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A Bird and A Hood by Princesskilerann
A Bird and A Hoodby PrincessKillerAnn
My Jaydami Story sooo...
Pretty Boy (A Young Justice Fanfiction) by Simply_Planned
Pretty Boy (A Young Justice Fanfic...by Ummm
"You are useless to this team, Robin, we can't go on any missions without you getting hurt... all you really are is... is a... I don't know" Wally told the you...
Sucker!          Conner Kent by achiilles
Sucker! Conner Kentby 𝒿.
dear diary, being a superhero is $@&#ing hard! conner kent/kon-el/superboy. dc comics au. achiilles 2021.
DC Oneshots by JokerJr_Doll
DC Oneshotsby JokerJr_Doll
This book will mainly be dedicated to one shots of a character X character, for example: DamiJon. But we will also do short stories NOT focused on a dating relationship...
Compilation of Tim Drake One Shots and Other Shorts by Misstring
Compilation of Tim Drake One Shots...by Misstring
Timothy Jackson Drake, a.k.a Red Robin or Robin, depending on the time, one-shots and other shorts. Most are romance but I will eventually get to writing just friends or...
Rolling Thunder by EarthsChampion
Rolling Thunderby Joey
Back during the days of Young Justice, in the year 1998. One of the worst thunderstorms to hit the Northeast had awoken a sleeping Wonder Girl from a horrific nightmare...
The Lantern (A Young Justice/Artemis Fanfiction) ON HOLD by drac_hoe
The Lantern (A Young Justice/Artem...by needs more coffee
"If you're evil, you best hide. If not, you're in for one tough ride! I may just seem to be a pearl, but this Green Lantern's one tough girl!" After being chos...
Holy Serenity (Gintama x DC/Young Justice Crossover) by Kaname_REi
Holy Serenity (Gintama x DC/Young...by REi
(Mainly a Superboy x OC/Reader) An Immortal, neutral-minded and not to mention, one of the most laid back in Edo. A girl who lives with her elder brother who found Yoroz...
Highschool as a hero? by AnimeMirrors
Highschool as a hero?by Melissa
Tim drake goes the Berkely and is still a part time hero? How does he manage classes, friends, love interests and hero work while also being the CEO of a multi billion d...
Quiero ser el héroe que necesitas (TimKon/KonTim) by Nyra_22
Quiero ser el héroe que necesitas...by UnFantasmaConAlas
Luego de ser rescatado por los Jóvenes Titanes Kon-el comienza su camino para convertirse en un héroe igual que Superman y así reparar el daño que ha hecho en sus pocos...
Seal the Doors by unbreonlover
Seal the Doorsby Ivan-Draws-Things
{Fanfic name based on a Lyric from FNAF the Musical} There is a new Pizzeria in town, and it's a wonderful and glorious place to be. But it holds dark secrets just bubbl...
Two for the Price of One by TheCreativeCasserole
Two for the Price of Oneby TheCreativeCasserole
Living the life of a vigilante/hero was bound to have some weird stuff in it. Like cloning! But this was something that Dick didn't exactly sign up for. Neither did the...
Undefeated ||Young Justice - Conner Kent|| by Rocklee_Toshiro1993
Undefeated ||Young Justice - Conne...by Lee-san/Shiro-chan
Hidden in the lower levels of Lex Tower, out of the sight of the public, there's a secret lab that holds another one of Project Cadmus' cloning projects. Having made tw...
Robin umbra est scriptor by TheCreativeCasserole
Robin umbra est scriptorby TheCreativeCasserole
A series of one shots that all connect to one another as they all revolve around our favorite bird boy wonder. Except this time 'round, the newly formed team, and others...
LOVE + FEAR by Lothirielswan
LOVE + FEARby Lotheswan
Of all emotions, love and fear are at their core. This story is told by the one Raven who won't croak "nevermore". A hero visits with tales of apocalyptic drea...
Rise Of The Gods by DarkAngelia
Rise Of The Godsby Kataleya Morningstar
After Hades and Artemis have their last set of twins Artemis flees the underworld and finds herself in Gotham city were she takes the Julian Montgomery and she meets an...