
Konstantin Bas: Quality Residences...by Konstantin Bas
Nothing is quite as rewarding for construction company CEO Konstantin Bas as the opportunity to build the brand-new home of a London family's dreams. A specialist in new...
Konstantin Bas: City Life by konstantinbasceo
Konstantin Bas: City Lifeby Konstantin Bas
Konstantin Bas grew up in London, England and has spent most of his life living in the city. He enjoys the fast-paced lifestyle that city life offers. He is always meeti...
Konstantin Bas: Turning a House into a Home by konstantinbasceo
Konstantin Bas: Turning a House in...by Konstantin Bas
In addition to new home construction, Konstantin Bas helps homeowners transform their kitchens, bathrooms, basements and outdoor areas into something special; an area or...
Konstantin Bas: Participant in Affordable Housing Programs by konstantinbasceo
Konstantin Bas: Participant in Aff...by Konstantin Bas
Konstantin Bas is the CEO of one of London's premier residential construction firms. Committed to helping the local community, Bas and his team actively participate and...
honey wine by Marenke
honey wineby Marenke
His body moves as if to slap her: that's the original idea in Konstantin's mind.
Konstantin Bas: London Construction by konstantinbasceo
Konstantin Bas: London Constructionby Konstantin Bas
Konstantin Bas knows firsthand just how competitive the London-area construction industry is, which is why he is always on the lookout for new and better ways to serve h...
Konstantin Bas: College Graduate by konstantinbasceo
Konstantin Bas: College Graduateby Konstantin Bas
Prior to beginning a career in construction management, Konstantin Bas was a studious and dedicated academic. A student at a local university, Bas studied construction m...
Konstantin Bas: Dedicated Family Man by konstantinbasceo
Konstantin Bas: Dedicated Family M...by Konstantin Bas
Konstantin Bas is a dedicated and passionate family man. He has a wife and two children and spends a lot of time with them. He enjoys being active with his children and...
U.N.A. - Zerbrochen by Shayuna
U.N.A. - Zerbrochenby Shayuna
Die auszubildende Agentin Marie ist jung, voller Tatendrang und idealistisch. Sie ist U.N.A. beigetreten um den Flugzeugabsturz zu untersuchen, bei dem ihre Eltern und...
Sechzehn Tage Hölle als Häftling stehen Thomas Heger, einem deutschen Ingenieur, in einer heißen und heruntergekommenen Polizeistation in der philippinischen Provinz bev...
Underwater Sunshine (Preview of a Re-Write) by Blinksy
Underwater Sunshine (Preview of a...by Ashlyn S. Hibbs
Ivan, Amya, Konstantin, and Nikolai are a motley crew of friends living in an orphanage together. Their lives became fixated around the long and prideful life of the One...
Konstantin Bas: Working In The Construction Industry by konstantinbasceo
Konstantin Bas: Working In The Con...by Konstantin Bas
Konstantin Bas has always enjoyed working in the construction industry and while he started at with an entry level position, he quickly moved up in rank and is now the C...
Konstantin Bas: Reducing Environmental Impact by konstantinbasceo
Konstantin Bas: Reducing Environme...by Konstantin Bas
As a leader in both business and residential construction, Konstantin Bas understands his responsibility to the local community. This is why he has integrated sustainabl...
Konstantin Bas: Beautiful Homes for London Families by konstantinbasceo
Konstantin Bas: Beautiful Homes fo...by Konstantin Bas
Konstantin Bas and his local construction firm have been designing and building beautiful, elegant and comfortable living spaces for London-area families for decades. A...
Crisis of Faith by Morrigan_92
Crisis of Faithby The Morrigan
The will of God brings a young and impressionable Trinity soldier to the attention of Commander Konstantin.