Akatsuki Child by Infinity_of_Nobody
Akatsuki Childby Kami-Sama
Mai Kurochi is a 8 year child who lost her family in a very tragic and harsh way at the age of 3 that now leaves her with mental shock. To the people in town, Mai looks...
  • hidan
  • naruto
  • sasuke
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Illegal, Baby! ( madara X reader ) (mafia) by hms_yci
Illegal, Baby! ( madara X reader )...by hms_yci
madara x reader, Mafia, murder, romance, and mature fanfic :) First time publishing a fanfic... Go easy on me~ (Ofc there will be grammar errors and many cringe-worthy t...
  • madara
  • madarauchiha
  • uchiha
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Office Number 08 ( itachi x reader x shisui ) by hms_yci
Office Number 08 ( itachi x reader...by hms_yci
itachi x reader x shisui , office romance, lemon, and love triangles! I do not own Naruto. I do not own the art. Art by the Japanese artist, Lily.
  • romance
  • akatsuki
  • naruto
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The Wilting Moon Flower || A Naruto Fanfiction by the_Insomnia_queen
The Wilting Moon Flower || A Narut...by the_Insomnia_queen
Sequel to 'Twin of the Cherry Blossom' Three years passed as she lived with the Akatsuki, Tsuki finally managed to control Cerridwen. Gaining the power of the Goddess' D...
  • team7
  • zetsu
  • konan
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Those Simple Time_B2 by AnimeYaoiLover321
Those Simple Time_B2by Unknown
(Updates Every Sunday) Naruto was more than happy. The villages were at peace and life for the Konoha 11 was going to be perfect for them. But when someone he once knew...
  • time-travel
  • minato
  • kakanaru
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Akatsuki BF scenarios  by Awesomelemonaids
Akatsuki BF scenarios by Awesomelemonaids
Just a bunch of different scenarios about you and some Akatsuki members. I know that there are heaps of these but I don't care... please enjoy XD (btw I don't own Naruto)
  • hidan
  • bf
  • sasori
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Falling in love with murderers ( Akatsuki x reader ) by CrazyAzn
Falling in love with murderers ( A...by Ya Boii
(Y/N) was found in pathetic state; a girl, bruised and bleeding, vulnerable to attacks, just lying in the hidden rain village. Soon enough she was taken back to the Akat...
  • pain
  • narutolovestory
  • lovestory
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The Akatsuki's babysitter (Reader insert) by Awesomelemonaids
The Akatsuki's babysitter (Reader...by Awesomelemonaids
(Y/n) is a rogue ninja who lives alone in the forest. One day when she was walking home from a nearby village she saw some ninja harassing a group of kids. (Y/n) steps i...
  • kakuzu
  • hidan
  • konan
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Have we met? (Kisame x reader: Modern) by Awesomelemonaids
Have we met? (Kisame x reader: Mod...by Awesomelemonaids
(Y/n) is a doctor working in Konaha hospital with a massive crush on a famous footballer, Kisame Hoshigaki. One day (Y/n)'s best friend, Konan, invites her to costume ne...
  • kisamexreader
  • ino
  • kisamehoshigaki
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Naruto x Reader Daughter Scenarios by spooky_scary1222
Naruto x Reader Daughter Scenariosby spooky_scary1222
Here are gonna be the Naruto characters as a Father figure to you. Enjoy?! And there will be akatsuki father figures here as well!
  • kisame
  • inojin
  • pein
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Watch Me: A Naruto Fanfiction  by jarodlikestowrite
Watch Me: A Naruto Fanfiction by Spawn of Satan
What if Naruto left the village when he was 6 years old after unlocking a powerful Doujutsu from a near death experience and joined the Akatsuki, and becoming their lead...
  • sasuke
  • zabuza
  • chunin
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The Things She's Seen (An Alternate Story-Line) by strawhat_pirate
The Things She's Seen (An Alternat...by Straw
Shy and timid, Hollow doesn't know much about the world, or herself. She's spent most of her life in a giant glass tube, just floating in a thick blue liquid. Abandoned...
  • konan
  • yahiko
  • itachi
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Ibiki's Daughter [Under Rewriting] by Ojou-Sama_03
Ibiki's Daughter [Under Rewriting]by Ojou-Sama_03
Ibiki hated kids. Snotty little things that scream instead of breathing, so he never thought he would find himself taking care of one, especially his own. After all, wh...
  • kakashi
  • pein
  • fanfiction
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Everything by Entangled_Fate
Everythingby 𝓶𝓾𝓵𝓽𝓲𝓼𝓱𝓲𝓹𝓹𝓮𝓻
She remembered what Tobi had told her when he was in one of his serious moods. Everything ends. SakuraxAkatsuki Start date: 2/06/2018 End date: 3/06/ 2018 [✅] Completed
  • sasuke
  • pein
  • tobi
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Akatsuki boyfriend scenarios  by NarutoScenarios
Akatsuki boyfriend scenarios by NarutoScenarios
Boyfriend scenarios! Will include: Pein Konan Itachi Tobi Deidara Sasori Hidan Madara
  • pein
  • tobi
  • akatsuki
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Naruto's Mission by Jykuarak2
Naruto's Missionby Jykuarak2
The prodigy that is known as Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze makes his first appearance in the ninja academy... after rigorous training under Hiruzen Sarutobi, surpassing even t...
  • anbu
  • itachi
  • prodigy
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Sentinal (Naruto Fanfiction) by Silverfox579
Sentinal (Naruto Fanfiction)by Silverfox579
Bingo Book pg 45 Name: ???; known as the Sentinal Gender: ??? Age: ??? Powers: ??? All battles have changed the surrounding landscape considerably Description: has been...
  • sakura
  • kakazu
  • fanfiction
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bold (naruto Various x reader) by i_am_bored432
bold (naruto Various x reader)by o jee
your name is y/n and you are a jashin worshipper. but thats really all you know. Haku convinced zabuza To take you with them to 'use your immortality as a weapon' but yo...
  • sakura
  • deidara
  • hidan
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Nick of time |2| Naruto fanfic  by akatsukislut
Nick of time |2| Naruto fanfic by Chibi
"If you think I'm just going to sit here and watch you die, you gotta another thing fucking coming. You deserve happiness, you deserve love, you deserve a second c...
  • kisame
  • action-romance
  • itachi
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Turning Pain Into Pleasure [Akatsuki Lemon Story] by Kureiji_otaku
Turning Pain Into Pleasure [Akatsu...by Psychotic Lover
Before Nao Mizuki became a slave to the Akatsuki, she was a happy, 10 year old girl who lived with her parents in the Hidden Cloud Village. However, her happiness died w...
  • hidan
  • pein
  • sasori
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